But who doesn't? Bush and Hillary aren't in the tribe, Chelsea is but Jones rips her. This is the other biggest dismissal tactic, but Owen just did a two-hour show on nothing but Netanyahu's lie. He literally said "I hate Netanyahu" and they blasted all his prophecy bullshit.

/pol/aks who want aggressive JQ talk have never retained lawyers up against the ADL. They will bleed you for millions and get your channel yanked. Look at Pewdiepie for his Fiver incident. Jones calls out Soros everyday. He calls out Kushner and Bolten. /pol/ still defends Trump when MIGA banners are erected across Israel, as Ivanka caresses the wailing wall. Very few anti-Trump threads. Jones fights above his weight. We don't. He's redpilled a lot of Boomers on Israel. Meanwhile Ryan Dawson gets yanked off YT every week, has to work three jobs in Tokyo, because no one will Patreon him $2 for epic documentaries on Mossad/9/11 and Trump/Zionism. It's not difficult to live stream and make money if you know your shit. Yet no /pol/aks step up. Walk the talk. Jones has 30 years of 1776 work. Is that worth destroying for a month of 1488?
Alex Jones has a larger audience than CNN now and he's raking in the cash from the vitamins. AJ has had to learn to be resilient and self-sufficient and has become harder to kill than a cockroach. If the kikes drive him into bankruptcy all he needs is a video camera and an internet connection and he's up and running.
I think this thread is referring to him calling out Q. it is funny, seeing as Alex actually puts his identity on the table and Q is some "person" or "group" that posts vague ramblings about the Clintons getting arrested and everything is going to be fine. or something like that.
A few nights ago Owen and the other cleancut young guy did an after hours broadcast and riffed on Zionism, Israel's bullshit and hated on Netanyahu. It was amazing. Callers ranted about Ziocons by name and they didn't bat an eye, this is what InfoWars needs to do, a more redpilled youthful late night show. Alex was asleep, but doesn't care. Right when I give up on the Trump asskissing, I get stunned by an off the cuff two hours. The young guy just did a "Who are the neocons?" video explaining how they're Communist Boomer Jews. He's /pol/ more than Tucker even.

Alex went hard against Trump on Syria. He definitely has Israeli pressure. But compared to Vice etc he's an operator. If we want more redpilled shows, we must do it ourselves. There's money to be made.
I don't know who Q is and never seen that person talk or produce anything.
Just cause you post on an image board, means nothing to me.
I can post inane shit in an attempt to predict the future. (Pic related)
In fact, I have and screen shot it for reference.
To my point, I see Alex, I hear Alex and I may have some issues with Alex but I know Alex is real.
Am I real?
you mean some made up bullshit on an anonymous forum where over half of his predictions never come true?

Honestly, its probably a good move to distance yourself from such obvious bullshit if you own a news network.
Things like Wikileaks are trackable entities worthy of supporting with your established network,
 I first heard about Bohemian Grove from a proverbial crazy uncle veteran. I was a bluepilled liberal who thought neocons were Texan oil worshipping white Republicans. I literally called him crazy. Years later I watched Jones' BG infiltration video. Now, I don't think BG sacrifices kids, but Jones was the first outsider to film the Effigy of Care. This was like Xfiles come to life, like infiltrating Area 51.

He made Bilderburg a house hold name, he made false flags mainstream, same with crisis actors, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Operation Northwoods, MK Uktra, he called out Sandy Hook and Parkland, he placed a bead on George and Alex Soros, he called out Podesta and child traffick rings on Joe Rogan, he was talking about Vince Foster in the late 90s, he helped Ron Paul become mainstream, the feminization agenda of American males, birth control in the water leading to weak males, Operation Mockingbird, he literally made Deep State mainstream. He has influenced the entire shift in Conservatism. He helped millennials connect Bolshevism to globalism. Imagine if he didn't exist, or quit. He takes so much shit, but he built a huge non-Jewish owned media empire outside the LA/NYC panopticon. He's so 2A he can pull a bullet from behind his ear without magic.
The ADL and SPLC have about $500 million to target all hate speech online. Jones says CIA nigs have compromised Hiro. I used to joke about Technion building IP warchests on /pol/ users, but I'd bet money they do. The clock is ticking. Now that Trump has gone full ZioCon, they don't want /pol/ around. They are trying to ZioCon the board, but only before they get it yanked.
This, Jones plays a character in so much that any man on camera half his life plays a version of himself. You have to be entertaining. You have to throw chum in the water for your audience but also for yourself. This is the most bullshit argument against Jones, that he's literally the longest running master method actor, like if Daniel Day-Lewis grilled steaks and collected guns for 30 years as controlled op. It stems from his lawyer arguing Jones plays a character in his divorce hearing against his wife, who got houses and $50-80k a month in alimony. He won. His sons are cool and can recite the Bill of Rights. He films at his house.

He was sued by Sandy Hook parents, he was sued by that Soros Greek yogurt company for Pizzagate on behalf Elefantis. None of us would persist if we faced either. Jones doesn't lose a step. It's commendable. I'm not trying to overly defend him, but as an adult, try walking in his shoes. He gets shit for vitamins, the ads are annoying but he can't get advertisers anymore. You think Oliver North will buy NRA ads after Jones has ripped him for Iran Contra for decades.
/pol/aks who want aggressive JQ talk have never retained lawyers up against the ADL.
Because the law isn't on the side of pro-Whites regardless of how lawyered up they may be.

Take Anglin...it doesn't matter if he has a case. He's fucked when his trial goes to the jury.

> Jones calls out Soros everyday.
And he never names the Jew. Interesting how someone can see all that info day after day and never make the connection...

>n. /pol/ still defends Trump when MIGA banners are erected across Israel, as Ivanka caresses the wailing wall. Very few anti-Trump threads. 
That's because nu/pol/ isn't pro-White.

>Yet no /pol/aks step up. 
Because a vast majority of /pol/acks are LARPers. this isn't a board for activism. It's a board for shitposting.

>Jones has 30 years of 1776 work.
Jones' amurrica will still be turned into a non-White Jew controlled shithole. Because this is an issue of race, not amurrica.

>Is that worth destroying for a month of 1488?
At least he'd tell the truth for once.