Black Woman Brags About Giving White Students Lower Grades On Papers

Every student wins if you have a black teacher; blacks get to see their own in a position of power and whites get to learn more about how oppressive they are as white people. Sounds great right? But what if the social justice warriors are wrong, what if not everybody wins? What would you say if you found out that some black teachers were purposely giving bad grades to white students?

Have you read through the countless amounts of articles about how having a black teacher is the only way a black will succeed in school? Black teachers, according to sites like City Lab, are a black student’s saving grace.

“Having teachers of color allows students to see people who look like them in positions of influence. Students believe they can assume their own roles of authority.”
The article backs it up with fancy scientific research.

A recent study published by the Institute of Labor Economics found that if a low-income black male student in third, fourth, or fifth grade has a black teacher, he is 39 percent less likely to drop out of high school. And if a low-income black male or female student of the same age has a black teacher (especially of the same gender), they are more likely to plan to attend a four-year college. Females were 19 percent more likely to express this intent, while males were 29 percent more likely. The benefit came from having just one black teacher; having two or more black teachers did not alter the results.
Studies have also said that white teachers don’t believe that their black students will go anywhere in life, but that’s a whole other story.

Today, this incriminating screenshot has been floating around the internet. It shows a Tweet of a black teacher who’s posting to her followers her plots of destruction, that is, giving white students lower grades because of their race. 
“Grading papers for my mentors and I’m giving these white students a running for their grade honey!! The exam is on race.”

This, of course, was followed by several devil emojis. The account is very private, and probably for a good reason. With posts like these, she’s likely had to deal with trolls, or even people with common sense just wanting to call her out on the stupidity of it all. If you’re white, don’t go on Twitter and try to follow her looking for more insane tweets; she’ll go through your profile before accepting your request and she’ll likely find something she thinks is “racist” and out you in front of all her followers. You have been warned.

Why is it not considered wrong or racist to purposely give white students terrible grades, but a white teacher saying that a student, who happens to be black, has less of a chance at graduating is the equivalent to being a Grand Dragon (or whatever) of the KKK? Something’s not right here.

It will be interesting to see, that if people learn who she really is and what school she teaches at, if she’ll be fired or asked to resign like all the white teachers who have done things in which the public have deemed “racist.” There’s obviously a double standard here, and until that problem is corrected, racism will still be alive and well.