I predict Civil War this Summer, yes this Summer.

we need to get serious. After that bitch called for public shaming of Trump supporters and officials. Shit is about to get real in The US especially if Trump gets 2020 get ready!!

I predict Civil War this Summer, yes this Summer. Stay safe

Not sure if this summer, but the left is boiling over from losing so badly and the (((media))) is leading them both due to (((their))) influence and the easy ratings they get form leftist retards who want to hear (((personalities))) calling the president and conservatives nazis. 

How can anyone who is still a bs spewing leftist recover at this point? Everything they push has turned to be lies and bs but they pushed it so hard that for them to reverse course would basically be an admittance that they are the biggest retards of a generation. No, their egos won't allow that. The only options are admit defeat or suicide screaming nazi
Can someone explain why they always fucking do this? Saying conservatives are monsters, saying we do things that are not true and infact they themselves have been caught on camera doing(assualting pro-trump protesters). They always say how the right is anti-American, anti-freedom while they are the ones being destructive. I can't put the words together to explain this coherently to someone but I see this shit all the time.
We won't see a Civil War until maybe 2020 if Trump gets re-elected. The Left is enraged but they haven't been able to make a dent in Trump's base, in fact Trump has a higher approval rating now than ever, so they are just flailing looking for something to rile up their base for the midterm. The summer may have a few violent demonstrations, I bet we will see something with the violence of Charlottesville very soon, but I don't predict real, prolonged violence until 2020
If the liberals were preparing for war, they'd be buying weapons and training. I'm not talking about the fringe antifa, but the average NPR-listening liberal.
They can't even protect their own homes, how do you think they'll fight in a war?