This is what MKUltra looks like in real life

When you see these threads, don’t reply. Report these threads and sage them. Protect your mind and don’t fall for it. These threads are created to control and shape your mind and steer you toward negative thought patterns and trigger emotional answers. This is what MKUltra looks like in real life and it is happening here. This is what mind control looks like. Repetition is key to mind control and this is why you see these threads over and over. Be smart and learn to identify these threads and ignore them. If you contribute to these threads, you are falling into the trap that was set for you.

Learn more about mind control techniques here and educate yourself. Propagate this knowledge far and wide to everyone that you know that is visiting this board. These threads are very dangerous and toxic mental material. The threads are engineered to generate anger and make you feel isolated, outcast, and potentially turn you into mass shooters. Do not underestimate the power of these threads and their content. They create a powerful imprint on your subconscious. They attack your essence as males and your sexuality. These techniques are similar to the techniques that cults and terrorists use to recruit people. Demoralization techniques. Their latest program is about Incels.

These threads and their content are a concerted effort to shape your mind and influence you. The agenda behind them is built on mind control techniques that have been developed and perfected since the 50's.

"She explains that repetition is an integral part of brainwashing techniques because connections between neurons become stronger when exposed to incoming signals of frequency and intensity. She argues that people in their teenage years and early twenties are more susceptible to persuasion."

Don’t let anyone influence you with this mind control material. Fight back.
It's time to expose these threads and kill them. When you see one of these threads, post OP pic and shut down the discussion.

>inb4 OP is a retard and he can't tell the difference between memes and shill posting

These threads and their frequency are not created for lulz. They are created by bots or paid shills to influence you. Their repetitive nature points to well known mind control techniques used by governments and activists all around the world.
"Psychic driving was a psychiatric procedure of the 1950s and 1960s in which patients were subjected to a continuously repeated audio message on a looped tape to alter their behaviour. In psychic driving, patients were often exposed to hundreds of thousands of repetitions of a single statement over the course of their treatment. They were also concurrently administered muscular paralytic drugs such as curare to subdue them for the purposes of exposure to the looped message(s). The procedure was pioneered by Dr. D. Ewen Cameron, and used and funded by the CIA's Project MKUltra program in Canada."
"Can We Control Our Thoughts? Why Do Thoughts Pop into My Head as I'm Trying to Fall Asleep?"

"Although thoughts appear to “pop” into awareness before bedtime, their cognitive precursors have probably been simmering for a while. Once those preconscious thoughts gather sufficient strength, the full spotlight of consciousness beams down on them. The mind's freewheeling friskiness is only partly under our control, so shutting our mind off before we sleep is not possible."

How many of you have dreams about what you read here /pol/? My guess is many of you are influenced by what you read on this board. My guess is that many of you are having dreams about threads that are posted here. Now ask yourself this simple question: why?
The backbone of reactionary politics is conceptual framing. This is why "disgust" is such a persuasive argument to people who have been conditioned to trust reactions. You see them conditioning people on how to react to "Incels" all over the place right now. It's literally social conditioning

Each time a new propaganda agenda is being pushed, I can spot it easily in a couple of hours, browsing normie news websites. And yet on Faceburg, I only see Liberal bullshit being pushed. It's like most people can't even see what is going on. I feel like most humans have next to zero recognition pattern skills. If it is our job to expose it, how can we become more efficient in doing so?
They need to be educated. Scared people are reactionary. I'm progressive. Not a phony fascist democrat "progressive," but a real one who believes that laws can be enacted and enforced to allow for real voting, to stop corruption, lobbying, nepotism, pollution, the fed, bring about sound money, etc. etc. 

But the government has a pretty big racket going where they run false flags that scare everyone further to the right, until people get there, find nothing, and think, fuck wait and then go into other -ism traps they've set up, and it's a fucking matrix. 

As for helping people, I dunno, I'm blackpilled. I spread truth, but I don't think people want to give up their illumimommy.
Sometimes I wonder if that's the real objective behind this propaganda material. To trigger certain individuals and create a resistance movement. The same could be said with the refugees and no borders meme. It sometimes feels to me that they actually are creating all this to create the opposite of what it seems. Create an ultra resistance movement that will become extremely racist and violent. This could the end game when you think about it.
Just do a search on SourceForge. A couple of existing projects could be used as a starting point.

Again, don't fucking create bots that will spam this place. Be creative and target only shill threads and focus on automated replies (NOT CREATING THREADS), this shit will get you banned and won't be constructive.

A better alternative to us taking the matter in our own hands, would be for the Mods to simply delete these threads and work actively to prevent their creation. This is the option that I favor the most personally. I don't like the idea that we need to organize and fight on our own turf. It's potentially disruptive and might be their end goal, for us to tears us all apart.
The illuminati love us BECAUSE no one else can appreciate their work. It's a love-hate relationship for sure, but luckily, they've got us all centralized into one forum with a very thin veniere of anonymity. 
They'll never stop. For every 1 person that wakes up, 100,000 more think they've got life figured out and so they post the big secret on social media in an attempt to gain an artificial form of attention on the internet. They have no idea they are merely parroting an amalgamation of recent media approved narratives that mesh [barely] coherently with the current Zeitgeist of the current niche. 
Just know that the people on the top are all that matter. Understand that every one of their founding documents, lexicons, rituals, and actions all point to the same STATED plan.
They consider themselves archons- the uberpredator.
They consider it their role to prey on us.
They have, are now, and will continue to limit the population of this species.
The next big one is always right around the corner.
the mods are compromised. They leave up "pol btfo!" and other garbage for hours, delete threads that are going anywhere. There was a thread calling out the jidf on some bullshit and it was put on autosage, lots of other stuff too. 

Anyone remember "Benjamin Fischbein?" typing his name earned people a lifetime ban during the election, he was high up in CTR. I bet that chinkmoot sold us out. It makes sense. Someone with a lot of many can just approach him and offer him tons of cash to make some leftists/kikes mods. Why wouldn't he take it?

I could be called an incel (althought i have never really tried to lose my virginity and get attention from females but ignore most of it), but it runs off me like water as do the rest of these insults. Not everyone is as strong-minded/autistic as me though, I can definitely see how it would wear people down

There are definitely groups paid to be here, bots, and leftists (antifa and their discords or whatever) in groups who coordinate attacks here. I mean Soros dumped 18 billion into his open society foundation, where the fuck does all that money go? what is stopping them from fucking this place up?