(((they))) are many things. They are globalists, but not mere anti nationalists. They are also antihumanist, aligned against humanists. They are the oligarchy of the persian model, an Aristotelian Faction aligned against the city-builders or Platonian faction. Yes, these factions (us and them) really go back that far. The Black Geulph lineage can betraced all the way to Aristotle, not a philosopher but an agent in employ of Persia. Some individuals in these family lineages did revolt against the inhumanity, but they never assembled. Once Rome split the Platonian city building humanist faction was also split, not from each other but from their store of arcane knowledge. Once this happened the decentralized Platonian faction has never come to power ever again. Yes they got together and built new cities, new nations as well. However each creation was taken from them and turned against them.

The evil Aristotelian faction uses mythology to create and manage an intellectually impotent slave caste. They belive in using disinformation, genocide and slavery to manage the underclass. This evil faction seeks to eradicate anything besides itsdlf and the slave caste.

In contrast the humanist Platonian faction uses mythology to manage the victims in the slave caste and enlighten them into more functional, enriching, fullfilling and nourishing behavior & experiences. Under these rulers the only people who stay in the underclass are people who either do it to themselves or cannot help it. Sharing knowledge is the basis of the Platonian faction, indeed logical or philosophical srguments are used as social capital. The evil aristotelian faction uses shame, approval and abuse as social capital. This dichotomy should seem both familiar and disturbing to you.