Anti-Trafficking General: SEATTLE INVESTIGATION .11

This general is for identifying, discussing, mapping, researching and tracking various trafficking networks. There is a consistent trend of data showing that networks move though and rely on urban areas, specifically Sanctuary Cities. Feel free to submit tips or contribute with memes, infographs etc.

Trafficking can happen in many forms depending on the product being moved (human, guns, drugs, rare animals/art, organs etc.) and involve many different groups and organizations. We track all types.

Do not encourage violence here, we aren't trying to give them any excuses to shut it down.

Newcomers should pay attention to shills targeting these threads with discrediting/discouraging attempts as well as injection of misinformation and bad leads.

As the tile suggests, we are looking into the Washington area and the trafficking networks within. Anyone with worthwhile intel is more than welcome to drop it here. While we may focus on a particular area at one time we are open to discussion about other regions as well.

>archive of past threads

>archive of past threads when generals were known as /htg/

>A summary of the “clock” mapping method you can use in your own city as well as a summary of general trafficking information
Starting Points: Areas with a Consistent Rate of Disappearances and Breeding Grounds

Where are they getting the kids and adults that they use for human trafficking? Where are places that large groups of people usually converge or stay at for an extended period? Here are 3 categories:

Where lots of kids meet and stay:

Where lots of adults meet and stay:

Where a mix of children and adults meet and stay:

Once we have determined possibility, we must assess probability. Is it likely that people would be abducted from these areas? Do the traffickers have enough cover to hide behind to get away with abducting people in these areas without too much suspicion? Do these areas have efficient escape routes to where the traffickers can quickly disperse abducted people into trafficking networks or directly to certain locations and people? Lastly, do these areas have enough funding, resources, and number of traffickers with the skills needed to conduct human trafficking operations there?

Next, start looking for connections between people, groups, and already confirmed trafficking networks in these areas. At this step, it is a good idea to bounce around between the midpoints and end points as well to help you find connections.

Breeding grounds are likely not as common as abduction sites and would be harder to figure out, but I think that they are a possibility worth putting on the table.

If worthwhile connections are found between people and groups that have reasonable probability to be connected to trafficking in that area, then it’s time to move on to connecting that starting point to midpoints and end points in whichever order you choose. You can also start to look for connections between other starting points in the trafficking networks if you think that it will lead to something. Connecting these starting points to the midpoints and the end points will help to further validate them.
Midpoints: Routes, Pit Stops, and Distribution Centers

What means of transport are they using to distribute people? What means of transport are available in that location and would be both economically efficient and unsuspicious? Where would those certain means of transport most easily be able to travel to? Where are those certain means of transportation most commonly going?

Look for the places that the transportation is immediately going to. Do not immediately assume that these are ending points, for they may be midpoints (pit stops or distribution centers). See if anything is being transported to and from these locations, for this will determine if it is either a pit stop or a distribution center, and if it is indeed a midpoint. Something to remember about midpoints, and starting points to some extent, is that there are certain resources required for the transport of people (things like food, drugs for sedation, and etc;). Places that distribute these resources work as assets to the networks and may not be used for relocating people.

Pit stops will follow along the same route, while distribution centers will branch off into a different one. Pit stops will also generally be smaller than distribution centers and have less access to different routes. Pit stops usually work as refueling stations for the transportation and as temporary lodgings. Pits stops in-between distribution centers and end points are important for maintaining a state of confidentiality, as people would start noticing if the routes all directly went to just one place.

Distribution centers are usually a warehouse, a fulfillment center, a cross-dock facility, a bulk break center, or a package handling center. This is where people are sold and transported to their respective ending points. These are especially required to remain hidden or non-suspect, and must be large enough to accommodate for large groups of people.

End Points: Individuals, Locations, and Organizations

Who are the ones receiving all of these people in the end? It can either be individuals who are looking for personal sex slaves or for people to use as sacrifices.

They can be specific locations which function as a type of Bohemian Grove or for places where they conduct orgies, mass torture, cannibalism (Spirit Cooking comes to mind, along with Spirit Eating), or group sacrifices. Group indoctrination, hazing ceremonies, and blackmail can also occur at these places.

Other locations include military bases, labs, and secret underground bases for genetic experiments, cloning, and for Super Soldier programs. Since some of these locations are top secret it may not be possible to find them, but you can find the trafficking networks that ultimately go to them. Locations like these are also likely to be tied to various groups.

Groups are numerous and varied. Examples are big pharma companies, bio-tech companies, IRL umbrella corporations, and large-scale cults and globalist groups. These groups can conduct any mixture of the previously mentioned activities that require people from human trafficking. These ending points in of themselves would have their own connections within them to different groups and individuals. The “end product” that these groups produce from the people they get through human trafficking may also be relocated and distributed to different places and organizations.

