John Brennan is not a Muslim. He is a Jew and an agent for the New World Order. He has the obelisk on his Twitter profile cover, the phallus of Baal.

He crafted the narrative of Russian election hacking and was the architect. He also was the one who ordered the hit on Seth Rich. He needed to be sure the leaker would not claim responsibility for taking the emails from the DNC and giving them to WikiLeaks and it would ensure Seth would not be able to testify.

In order to take out Seth Rich, Brennan had to contact Rahm Emmanuel who was able to get the Mossad hit on Seth Rich under the guise of MS-13.

Rahm Emmanuel is important because he was essential in getting the Awan Brothers out of Pakistani jail. Rahm Emmanuel paid the ISI for the release of Imran when Imran was employed by Rahm. Rahm's father was as code breaker for the Mossad and Rahm himself had to be expelled from the WH by Bill Clinton for his ties to the Mossad. Remember, Rahm's father was in the Irgun, short for Irgun Zvai Leumi- "National Military Organization" in Hebrew. This group was a terrorist Zionist group that operated in Palestine killing innocent Palestine and British soldiers, blowing up buildings.

The Awans became pawns of the CIA and the Mossad through the Talpiot program. They were also agents of the Muslim Brotherhood (which is an arm of the pre-crackdown Saudi government as well as the Mossad).

Debbie (((Wasserman-Schultz))) was running a blackmail operation inside of congress and used the Awans to set it up and run it. Debbie was Imran Awan's employer. Imran Awan left the laptop inside the Capital Building on purpose so that police would pick it up and investigate its contents and Debbie directly and openly threatened the Capital Police chief and demanded it be returned.
The blackmailing operation was done on behalf of Bibi and Israel, and they have over 70% of congress blackmailed. This network of blackmail is really binded together and embedded it into government, making it hard for them to be taken down. Imran himself was openly subscribed to the Pedo-Centric YouTube channel that was exposed by Tosh.0.

(((Wasserman-Schultz))) is an Israeli national with heavy ties to the Zionist mafia in Florida (primarily Broward County), along with Sheriff Scott Israel. Again, all this is public information.

Shills like Jason Goodman have tried to taint evidence in both cases of Anthony Weiner and Imran Awan while George Webb, another shill, has filed lawsuits to obstruct the case of Imran under the guise of transparency. They attempt to deflect the blame from Israel.

Brennan will tie to the Russian hoax, which will tie into Seth Rich, which will tie into Debbie (((Wasserman-Schultz))), which will tie into the Awan blackmail spy-ring and eventually implicate Israel as the culprit behind it all. The reason why they are putting up such a huge effort to avoid losing is because of the pedophilia.

>Sources: [Embed]’s-father-specialized-in-bus-bombings-in-palestine/ [Embed]
>Mueller Is Reportedly Examining An Israeli Firm’s Fake News Presentation
>Mueller Asked About Money Flows to Israeli Social-Media Firm, Source Says
>Vladimir Putin: Maybe 'Jews With Russian Citizenship' Meddled in U.S. Elections
>Newt Gingrich: Why the Mueller probe is really five scandals, not one
>Ronan Farrow: Israelis Interfering In American Politics, Manipulating Social Media

>2017 was the year of the lord (5,777 in Hebrew)

>Trump was born under a Blood Moon (total lunar eclipse)
>7 hours into presidency, Trump turned 7 decades, 7 months and 7 days old.
>7th US President from New York
>Officially won by 77 electoral votes, due to 7 faithless electors
>Skipped the 7th debate
>Has 7 family members
>First conference after becoming president was 77 minutes long
>Mother's name is Mary
>Father's middle name is Christ
>Declared his campaign on 6/16, saddest day on Jewish calendar (Tisha B'Av)
>Tisha B'av in 2017 is 5,777 days since the start of the war in Afghanistan on Putin's 49th (7x7 years) birthday.
>Born 700 days before Israel is founded. 777 days after his birth, Israel was a nation for 77 days
>His grandmother, Elizabeth Christ Trump died on 6/6/66. Jerusalem reunified on 6/7/67, 366 days after her death
>5,777 days since 9/11 is 7/6/17 (anagram of 1776) in the year 5,777
>7 hours into presidency was 7x7 years, 7 months, and 7+7 days after Jerusalem reunification on the 7+7+7th day of 2017 or 5,777
>Lamech the father of Noah (builder of the Ark), died 5 years before the flood at 777 years old, symbolizing the year 5,777
>Mike Pence was born on 6/7, which is 677 weeks after Trump's birth