Xxxtenacion sent out this tweet and then quickly deleted it

Xxxtenacion sent out this tweet and then quickly deleted it he also is the source of Drake having an illegitimate child in Canada allegedly this is a picture of Drake sucking a Jewish producers in order to become famous
drake is gay and has always been gay.

"club going up on a tuesday" was a diss track about the weeknd, who was drake's ex-boyfriend, because the opposite of a weekend is a tuesday.
i feel ashamed i even know that or that i'm replying in this thread though. this is peak  degeneracy that's just meant to distract from real stories. as in stories about shit people should really care about.

XXX allegedly gets shot, but no mention of how many times, Articles say he was still alive and died at the hospital. where were the ambulances? Where were the paramedics? All you get is a short clip of a close up of a bunch of spooks and jews fucking around the crime scene. Probably to make sure no normal people get to close
>Broward Sheriff Scott Israel on the XXXTentacion slaying: “It‘s a horrific crime and we’re going to solve it and we are going to bring those who did it to justice.“
Now that Birdman has admitted that Lil Wayne is actually a homosexual and that all the songs where he is speaking sexually of women is actually a cover up for his true sexuality and simply to sell his music, as women have always been popular topics for music. Birdman also revealed that Lil Wayne wanted a 

relationship with him and Canadian rapper Drake, and that the song “Doing It Wrong” on Drake’s second studio album “Take Care” is actually about Lil Wayne and how he cannot be in a homosexual relationship with him. ” He gay as hell”, says Birdman,

“Its getting out of hand” says Lil Wayne, who also happens to be the founder of Young Money records. “If he keeps that gay sh*t up, there aint no doubt we finna drop his ass”. Drakes’s allegedly homosexual behavior, Young Money star Gudda Gudda doesnt seem to mind at all, and even sharing “If Drake wants to act gay, thats cool, theres nothing wrong with that, sometimes I get in that type of mood too”.