I'm looking into the Adult Swim people some more.

I'm looking into the Adult Swim people some more. 

Mr. Pickles is an American adult animated television series created by Will Carsola and Dave Stewart<can't find if they're jewish or not


Mr Pickles is full of fucked up imagery and pedo setups. Both of it's creators had this,


listed on IMDB as his first project. It's very obnoxious penis, scat, abduction, torture "humor." So far i have spotted some blatent pedo scene at 11:30 the hobo skit shows the guy offering mustache rides for free to little girls. This whole movie is very low quality and feels like it has a hidden meaning.

Adult Swim started out somewhat normal, but the last decade or so has been very odd and satanic/occult feeling.

TV is one way programming that announces the correct lifestyle to show allegiance to the jew world order. If you don't walk like a Jewgyptian the next day at work/school, then you're the odd one out.
public school serf life
pic/vid related

Most kids' shows are just non stop generic scenes about school and being brainless socialites in a multicultural stew. Disney sitcoms in particular are nothing but mind melt. I've noticed more and more shows are nothing but kids in K-12 going through boundary pushing social experiences. I think shows liek Hey Arnold, Doug, Arthur, etc. are meant to normalize new ideas being pushed in the schools. K-12 is serf training and media interacts with it to insert their message into the training(holohoax and race mixing propaganda in school).

Netflix and Hulu are turbo-boomer tier. These new shows are NWO occult garbage. 

Fritz is a bit of a coo coo Christian, but he's exposed some interesting things. Look into what he says about the Mason infiltration of Mormonism.