More than 60 percent of America’s middle and high school students rely on alt-right internet sites

>More than 60 percent of America’s middle and high school students rely on alt-right internet sites as credible sources for their research papers. The students are using alt-right sites to write papers on topics that range from free speech and the Second Amendment to citizenship, immigration and the Holocaust.
>These were among the key findings of a preliminary survey of 200 teachers I conducted recently to develop a snapshot of how common it was for middle and high school students to turn to alt-right websites.
>Despite the link between the alt-right and the Charlottesville tragedy, students are still using alt-right websites for their research papers in school, according to teachers I surveyed in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. The teachers reported that the students cite these websites in their bibliographies but often struggle to make sense of the information they obtained from the sites.
>These sites are increasingly prominent. In fact, it is interesting to note that the alt-right websites teachers list as being used most often by their students have all been started since 2005, with the exception of one, and many have come into existence in just the past five years.
>anything that's not Jewish-owned Lügenpresse = Alt-right 
Nothing terrifies them more than losing control over the flow of information. If they can't brainwash children, their control over the country disintegrates.
That's because the silent majority respects the 2nd. A lot of people are apolitical and just don't vote. Look at voter turnout stats to see what I mean. It's just social media and MSM give a bright spotlight to a minority of people and gives the appearance that they're widespread. It's the old "everyone else thinks this way, you should too" kind of peer pressure.
Think of it this way - 770 Broadway in NYC is Huffpo's office. Facebook's NYC office is in the same building. It's right by NYU, in an area of the city that is mostly isolated from the reality of the city (extension of a college campus more or less). The people who work for these companies see each other in the elevator and at the neighborhood bar and think they represent ALL views, not realizing how severe their bubble is, even in NYC itself.
What do you expect when you have every piece of the establishment blatantly lying or shilling for profit.

The truth is the truth, and society is in such pitiful conditions from straying from OUR values that Nazi LARPING internet trolls speak more truth than then entrusted foundations of our system. No one to blame here but the lie filled, degenerate environment that's been allowed to manifest while being told to, "Celebrate your freak flag, do your own thing!"

Maybe these middle school and high school kids are just wising up, and right now there's only a small few different ways to express it because of the strangle hold that's been put on anyone that can actually see the truth.