IT'S HAPPENING! BROWARD COPS REALLY ARE THE PARKLAND SHOOTERS! Read the Sun Sentinel bread just read it. Confirmed - Parkland massacre committed by rouge dirty cops. Here is your shooter. 

Well pepe's what do you think? We need to keep on Parkland still.

Don’t forget the video of him teaching Muslims how to use guns in a mosque.
No they weren't. The shooters were two cops from miramar police, one of which was seen firing on students by a teacher (who was herself grazed by a bullet fired by the officer. They would like to have kept their involvement secret, but they were caught on video leaving the scene and their uniforms and general description was clearly evident.

Holy shit, the guy retired a week after the shootings!
The parkland shooting lasted for 7 minutes. 2 swat cops managed to get to the shooting, fully suited up and ready to go before the parkland cops were able to establish a perimeter. Miramar is about 20 miles away. Not only that, they never informed anyone that they were there, and a teacher claims that she saw one of them firing on students. We have ivdeo of those cops loading a heavy bag filled with something into the back of a pickup truck while the drive of the truck threw evidence out the window.

Florida AG Pam Bondi has addressed this specifically and said she would investigate it. The day after she was faced with allegations of corruption. The parkland false flag was the sloppiest false flag the FBI/CIA has ever pulled, which is probably why they stopped puling false flags to push for gun control. They drew more heat than they wanted so they had to back off.
Then i got a little nervous about the convo because i had never been involved in something so closely before. Was an npc up until that point. Well i found out truth i didnt want to know. Now i dont sleep at night.

So then he hit me with the other code that suggested we not say anymore about it and meet in person. This is where my photo proof ends but my memory remains of the words he told me that day by the childhood meeting place we use to run to if things were bad at home.
The code we used as kids was btw. Which meant by the water. We lived in a quiet little town called bartow in florida and it had a duck pond in the center of the suburban area we lived in. We met by that duck pond a few days later and he told me stuff that made me stay away from him and florida. 

He was a good guy. His family is good people patriots even. At least his mom and dad are. But bjorn was flipped by a shadow figure subordinate to portray that guy chris hansen. He wouldn't tell me who made him do it but basically his family is in danger and my family was in danger. I had to break up with my fiance a woman i loved for 7 years and raised her kids with because of fear of their eventual extermination. I have since moved north where the weather is cooler and stay in motion so as not to be ousted. They do pay these people to do this kind of stuff mostly under threat of death of family members. Think jfk curse. Its really that deep. Now after 3 years of safety ive put myself on the line again.

If you look back through the screenshots of the convo i posted you will see that he used btw in almost every message. Even in a couple it didnt make sense in. That was how i figured out he was trying to get me to meet him in person. Which i have to be honest scared the hell out of me. Wasn't sure if i was gonna meet my friend or be stabbed in thrown to the gators in the pond. To say he was not the same personality type i remembered would be an understatement. Ive never seen such hollow eyes up close. Like mkultra eyes.

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That's not what the article says at all. It says the cops are being accused of a crime for their inaction, except cops aren't under any legal obligation to protect you or put themselves in harms way. It's a stupid rule, but a rule none the less. My fault for giving a doompaul thread the benefit of the doubt.

I followed this the religiously in the first month and collect all the little inconsistent stories the kids all tell. the biggest red flag for me was the girl was talked about going to the bathroom on the second floor (before the shooting) and seeing the gunman on the 2nd floor when he began shooting. this girl was the sister of someone who was in the AP psychology class. There was also a dead body at the intersection of the street

The event killed the nationwide reciprocity carry bill. Armed tourists would really hurt the police economy of florida. Eithout hundreds of muggings the crime rate would shrink and those florida cops would lose substantial funding. Hell cops nationwide would lose revenue from arrests and release policy. Lower crime rate and arrests makes for a much lower budget and paycheck. Plus withdashcams becoming more common, its been harder for cops to make up a deficit by false traffick tickets. 

Plus after these school shootings police departments get million dollar evergreen contracts with school districts. Im talking something like, 12 million dollars over 4 years, and the police can renew the contract with their own terms. The school districts can raise your property taxes too, and have to accomodate those independent school district police. A fleet of dodge challengers reinforced for head on collisions isnt cheap. 

Ironically after yhat silver bullet cop car killed a county court clerk that bill about legally hitting protestors on roadways was killed too.

Essentially its like the old mafia racket. Pay up more protection money or we go after your kids and get the money. Even if you pay up, they still go after the kids for more money whenever they need it. 

Whenever a law that isnt going to benefit police or jewish institutions is going to pass, the jewish institutions use their police to make a media spectacle to kill the law. Like las vegas and the supressor bill. They hold police in place while a few paid actors, usually cops, get to go buckwild with some weaponry. Once its over, they dump a patsy and the cops blend in with the other responders. 

Police are free masons. They worship king solomon and the builders of the first jewish temple.

Kyle Laman. they change his story around a bit so he was in contact with Joaquin Oliver on the 3rd floor. Joaquin Oliver get shot dead in 3 different spots depending on who telling the story

makes me wonder just how many off these law enforcement who "just happened to be nearby" were in on the whole charade. That guy pushing the wheelchair is a police officer who just happen to be working on the baseball field. His wife is basketball coach at the school