Israel and Saudi Arabia held the Capital at Nuclear ransom on 9/11. This is why NORAD stood down and no plane was found at the Pentagon. A bunker busting nuke was fired into the structure and left undetonated.

This is is why Iraq and Syria and Libya were targeted. This is the reason for the mihrant crisis. 

Between 2001 and now, SA and ZOG tangled a bit behind the scenes with how best to disarm the populace and erase America (and Christianity) for all time.

SA fielded Barack Obama, a literal Manchurian candidate who would initiate the rape of Europe and the destruction of all white homelands while pumping out endless mind control and propaganda. His policies are still at play daily in the FIVE EYES countries. 

Note what has happened in SA since Trump took office. SA has been taken out. At least the faction responsible for joining with Likud to control the United States. Netayahu has tons of corruption cases against him right this very moment, which is incredibly unusual. They generally portray a united front.

Now his party are openly tellung the public Jews are supreme and above the accusations of the Goyim, and that these allegations are absurdities that the diaspora "knows aren't true". Telling newspapers this. 
Actually caring whether Q is a larp is pointless. It makes no difference to reality. You can believe what you want, but you can't deny what's in front of your face. Not calling you out, specifically. Just speaking in general terms. Q means nothing, either way.

And just to add; the more I look through fbianon posts, the more pissed I get. Either they were silenced into oblivion, or he is a fucking scumbag too. If he isn't one of these agents begging to be subpoenaed, he sure talked like he would be. One thing is for sure, time has proven he wasn't a larp, at least.
So where does Bernie fit in? Bernie Sanders played "le cool grandpa" to manipulate the fatherless children of America into "calming down" and not dismantling the DNC corporate party. He was there to prevent OCCUPY from forming again. Although Jeb Bush was a good goy, the kikes were salivating at using anti-male movements like the manufactured "camous rape hysteria" to aet legal orecedent to dismantle rights in a very rapid fashion. Tjey got greedy so they ran a kabuki campaign with a ouece of trash whose only claim tk fame was dismantling Ron Laul's bill to Audit THE FEDERAL RESERVE. He weaponized the youth and never even attacked his only competitor? Why?

To help neuter and destroy America and for no other reason. He is an Alinskyite who believes that "the ends justify the means". Within this frame, he believes that if you do not know he is lying or do not know what he knows theb you are not worthy of knowing. You are filth. You are profane. He will be used in a last dittlch attempt to get white males not to vote for Donald in 2020. He will not be the DNC candidate. He will be there to spoil Trump. Anf because of this he will start to distance himself away from the "hysterical left", the masses he helped brainwash. He is literally that rotten. He knows he is lying, he is not confused. He will try to appear Centrist. Do not be fooled.

Jim Web called the DNC Primary sham, that it was controlled by the Clinton "camp". He then quit the race.

Looking back at everything, this is the answer. This is the truth. And when it comes out we will finally break our chains and reach the stars after cleansing the world of evil.