Guessing certain end points and seeing if the starting and midpoints happen to go to them, or are within the proximity of them, can be a valid strategy for finding them out.
Look for these kinds of things to map out the human trafficking networks:

1) [Secret Compartments in Vehicles/Ships/Aircraft & Types of Transport](Vans, Semi-Trucks, Buses, Trains etc for Land, Yachts, Cruise Ships, Container/Cargo Ships, Ferry's etc for Sea, Private Jets, Commercial/Cargo Flights, etc for Air.)(Sewers & Subway Tunnels can also be used).

2) [Abandoned Large Buildings in/around Sanctuary Cities.](Big enough to act as Distribution Centers/Warehouses for Trafficking Networks(Weapons, Drugs, People, Body parts/remains, etc))

3) [2016 Election District Map's Blue Parts](In relation to Trafficking Routes, Sanctuary Cities, etc. Work on combining different Maps to see the full picture/patterns.)

Pedo's are not the only groups the Kids are going to & Trafficking has several different categories:

1) [Government]

(For things like Super Soldier programs, Cloning & Body Modifications)

2) [Corporation/Business]

(For things like Genetic Testing/Experimentation & Chimera's)

3) [Criminal]

(Drugs, Weapons, Sex Slaves & Children)

4) [Cult]

(Sacrifices, Blackmail & Indoctrination)

5) [Intel Agencies]

(Brainwashing for Spy/Informant programs & Special Agent operations)

6) [Breeding/Harvesting Farms]

(Selectively Bred/Produced Humans, Organs/Fetuses/Blood & Supplying Trafficking Networks/Centers)

7) [Hollywood]

(Truman Show breeding/handling operations.)

Another thing to note is the use of human trafficking for organ harvesting and slave labor (think Qatar for instance).
Info on South American politics and the Drug Trade:

- The Red Command (CV) is a narco-terrorist group with similar thinking to the Mafias of the Northern Hemisphere. To corrupt the Government, to dominate strategic locations, to take advantage of the Scrapping of the Public Forces, to create routes of flow of arms and finally to implant its regime in its areas of dominion.

Reuters article of December 13, 2017

While the Sao Paulo Factions export drugs to the Middle East in exchange for weapons and ammunition in the midst of a trade agreement with Hezbollah, the Rio factions fund Marxist Guerrilla Movements in Paraguay.

And yes, Paraguay is on the verge of a Civil War, with several insurgencies all over the country. At this very moment, the Brazilian Army and the Paraguayan Army are holding Joint Exercises for a "Future Battle" at the Frontier.

The Red Command seeks to strengthen and establish a Parallel Government within the Society of Rio, offering to the poor population what the state can not offer.
>financial condition
>luxury for anyone entering the faction
>weapons to lose sight of
>the false impression of power

Therefore, just as ISIS is in Europe, the Red Command is in the Southeast / South of Brazil. Flamboyant and subversive propaganda charms young people. Especially the poorest.

The difference is that the Red Command, although not admittedly stated, has Marxist roots, while ISIS ... Well you have an idea of the ISIS funding.

The Question is that:
>using a Miami-Bogotá-Asuncion-Rio route, the Organization's leaders are buying more and more rifles from all possible models. And they are not few.
>among these rifles, 50-gauge weapons and Anti-material models are coming
>and this really does not stop happening
Here is our current list of companies suspected or confirmed to be engaged in illicit trafficking activities.

Confirmed/heavily suspected companies:
XPO Logistics
Tyson Foods
Pilgrim's Pride
RMA Worldwide
Beltway Transportation
China Ocean Shipping Co. (COSCO)
Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL)
Veolia Transdev
Planned Parenthood
Mayo Clinic
Avalon Apartments
Global Horizons Manpower Inc.
Poly Technologies
Toys for Tots
>ATF weapons trafficking operation
Lineage Logistics
Richmond Cold Storage

Suspected companies:
YRC Freight
ConGlobal Industries
Seattle Bulk Shipping
Laboratories Northwest
The Boeing Company

Albanian mafia and trafficking info:
List of sexual assault cases:

>prominent businessman arrested, accused of child rape
>ex pastor convicted of abusing teen girl
>man gets up to life for abusing five girls
>man convicted for molesting up to 8 boys
>man gets 13 years for molesting two girls
>17 year old strangled to death in 2007
>woman and man abused girl, man fled to Hawaii to escape charges
>bellingham man sentenced for abusing girl
>well known bellingham grandfather charged w/ molesting children
>governor saves bellingham child rapist/murderer from death penalty
>"rehabilitated" abuser sentenced for rape of teen girl
>former day care worker arrested for making child porn after moving to texas
>local church member/tutor gets 1 year for abuse of boy
>large list of child abuse lawyers in bellingham

Tongs information:

Tong locations in Seattle:

Bing Kung Tong (秉公堂)/Bing Kung Association
>706 S. King St., Seattle, WA

Suey Sing Association (萃勝工商會)
>815 S Weller Street Suite 112, Seattle, WA

Hop Sing Tong (合勝堂)
>512 Maynard Avenue S, Seattle, WA

Hip Sing Tong (協勝堂)/Hip Sing Association
>420 8th Avenue S, Seattle, WA

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