FBI Anon = James comey James asked: What is the main concern (meaning what is the biggest case) going on inside the FBI at this time? JAMES JAMES COMEY A: Israel. We are truly in danger of becoming the United States of Israel. They own 80% of our politicians. They have infiltrated our media, our tech companies, our banking systems. The average Jew in Israel or America is not a problem, they are regular people. But, the ones who either serve Zionism, or work on the so called “Greater Israel” manifest destiny pose a serious risk, both foreign and nationally. If we can move forward with a full investigation into the CF, Wiener, and HRC, it will eventually lead to exposing the vast reach of the Israeli lobby. The best thing we can do as a nation is to continue to bring this stuff into the light. That’s why platforms like /Pol/ on 4chan, and so called “truth” channels provide the people with some kernel of truth. Back in July, I tried to let people know that their mandate for taking back the nation had to begin with a citizen’s investigation into the CF. Now, please investigate Israel, from Mossad, to AIPAC, to a huge and complex web of financial connections between Israel and our elected leaders. I promise you that you will find a slew of information if you look closely. And what you find will make you question how we can consider Israel or Saudi Arabia as allies. REMEMBER HOW COMEY TWEETED OUT ABOUT AMOS 5. A LAMENT FOR ISRAEL'S SIN. https://twitter.com/comey/status/936641449294286848?lang=en