Zionist List

Alex Jones - Zionist

Jerome Corsi - Zionist

Roger Stone - Zionist

PJW - Zionist

Posobiec - Zionist

Bannon - Zionist

Ben Shapiro - Zionist

Jordan Peterson - Zionist

Sam Harris - Zionist

Richard Spencer - Zionist

Mich Enoch - Zionist

Lauren Southern - Zionist

Faith Goldy - Zionist

Sellner/Pettibone - Zionist

Tommy Robinson - Zionist

Ann Coulter - Zionist

Molyneux - Zionist

Cernovich - Zionist

George Webb - Zionist

Jason Goodman - Zionist

Milo - Zionist

JF - Zionist

Styx - Crypto zionist?

David Duke - Zionist

Patrick Little - Controlled opposition cryptokike

Andrew Anglin - Zionist

Weev - Zionst
(((Milo Yiannopoulos))),

(((Ayn Rand))),

(((Ben Shepiro))),

(((Dave Rubin))),

(((Dennis Prager))),

(((Yaron Brook))),

(((Milton Friedman))),

(((Murray Rothbard))),

(((Irving Kristol))),

(((Bill Kristol)))

(((Ludwig von Mises)))

(((Melanie Phillips))),

(((Sam Harris))),

(((Charles Murray said "Jews are God's chosen people"))),




(((Jewish overrepresentation in finance and real estate. They control the money))),

(((Jewish overrepresentation in academia and media. They control the information))),

(((Old WTC buildings lease bought just 2 months prior to 9/11 by Jewish investors. 99-year lease for $3.55 billion. After attack, they claimed $7.1 billion from insurance (because it was two attacks). In the end they got $4.55 million from insurance. They knew that previous WTC attack was fully covered by insurance, therefore setting a precedent for insurance court battle.

WTC elevator shaft maintenance reportedly starts 2-3 months prior to 9/11 attack.))),

(((Iraqi WMD false flag, good for the Israel.))),

(((War in Syria + chemical attack false flag, good for the Israel))),

(((Flood of Syrian immigrants causing divisions in Europe, good for the Israel)))

(((Theodore Hertzl's plan for Greater Israel Stretching from Nile to Euprates))),

(((Proposed Kurdistan south border perfectly in alignment with Greater Israel North border))),

(((Obama's Syrian Red Line in alignment with north border of Greater Israel))).