>hollywood/government sex cult 
Exposed by catching second in command and recruit 
https://youtu.be/4px_vlTWYcI [Embed]

>Broward county deputies being murdered 

Numerous cops are dieing and being murdered in FL
>what do they know!?
One was definitely OURGUY , with his Facebook being purged but pixs mocking HOGG in nazi outfits
>what did he know in Clinton controlled county FL

 For new friends. The case of the Finders.

“The children, who had not been bathed in several days when they were found, had insect bites and had not been fed in more than a day. Investigators said the children appeared to be ignorant of such daily conveniences as hot water and electricity.” 


“At least two of six disheveled children found in a Tallahassee, Fla., park and believed to be the offspring of members of a Washington-based cult had been sexually abused, police said Sunday.”

“Police have refused to comment on reports that the Finders, which apparently evolved from a 1960s-type commune, may have been involved in some kind of ritual practices.”


“described in a court document as a cult that allegedly conducted brainwashing and used children in rituals."

“The Fourth Street warehouse, which authorities said also was used as a residence, had windows that were boarded shut. One wall was covered with a huge map of the world, lit by floodlights. 


“In an affidavit supporting the search, Virginia authorities included photographs showing three white-robed Finders men and several children dismembering two goats. The photographs were in a scrapbook titled "The Execution of Henrietta and Igor." In one picture, a crying child looked at a decapitated goat. Another photo was captioned, "Ben finds Henrietta's Womb." Three pictures showed children playing with goat fetuses.”


And then the CIA steps in, shuts down the investigation and sends the children back.


1. If you're not a new you'll remember the early days of pizzagate. People working round the clock to gather information in the most active threads on the board. Everyday it got deeper and deeper and when it was all said and done I think it was picked up by Ben Swann fairly, and quicky dismissed by every other media member. Can you believe that over a year late now celebrities are tweeting about it? That it's being revived and relayed to actual normie people? AND that they're interested? Pretty unbelievable and goes beyond what anyone thought would happen.
2. I don't think whether Q is a larp or not really matters anymore. The guy is garnering a huge audience and may be the single most successful redpiller on the internet. He's getting normal people to talk and think about shit that's discussed here every day. People will say, well Q doesn't call out the kikes so fuck him. And while that's a fair criticism coming from people who use this board, he would have NEVER achieved the audience he has if he started with that. I vaguely remember reading a Q post where he responded to somebody asking "Why don't you ever bring up the Jews" or something close to it and he responded "Saving Israel for last for a specific reason". Now this reason could be that they're the final boss we know them to be and/or that if you start with kikes everything you say after can be easily dismissed. Q is a valuable asset regardless.



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 The swamp is pretty nasty. My theory is that child sex is used as a currency by the US government as well as for blackmail.

Executive branch porn problem 2012 August 10th
“epidemic of U.S. government employees viewing porn — child porn — on government networks”


Podesta is a strange creature. Who has a picture of cannibalism in their office? pic related
Debunk this, snopes. If you are rich, you can bugger your very own 3 year old daughter with no consequences. Imagine what you can do you if are plugged into powerful politcal figures.

Du Pont heir dodged prison for raping 3-year-old daughter after judge ruled he 'would not fare well' behind bars
2014 March 31st
He was convicted of raping his own 3 year old daughter.
“Officials managed to keep the case away from the public spotlight until this month” “when his ex-wife, Tracy Richards, filed a lawsuit seeking compensatory and punitive damages for abusing their daughter and son” [8 years of coverup]

Here's a fact goathill pizza(pelosi) besta(latin for beast) pizza comet ping pong pizza , bucks fishing and hunting, pegasis and many more where complicit in crimes against humanity and most had tunnels that interlinked for easy movement and transport. Fyi comet didnt have a basement but it had a multinational server (think pedo youtube) spanning over 4 continents. May God have mercy as the collective will not.
James woods is also Pro-Israel and thinks George Bush Sr. is a war hero.

Lost all respect. He's just another cheap Hollywood actor (wouldn't be a millionaire if he didn't suck jewish ass) riding the political cesspool wave.

People ITT are like, "Why would Obama buy $50,000 worth of hot dogs and have them flown into a party?" The answer is simple: Obama purchased every hotdog stand listed on his pizza-related map, which just so happened to be printed on a pizza-related hankerchief. This shit's so fucking simple, folks!

Kids at a pool party (aged 11, 9 and 7, respectively, mmm) tend to get very hungry from all that swimming. They will be in that pool for sure, you guys. And they will thus require sustenance to maintain their lithe frames. And what's better for that than hotdogs smothered in walnut sauce? Oh, what, you've never had walnut sauce? I truly pity you fucking backwards inbred country-dwellers for never having the privilege to try the delectable cuisine we civilized folk like refer to as walnut sauce! Try it next time you eat pizza for 1 hour. Just make sure your pizza is hairless, i.e. prepubescent.

It's like my friend James Alefantis (I LOVE TODDLERS) says to his friends' kids as he binds them with duct-tape: "SHUT UP AND FUCK!" You uptight /pol/-tards need to get laid. Sure, I can help you, but first you have to sacrifice a chicken in your backyard to Moloch. There's no other way. Then you'll have to cut deeply into your left middle finger and eat the pain. Again, this is just how things work in the capital of the United States of America. I can excuse you for not knowing that, being inbred country-dwellers who've never been to DC, but you really should learn, because this ignorance of absolutely normal and common phenomena is embarrassing.

By the way, my friend has 480 Haitian and North Korean beanie babies he's looking to sell. Some of them are sassy, some of them are sexy, some of them are just a joy to be around. They get along well with eachother. My friend's name is Peter Mattingly. Hit him up.