Reminder to clear confusion

Israel killed 55 protesters and wounded over 2000 with the wounded include 74 children and 23 women, while a 12-year-old and 14-year-old were counted among the dead.
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It's true that there might be a handful of violent of protestors that were present, but the numbers indicate that there are definitely innocents that got hurt. No matter who you are hurting innocent Children and Women is disgusting. 
Tensions are rising.
Israel is celebrating the move of the embassy by putting trump on a coin and and even the top football club in Jerusalem added trump to their name. 
(((Jared Kushner))), that did the opening ceremony, is in bed with Netanyahu and has business and real estate connections with Israel that he failed to declare as a US senior advisor and as leader of the Palestinian peace process(!)
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The same Jared got the Saudis cheaper weapon systems in a multi billion dollar deal.
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Trump wants to sell (((Saudi Arabia))) more weapons btw.
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those weapons get used to kill more Yemeni citizens, there are atleast 10.000 death and 3.000.000 displaced(!!!!) YAY MORE MIGRATION :DDD

So let's talk, what are your opinions? My opinion is that violence should be called out and stopped. Thus I'm for the calling out for Israel and not happy with the US official response, also America needs to stop dealing weapons to countries who massacre people and create instability and Jared Kushner needs to gtfo because he's clearly biased.
The only direction the Palestinians can go is peaceful protests, they have to stop the mossad infiltrators from starting shit, either that or go hard with full armed assaults with heavy weapons. This stone trowing and getting hot lead in return is pretty f.
>make Israel and Jews think you're greatest ally
>give them what they want with full backing
>make them think they're untouchable 
>they pull out all the stops, because they've won 
>literally everyone now shocked, horrified, and unable to back them
>isreal gets btfo
Holy shit, now that would be some 4d chess?

Hamas itself is actually just an Israeli puppet, even /sg/ doesn't like them.

No they dont. If there was peace they could bilk billions in aid from the USA, or gain international sympathy from "muh terrorists "
Peace would make them an unimportant nation that no one would care about. If anything, it would make them more hated, and allow the Arabs time to get stronger and come kill them. Peace and a stable sister state is the last thing they want or need.
burgers were conditioned to hate all middle eastern people after 9/11..they never snapped out of it despite all the evidence it was Israel along with everything else Israel  have done to them..they're still all MUH SUPPORTING ISRAEL

they're hopeless