The bodies exhibit in Nevada, Las Vegas was populated with Chinese dissident'S organs

1) The deal they brokered was Intel for organs?

2) Organs for China? Organs for the U.S.?

The Massive organ harvesting bust earlier in the year by the Administration.

3) Were all of those bodies from the U.S.?

4) They harvest on site and then transport to other countries? (efficient)

5) are these deals through the foundation? Teneo? Both?

6a) The human aid/disaster relief foundations gather the humans together, sort, categorize.

6b) The doctors without borders, other groups, keep the patients alive just long enough to harvest, without pain killers (cheap)

6c) then the organs are transported through the same relief agencies? 
Or other parties?

I have read very similar things.
China runs hospitals where the ground floor is a harvesting operation with zero cleanliness. The villages they wipe out are for organs. During executions they shoot to wound, not to kill, this has a higher success to harvest.

7) does china use all the organs? 

7a) who else imports from China?

1) Clinton deals.

2) China has a major stake in the market.

3) "Q" is going to implode the second people actually start questioning it more.