FAKE NEWS! Pure propaganda!

The freedom of the press is about making sure that the press is not controlled by a few people. Because that is dangerous since mr. and mrs. america can then be lied to and manipulated, since they don´t have the time to look into these things for years like soc int places like /pol/ and many other places. So ironically it is a press that is under full control, that is complaining about its objectivity and freedom being threatened, because someone points out it is controlled and biased/one sided and owned by a handful of people. Having it owned by a very few people or having it controlled directly by government is equally as dangerous. Because any of these can use this full control to push whatever agenda they want. And they´re doing exactly that.
People just see this picture and go. Well that´s a lot of jews. IT´S A BIG PROBLEM when a handful of jews control pretty much 90% or near 100% of the ENTIRE US MEDIA. It´s a monopoly that needs to be broken up into much smaller pieces. And probably it´s not untimely unreasonable to suggest that in a country where jews make up 1.7% of the population they probably should not be controlling every influential media position in 90+% of the ENTIRE US MEDIA. Americans don´t even understand how bad this is and how much they are lied to. Because it´s the press that is lying to them. HAHA so of course they will not admit how controlled they are. Have a look at this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fHfgU8oMSo  And then realize that MSM is simply propaganda for the people who own it and have nothing to do with objective journalism. They are actors first journalists second it seems. And these are the people who claim to be worried about fake news. YOU ARE FAKE NEWS! Pure propaganda! They just don´t want you to avoid the propaganda and find out what is really the case about things. This is why they with their failing ratings they are clamoring to this notion of watch them instead of fake news. They are the fake news!