THE PLANE THE PLANE was it real at all?

Jews trick Muslims all the time. Saudis are in on it too, because they are also part jew. You think the Osama shit is legit? You ignore the dancing Israelis? You seriously believe that two planes were able to bring down both towers, and tower 7? Really?

This is a perfect example demonstrating how the plane didn't slow down at all. That's impossible with the story we were told. Even the lightweight wings and tail section just effortlessly penetrate massive tempered steel beams. Passenger planes are built to be light-weight and fuel efficient, they are not built to be missiles. They explode upon impact. Even a bird does serious damage to planes.
i used to think "no plane theory" conspirators were fucking retards. 

I studied architecture in university but I didn't begin to question 9/11 until 4 years into my study. (So I never make fun of anyone who believes in the "official narrative" because even after studying architecture for four years I also blindly believed the "official narrative"). And even when I realized clearly the official story was wrong, I was spinning my wheels researching for about 1.5 years and I didn't really get anywhere through the internet. 

The internet is NOT your friend for this kind of research. As you can see by this thread. If you want the answers you need to talk to people, in person, who are truly in the know.

I started dating a man was in a rather prominent position in the UN in NYC since the 80s. (I live in NYC). One time he slipped and said something along the lines of, "I stopped reading the New York Times after 9/11" and so I started to ask what he meant. He didn't talk to me about it very openly, and simply said most people who work fo the UN know what happened but "systems are in place" so no one bothers to speak up. He did at leasts point me in some correct direction which finally opened my eyes.

After about, almost 3 years of research, I've finally come around to accept that no planes hit any buildings on 9/11. And that's on top of a degree in architecture and securing my license to practice in NYC. So.... I literally do not expect any "regular" person to understand the reality of that day when I barely came around to understanding it myself. So if you think the "no planes theory" is absolutely ridiculous, thats totally fine... my advice is to just live your life and don't stress about the event at all.

The hardest part is realizing 99.9% of "conspiracy theories" about 9/11 are absolute garbage. Truly just garbage. There are 0.1% that are correct though, but if you don't know the right people and only rely on the internet you'll never find it.

Yeah no planes theory took me a bit too, I kept thinking "how could people not know" but when you see interviews with people who were there it all starts making sense. The guy who got the footage of that 1st plane claims he never heard the plane he just heard the boom and then he looked up while filming. This is scientifically almost impossible because a plane at that speed and that height is so FUCKING loud that its absolutely impossible that anyone with normal hearing wouldnt have not only heard it, but been made uncomfortable and even confused by it. We're talking louder than the loudest rock concerts loud here. And I'm an audio engineer so I know this shit.

Go watch all the shit about the veteran pilots who tried to recreate the run in simulators again and again and couldnt consistently do it no matter how many times they tried.

So for all the shit the no planes theory gets, we've got advanced audio engineers saying people would have heard it, we've got architectural engineers saying it wouldnt work that way, and some of the most veteran pilots in the world saying the flight itself is impossible for them.

People can shitpost all they want but these are legitimate scientific questions that NO ONE can answer. And there's so many more as well.

Thats the only way you can make it smolder for over 1hr 

With boxes filled with ?

The guys rigged the majority of the timed thermite devices on the corners on a set of floors when they were there late at night, while some went down the panel cut out to rig a series of remote charges in the elevator shafts

They connected with the levels of the teams that rigged the elevators earlier in the repairs that were staged before the attacks

This team was tasked with a certain set of repairs so had limited access that the gelatin crew had to come in and rig, to fit the rest from the top down to their levels

There were explosives in the buildings for months in between the two teams

The teams were explosives experts in an "Art" production

Yeah right

I wanna know how and when they set up Bldg 7 without anyone knowing.....

No, the planes coming in to the WTC were moving so fast that you cant possible control them, the footage doesn't exhibit the types of behavior you would see in a wind tunnel at that speed either.

Basically (and most laymen dont know this) those types of huge airliners are VERY difficult to steer at high speeds. They're hard to begin with but at those speeds even the SLIGHTEST touch will cause aircraft to CAREEN out of control, WAY over adjusting beyond the amount of movement you placed on the stick.

Now, in testing veteran pilots, that included ex CIA advanced pilots and extensive commercial airliner pilots as well, were utterly unable to recreate the perfect runs as seen by the two planes. These were guys with thousands and thousands more hours than these arabs who didnt even learn how to land and had NEVER EVER flown a plane of that size!

Even if they did make contact the pilots could not do it cleanly on approach as they did, at that speed, it was simply impossible. This is a scientific fallacy that is unexplained in the whole thing.

Also those planes should have been flapping at the wings to the point where they'd be almost falling apart at those speeds as well.

I'll try to find the video about all this.