Was Trump/Pence/Blackwater we’re in Las Vegas the night of the 1 October massacre.

Trump/Pence/Blackwater we’re in Las Vegas the night of the 1 October massacre. 
Let me repeat that. 
We’re ((not in)) Las Vegas that night. 
Blackwater was escorting a VIP as we learned from Bw anon a few days later. 
What’re the odds? 
I don’t know the details. Most of us do not. 
I don’t know the purpose for them being there or whom they were meeting with. 
The concert was a cover up for this assassination attempt and this is why they have been trying to disguise and delay the details of what happened. 
Forget the concert for a moment. 
The target was the airport. 
This is where POTUS was. 
He was not “on” the strip.
He was on AF1 on the tarmac.
A pretty recognizable plane from let’s say..... the closest hotel to the airport.
>Mandalay Bay
That is why they we’re shooting at the tanks.
What was released just after this event? 
>JFK files. 
This was a signal. 
Who showed up on 4chan at the end of October? 
Leave your boomer arguments off the the table and let’s actually sit down and discuss this. 
Someone tried to assassinate our President/Vice President that night. 
>Larger crisis averted. 
That’s the “miracle.” 
What is a miracle?
>a highly improbable or extraordinary event that brings very welcome consequences.
Saudi Prince was there and he was the real target. Havent seen any facts potus and vp were there.
This has been 1 of my 2 my theories the whole time. If you look at all the facts, then the black out of all information, the effort to shut down anyone who might dig into the truth, it only leads to something big. Not a terrorist attack. But something bigger. But with a war waging on behind the seens and not in the open yet, there just isnt enough information to prove anything. Its futile to even try to inform people at all, because so little info exist, and 95% of people cant believe something unless its reported or spoken about by one of the so called approved "Voices of news or Truth bearers". Good luck with no evidence. How long ago did JFK get assinated? Try telling the truth about that to the masses.
Sorry I’m late this the party.
This has been pretty thoroughly discussed with most people coming to the conclusion that MbS was the target. A prince had rented out the top floors of the Mandalay and was absent from them when the attack occurred. /pol/ cited the fact that a VIP was escorted through the Tropicana by what appeared to be a group of guys on high alert that my have been assembled at random. 
/pol/ pointed out that SA’s relationship changed DRASTICALLY with the US after that night and King Salman abdicated the throne soon after. The corrupt Saudi’s prince were then arrested and a missile was fired at the Saudi palace in response on the same day.
 2015, the billionaire casino owner and Republican party funder Sheldon Adelson spent days in a Las Vegas courtroom watching his reputation torn apart and wondering if his gambling empire was facing ruin.

>An official from Nevada’s gaming control board sat at the back of the court listening to mounting evidence that Adelson bribed Chinese officials and worked with organised crime at his casinos in Macau – allegations that could have seen the magnate’s Las Vegas casinos stripped of their licenses.

>The case, a civil suit by a former manager of the Macau gaming operations who said he was fired for curbing corrupt practices, was another blow in a bad run for Adelson.

>He had thrown $150m into a futile effort to unseat the “socialist” and “anti-Israel” Barack Obama in the 2012 election. His credibility as a political player was not enhanced by his backing of Newt Gingrich for president.

>But three years on from the court case, Adelson’s influence has never been greater.

>The imprint of the 84-year-old’s political passions is seen in an array of Donald Trump’s more controversial decisions, including violating the Iran nuclear deal, moving the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and appointing the ultra-hawkish John Bolton as national security adviser.

>“Adelson’s established himself as an influential figure in American politics with the amount of money that he has contributed,” said Logan Bayroff of the liberal pro-Israel group, J Street. “There’s no doubt that he has very strong, very far-right dangerous positions and that – at very least – those positions are really being heard and thought about at the highest levels of government.”
pol/ pointed out that SA’s relationship changed DRASTICALLY with the US after that night and King Salman abdicated the throne soon after.
There has been quite a lot of upheaval since...
trump was at his golf course in new jersey on the weekend of september 30 and october 1. he was in the white house on october 2. he was never anywhere close to vegas. this is idiotic.

