YOUR HERO Mr. SAWYER Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer Self proclaimed former addict.

Don't fall for it.Screencap for zucctards.
Real name: Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer
Self proclaimed former addict.Has cult like following of those discarded by society.Homeless, addicts, weaponized autism.He started the gravy train camps under veteran camps for personal army and over 100k in gibs.Starts new causes when gibs run low.Baits muhguns for alphabet honeypot.Loves 511s,tac gear,patches, haji scarves,milspeak.VetLARP.Cannot carry weapon because felon,has PA carry weapons for him.Mark McConnell was his last handler.Sawyer may be his new one.Arthur has immunity.
Don't fall for it. Screencap for zucctards.
Long rap sheet in multiple states.Just to get you started:
Case # 08-03-K-03582 Felony Class C. Aggravated Assault
Multiple Criminal Mischief
Felony Contact with bodily fluids
Assault-MA, multiple
Multiple disorderly conduct
Felony Illegal Processing Drug Documents Case# 1998CRA01046
Felony Deception to Obtain Drugs
Petit Theft
5299 Weapon Offense DISMISSED by DA
Convictions in North Dakota, Arizona, North Carolina and more
Agent Provocateur. CI.
Bird Refuge Oregon Standoff.Pigeon drops.Smuggle from Minnesota.
Bundy Ranch
Blaine Cooper Jeff Kagan Batman John Hildinger
Ray Olsen John Wayne DV Grim Ken Schneider
Gary Hunt Deb Jordan Alyssa Bailey Mark West Greg Whalen Duane Ehmer Melina Grace
Called Jon Ritz during Oregon standoff at 3am stating a Walmart warehouse in Tucson was a FEMA deathcamp to bait him. Chased out of PHX. Elderly vets stolen money USMC woman vet with dementia.
Multiple affairs on wife Flora Flow Meyer. To include with Nikole Cooley.
Unsolved murder of VOP cofounder Tristan Knight at old camp at Salt River. Drowned in 1" of water.Arthur last to see him alive.
New personal fb page: VOP Alpha co-Team Pulaski. Latest videos hopped up.
Deleted real page due to tagging.Vulnerable women that stayed on camps say Louie gave drugs, sexual assault, rape.
Dont fall for it. Screencap for zucctards.
Screwy Louie's "ministry" are online holy rollers and his homeless followers.Built own militia to do bidding.No brick and mortar church.Research names given. Glow in the dark honeypot for radical right wing extremists baited to show up with guns for muh freedom. Refuge replay. AETV America on Fire.AKA Louie Prepper. Verified unemployed since 2002.Testified against Ritzheimer who is now in fed prison, Arthur testified in defense of Mark McConnell.PAID.Ask Ritz and Maureen Peltier about Arthur's physical attack on mentally handicapped homeless woman.He needs more gas and gift cards.The world is his stage.Arthur gathers intel on extremists, organizers,radicals and militias.His fb is a honeypot to amass intel.Feds want to know who is willing to bring firepower and donate gibs in the name of 'Merica.Where is the bulldozer video?
I'm convinced Chris-Chan Is a satanic abuse victim connected Rachel Chandler (girl Bill Clinton fucked). Can't find proof but his dad works at a DoD contractor and the whole CWC trolling culture feels like a psyop in testing reactions from internet users , starting with shock value and cringe and eventually becoming mainstream (trannies, porn/hentao, polyamory etc etc)

Seriously, watch the stuff he said last night in his Count Dankula interview about Ted Bundy and Sonichu and about how he Astra projects to CWCVille.

It's MK alter stuff.
What will you autist larpers discover next? A pedophile sex cult at a roller skating rink? A satanic child sex ring at an Applebees?

Have you morons even found one real pedophile? Gotton info that led to one arrest? After hundreds of threads and thousands of posts, have you idiots accomplished anything.
I have yet to see one of you retards explain why billionaire elites are somehow involved with a trash filled camp in the middle of nowhere, or why the kids they're supposedly trafficking through said trash filled camp in the middle of nowhere are even being housed in a trash filled camp when there's countless other ways to house and smuggle children that don't require you to keep them in a trash filled camp.

I have watched you faggots LARP for days over this, and the amount of times fags in these threads have claimed a connection between the Pedogate LARP and the trash camp LARP is staggering.

If you do this, it's a clear sign that you want to believe in this shit so bad that you're willing to straight up stick your heads in the sand whenever someone points out how convoluted these retarded theories truly are. If you need to add more and more presumptions onto your original theory to make it work, then maybe you know yourself that making something that's already convoluted even more nonsensical is fucking retarded.

In a country with more fucking law firms than dentists, you'd expect someone with a financial incentive to start digging, the type of people who can find dirt on pretty much anyone they care to investigate.
Yeah this guy may claim that shit is his, but he's obviously acting and trying to make the video as unsettling as possible. This is to draw attention away from the fact that the company was connected to Israel, the mayor of Tucson is a Rothschild, there were tunnels going to the casino with a logo that has pedo symbols. 
steer clear of this thing, lads.
this is a set-up.
anon could tell right away.

they are going to invest a lot of dubious buzz into it, demonstrate it to be false and then try and discredit pizzagate by association.

>pizzagate is real
>stay on message
>keep up the pressure

***too bad (((they))) sacrificed alex jones...he would've been perfect for promoting this***

they are going to fail.
/pol/ outwits them at every turn.
the whole vets rapetree was a pathetic false narrative
Here's the good one
send that clinton cunt a link to the article
tell her cops are coming for her family next 

sorry i am late
no breakthrough
nothing found
everybody still free
everyone still alive and kicking
Alex Jones is now getting sued into submission and humbly apologizing

remember they put these storys out or push these storys to keep you away from real storys