It's 250 millions for the whole west, not just Canada.
This would finish to kill us. Right now, if we stopped immigration, we might be able to remain a majority.
250 millions and it's game over, a few generations and we're gone.
this is a ploy by the shadow cabal in the un to actually destabilize and eventually destroy the united states. the presence of such a large amount of immigrants and refugees will embolden and empower the left to push hard on immigration sparking a civil war in which the patriots will win only to be betrayed by a secret immigrant army smuggled in through underground tunnels from canada

gone in a few generations regardless. Most of the whites are old, which makes our numbers seem higher than they really are. All that really matters is the demographics of young people, specifically young men. Not just children, but men in their twenties and thirties.
They're economic migrants, dimwit. The "refugee" scam was a pretense for shifting millions of syrians into europe in 2014, but then the doors were propped open wide for 'every african and middle eastern person that wanted government handouts.' "Refugee" implies these people are fleeing natural disaster, war, or famine. But one cursory look at these "refugees" origins and it makes it perfectly clear nearly all of them are simply from economically depressed regions of Africa such as Chad, Somalia, and Eritrea. 

The kikes are spinning it that these are some poor civilians caught in the midst of some horrible distant war and are taking "refuge" in western countries. It's a sham, don't let them program you.

Don't worry, if there is a collapse a lot the new comers will be the first to leave...primarily because many of them will have the gibs available to pay for flights out. The people who will be left are those with an attachment to the land determined to weather it out or those too broke to leave. Every sensible person should have a basic contingency plan for crisis situations that should be tailored to everyone's living and family situations, as well as the overall nature of the community they are situated in. For people in large urban centres, it might make sense to have a back up location far enough out that the decay of metropolitian Canada is not felt. The housing market could eventually collapse, the risk in that of course is that foreign acquisitioning of Canadian real estate would rapidly occur if the values of homes on the market deteriorated. If you have property, bolster it and make it livable. If you do not, develop skills you don't have that might become crucial or helpful in difficult times. Make preparations and try to stay afloat. Try not to become part of Canada's permanent welfare underclass. Not everyone part of this country is doomed and there are some parts where there might be 1 person every 25 square KM. Also, talk to the people in your community about these issues instead of just remaining silent and posting on /pol/, the more awareness there is the more people might be inclined to find methods to improve the situation and put a halt to all this heinousnous. 

Canada needs to get with the other G7 countries and develop a national housing strategy, banning non resident foreigners who are not living here from owning Canadian real estate would be a start. There are already public calls for this issue to be addressed in BC, but unfortunately that Provinces housing situation is made worse by foreign organized crime groups are buying Canadian real estate in the metro Vancouver housing market.
It reminds me of this old folk story "always room for one more" some Jocko Scotsman farmer in his wee sod hut during a thunderstorm is sitting with his family, when suddenly, a few people show up from across the valley "oy our thatch blew away, let us in" so he did, and more and more people showed up, with their farm animals, and this poor farmers house collapsed because it had reached capacity. It is a children's story about generosity, charity, but ultimately about exercising frugalness and better sense and a true warning about the potential threat of mass migration. I doubt that the new comers to this country will help rebuild it into anything of note after they trash it. When their engineers at Canadian mines are shitting in styrofoam cups because they don't know how to use a toilet it indicates to me that those people are incapable of creating the most basic things that everyone takes for granted like indoor plumbing.