Are we seeing Hollywood/top-40 music in it's death throes?

Look at what top-40 music is producing lately. Nicki Minaj, Bhad bhabie, and Childish Gambino

It appears to me that they have run out of ideas and they are desperately trying to do the most "edgy" and attention-seeking shenanigans they can come up with. 

The new Nicki Minaj video is literally soft-core porn with some really bad rap music over it. That's all it is. Bhad Bhabie is basically jews trying to turn a 14 year old girl into a sex symbol. 

What's next? Straight porn and videos of Drake genociding white people? They're out of ideas. How is this sustainable? At what point do people just stop viewing this stupid garbage and start looking for alternatives to entertainment? 

Hollywood can't even turn profit on any movies besides capeshit, that's why they hyped Black Panther like none other. Imagine a fucking negroid capeshit movie came out in the 90's, would anybody care? Would Hollywood act like it was the most groundbreaking film of all time? No, they just hyped it because it's all they can turn profit on now. 

I can feel mainstream entertainment falling apart. I feel it in my dick, it twitches every time I see some horrible garbage they're pumping out. 

Also a sidenote whitepill, I am a classical musician and I've been seeing a lot more interest from normies in classical music. People who know nothing about classical music suddenly listening to Erik Satie and Debussy, and attending local classical concerts.
Actually, it's the opposite - the entertainment industry has been trying to promote rap above all over musical genres since the 1980's, and last year, they finally did it - rap is the top-selling genre for the first time ever, defeating regular pop music and rock. And capeshit has turned from a silly trend into a successful and sustainable business model - we are now 18 years into the modern capeshit movement, and those films are making more money than ever. "Infinity Wars" will probably become the top-grossing film of any genre EVER. The entertainment industry is actually on a roll right now, financially.
The media needs to keep re-enforcing this because the music industry needs a hypeman. It's an artificial interest in low-effort low-cost shit music. 

Like you said, the record sales are low but they need people to watch the music videos and go to the concerts still. I don't even think a lot of these people will be around in 10 years. 

It's three Swedish guys who produce and write all of the top-40 music. It's a total scam, it's not organic or real culture at all. 

All of the big movies won't even be remembered in three years. Do you think people are going to be looking back at "Black Panther" as a fucking classic in 15 years like The Matrix of one of Alfred Hitchcock's movies? No of course not, it's capeshit. Capeshit is a joke and is not even in a human archetype
It appears to me that they have run out of ideas and they are desperately trying to do the most "edgy" and attention-seeking shenanigans they can come up with.

Like when that one pop singer took her stage name from the title of the actual mother of Christ, and walked around nude in public to promote music such as "Like a Prayer", where the video was full of Christian imagery and the song that was about blowjobs? Those edgy shenanigans? 

'Cause that was 25 years ago. 

Modern music hasn't hit any new low, you're just getting old enough to take offense at the lurid, prurient bullshit it is.
When I was a teen in the 00's, there was some good alternative-pop music on the radio. 

They had some Regina Spekter type of stuff. It's not that bad, she has orchestrated instrumentation and some interesting vocal stuff. 

The Fuse-era of music was not that bad either, they had all of those pop-punk and alternative/post-hardcore bands that weren't too bad

All of that is gone. They don't even have instruments anymore. 
To answer your question, yes, normie (((culture))) is falling apart at the seams. They don’t even care about making money at this point, just pushing satanic memes. Would love to see a rebirth in culture. Gonna have to break up the oligarchy to do it. Also make it financially viable to create independent culture. The current set up only entrenches tptb’s power. Even indie music has a pretty entrenched gatekeeper system in place.