#QAnon CIA has perfected a boomer mind control agent

Why do boomers fall for this shit?

Q team made some fantastic vows of action against traitors in the very first drops, October 28 2017. 
HRC arrested 
All 5 ex presidents shaken by criminal charges
2 ex presidents forced to "leave the planet" over high treason. 
Military tribunals to bypass corrupt judiciary. 
Gitmo sentences for deep state traitors. 

None of which obviously have come to pass.
It's a psyop. To likely placate gullible patriots into believing some super hero will clean up government so joe sixpack can remain on the couch eating cheetos. 
In April the word was CIA finally took over the Q entity. Pity original Q team didn't drop a final message to negate copycats & impostors.

original Q wasn't exactly a paragon of action anyway. Lots of talk....delay...excuses.....no arrests no tangible action. I walked away in January.
I'm not worried about it, QAnon, whoever he is, is solidifying the older white Boomers and Gen X vote, and that's honestly fine with me - they need bread and circus parlor tricks to get their attention.

Gen Y just needs the promise of spilling non white blood
i cant believe 20 year old boomers are as retarded as 60 year old boomers and vote Republican