the story of the greatest lie ever told, world war 2.

What really happened:
>Germany had been completely and unfairly fucked over after ww1
>degeneracy was running rampant and a Jewish communist element was rising 
>hitler campaigned on restoring Germany’s national pride and stopping these foreign elements from seizing power
>More importantly, his economic system did not use a central bank. (((Global elites))) did not like this
>Germany’s economy exploded and they went from destitute to a superpower in just a few years
>elites got terrified other countries would follow suit and eliminate their own debt based economies
>hitler signs the Havaara agreement, which deports jews to palestine and ensures they keep their wealth intact
>meanwhile ethnic Germans living in what is now Poland are being persecuted unjustly; hitler goes in to retake rightful German clay
>this is all the excuse globalists need to start a war to eliminate this threat to their power
>it’s wartime and hitler can no longer safely deport Jews, so he puts them in camps
>typhus breaks out, combined with lack of food and hundreds of thousands die in the camps
>war ends, victors write the history books in such a way as to paint hitler as the most evil man to ever live, ensuring that any country that tries to cut out central banks can be compared to evil nazis
>this also provides an excuse for jews to get special treatment for eternity, and the holocaust narrative was born
>in the millions of seized documents after the war, not one scrap of evidence was ever found that pointed to any plan to kill Jews
>all camps investigated by the US were found to not be death camps, despite initial claims that they all were
>only the camps that the soviets (jewish bolsheviks) inspected were officially “death camps” and we have evidence that they were reconstructed as such after the war
>holocaust mythology is built and built upon to extort more money from Germany and sell books by “survivors”

And that’s the story of the greatest lie ever told, world war 2.
If its undeniable truth then they would allow visitors to test it for themselves they don't allow that. The walls are not stained at all unlike the disinfectant chambers. Also the building was reconstructed so its the original chamber building so there shouldn't be any concentration of zyklon b at all actually. So I guess my argument is flawed in that sense since its not the original. 
Your in the hate box why are you surprised that someone is rude on here?

Yeah 1.3 million per a year doesn;t fit with the official narrative on aushwitz right now since on about 1.1 million died there since the revision.
Visitors not people already paid off to continue pushing the narrative. If they have undeniable proof they should not fear investigation. Your numbers that you referred to as the official numbers said they were burning 1.3 million bodies per a year. You just flipped your stance on supporting that argument. Yeah if there a remnants of a room that contains zyklon b doesn't necessarily mean its a gas chamber. The disinfectant chambers for example had hugh concentrations of zyklon b and that produced blue stains. Its takes huge amount of zyklon b to kill a room full of humans its not like they dropped a tiny amount and people start dropping to the floor. The prisoners would have to breathe it for awhile and there would have to be considerably high amount of exposure to the zyklon. With the high exposure the room needs to have blue stains just like the disinfectant chambers
Germany was stabbed in the back. By Woodrow Wilson. Germany's defeat was the result of 2 million American troops being thrown into the fray. Up to that point Germany was actually winning.

Germany asked for an armistice followed by negotiations along the lines of Wilson's 14 Points. Wilson said you must evacuate occupied territories. The Germans agreed. Wilson said you must get rid of the Kaiser. The Germans agreed. Wilson said you must totally disarm. The Germans agreed. The only reason the British and French agreed was because Pershing said that the American troops would stop fighting if they didn't.

By the time of the drawing up of the Versailles Treaty, with a disarmed Germany and American troops sent home, all the high minded talk of Wilson's 14 Points, was quickly ignored.
Jews and others were put in camps. Some of these were forced labour camps, though such camps were mostly populated by POWs and partisans. Jews still had to do some work in the camps, and conditions were fairly decent, but definitely not like living at home.
Particularly egregious troublemakers were executed. Most deaths occurred towards the end of the war as German supply lines fell through. The camps were the last priority for the strained logistics system. This was due to intense Allied air bombing, which also contaminated water and other sources of sustenance around the camps. Shortly thereafter, outbreaks of the Typhus virus spread through most of the camps. Many died because of this disease, as there was not enough medicine.
After the war, the Holocaust was invented as the origin myth for the new world order, and as a way to permanently keep the German down and out. This was alluded to by Winston Churchill and Truman. Today, the figure of deaths have changed dramatically. Taking Auschwitz alone as an example, the count has been adjusted from 4.5 million, to 2 million, to 1 million, and finally down to around 72,000.