#QAnon AJ really messed up by lying an having his boy Zach claim to be in the Q Team.

AJ really fucked up by lying an having his boy Zach claim to be in the Q Team.
Well now that AJ is finally coming down in flames who do we turn the dumbdowned masses towards so we can get Trump re-elected?
ch is too fucking stupid to go against such an old and long established alternative internet celebrrity. 

Q was a mistake and everyone needs to stop acting stupid
 there called out AJ and Gorski for being hacks and sellouts. Both AJ and Gorski gets butthurt and attacks Q. 8chan comes to Q's defense. Start messing with AJ and Gorski.
AJ (caught with disinfo Zak = Q) and Corsi straight-up gas-lighting. Sad. I used to like the based-shill-water-filter-salesman. Wonder why he just jumped off a proverbial cliff. His show has gone to shit since DAK and the election. (((They))) got to him or he was always one of (((them))) but the mask just fell off. Fuck Roger Stone and many of the weak recent 'guests' on his show.
Jones outed himself as a shill by claiming to have talked to Q
Alex was literally defending Israel on the basis that "radical muslim are surrounding them trying to kill them"

He's covering for some seriously bad (((people))) he is not real. If he is, that is a very bad thing
Alex been in the game ~20years. Been offered big $$$ but refused. Made his platform selling health products. Qanon CBTS since Oct 2017 on 4ch then 8ch. All we have is few “future prove the passed”. But not recently. Plus now we have multiple posts every single day. Furthermore We have an trump tweet and crumb drop contradiction. Trump tweeted let’s make wealth, crumb was dropped profiteering is bad. That’s should’ve been recognized as trump signaling Qanon it’s over. Patriots keep fighting, we have everything we need to combat MSM 4am talking points on twatt and weaponise twatt to bring evil to light.