Black Poverty in America

I was watching this video about the hoods in chicago and i wonder why doesn't amercia do anything about it? america is the richest country in the world and chicago is one of the largest cities in america? when you watch the video you realize this place looks terrible and the people are poor. the young men are forced to join gangs and do other crimes to make it . since most jobs won't hire them based on their skin color or because they committed a "crime". when in reality america could do alot to help these peoplej. like increase welfare or give them good jobs. or the city of chicago could pay these people to clean up their hoods.  instead im sure most of the people on poll will just call these young men "niggers" and just say dumbshit like "niggers have low iq and dumbb lulz". but you will ignore the FACT THAT poverty creates crime and america has large amounts of wealth and could end this shit over night. but instead trump wants to spend time deportinig "mexicans illgeals" and have military parades. so what would any of you guys do to fix the black poverty problem in america?
Chicago is already the recipient of SHITLOADS of redistributed wealth.

The fact of the matter is that good businesses don't go to chicago because of the criminals so people end up turning to crime because they don't have a good outlook on life and grow twisted because of a shitty environment.

There is no solution that respects people's freedom. Money won't fix this. Welfare will only create generational poverty. America is wealthy, sure. But we're wealthy because people are allowed to POSSESS that wealth. To take an even bigger cut to give to people who are NOT producing wealth is a fucking slap in the face. It's bribing criminals. It's fucking danegeld.

You can only fight the criminals and choke them out and hope businesses will feel safe enough to invest in Chicago and that the infrastructure needed to support professionals moving in will trickle down(Chicago's poor aren't producing skilled workers, so they won't be the primary beneficiaries of this, sadly).

The city poor need to move out and become the rural poor, where they will be able to leverage their limited skillsets to local economic needs like labor and trades, which should get them enough money to purchase homes in areas outside of cities.

Come back to the farms, black men. You shouldn't have ever left. Fuck cities and fuck the north.
>poverty creates crime and america
That isn't a fact. The real fact is that single mothers (and deadbeat fathers) create children who themselves go on to create crime:

>In 2015 Sowell argued that time had proved correct Moynihan's core idea that African-American poverty was less a result of racism and more a result of single-parent families: "One key fact that keeps getting ignored is that the poverty rate among black married couples has been in single digits every year since 1994."

>Cosby and Poussaint state that verbal and emotional abuse of the children is prominent in the parenting style of some Black single mothers, with serious developmental consequences for the children.[84] “Words like 'You're stupid,' 'You're an idiot,' 'I'm sorry you were born,' or 'You'll never amount to anything' can stick a dagger in a child's heart." [84] "Single mothers angry with men, whether their current boyfriends or their children's fathers, regularly transfer their rage to their sons, since they're afraid to take it out on the adult males" Cosby and Poussaint write that this formative parenting environment in the Black single parent family leads to a "wounded anger—of children toward parents, women toward men, men toward their mothers and women in general".'s_criticism_of_the_single-parent_family