That's very interesting. Those were the heady first days of Qanon. The topic of your screenshot dovetails with "official" Q posts from that same time period. By official, I mean chronicled on qanon.pub.
>(patriotic portions of) NSA v CIA
>MI vs all three 3-letter agencies
No, I think you're close but not quite on the mark.

It was a saudi funded assassination attempt. The prince was alwaleed (bad guy), personally overseeing it. He left in a hurry when things didn't go to plan.

The saudi's funded it because the saudi's (not the jews) are the actual force behind the scenes in the west - taking control of everything. For two reason: 1. The western nations can't do dick to saudi arabia because their oil runs the world economies. 2. the saudi's are billionaires and pay good money, which is perfect for corrupt asshats.

This is why europe is being flooded with arabs/islam, and why it's turning into a neo-caliphate. It's been in the works for decades, basically ever since the petrodollar was set up. Both Obama and Brennan are muslims, a lot of the globalists are just muslim pawns. Whether they really believe in globalism or not doesn't matter, what's important is that they take saudi money and do what they're told.

Where this doesn't work, assassinations come into play.

There's a good reason a bunch of saudi's got strung up by their heels shortly after that massacre.
there is direct video evidence of the Saudi prince getting an armed escort out of the casino. He was supposed to be in the Four Seasons when this all went down. I have seen zero evidence that Trump or Pence were in LV. Another mystery is why was a strange message about the 12 Israelis being safe broadcast.
There's public video of staff helping him with big bags. Idk what your shitty article is supposed to say, but it's probably another one of those "LET ME NOT USE ANY POLICE INVESTIGATIVE INFORMATION UNLESS IT HELPS MY CONSPIRACY THEORY" articles.
What kind of shit tier journalism is that lmfao?

" we found one guy who talked to him, and the guy had no bags. case closed." 
It's like climate change lol. Great, you found one dude... There's interviews with staff you could google 

And over 500 prominent figures in Arabia were arrested or killed, and afterwards Arabia began it's 180 in domestic policies. You're a fool if you think these events are unrelated.
Trump just made deals with SA. Tweets like that show his "i'll tweet one thing do another"ism.

Wanna show me how he's been tough on them? He tweets tough. that's it...
This is correct. MbS was in Vegas having a normal fun time and Bin Alaweed faction tried to have him killed - they failed. MbS is shown being escorted out on the Tropicana vid - he's wearing normie clothes and hard to recognize but that smile is there.

Immediately after the Vegas incident he cracks down hard to Saudi fuckers and consolidates his power. Rumor is king will step down this summer and he'll take over officially.
Oh I am not denying our stances toward them has changed, but the Saudis definitely had an internal shake up. After losing on two fronts in their proxy war they had to. Many things in the Las Vegas shooting don't add up, and many external events began changing rapidly, there is no doubt in my mind there was more than just a "lone gunmen" but of the many conspiracies presented I find none of them wholy satisfactory. I am merely presenting the facts.

This prince owned the hotel chain, and the floors the shooting took place on. 

He was arrested later for corruption and released

The Arabs began a 180 in policy

And the jfk files began releasing shortly after that.
Oh and I forgot the last bit. Paddock was just an arms dealer that was probably connected to the gov in some way. His deal was the “in” to get so many assassins near the prince at the same time, which explains the huge amount of weaponry, and the fact that a lot of the guns weren’t even loaded.
It also explains why Paddock has been the subject of a government coverup and why his brother was taken out of the picture via child porn. 
Though the Paddocks could have a deeper connection... 
I believe that Paddock was an impromptu patsy and that ISIS was supposed to take the blame for the attack which was targeting MbS until things went FUBAR and they had to shoot their way out/attempt to relocate MbS.
>pic related helped set it all up.