Why is the left not freaking out about South Africa?

Why is the left freaking out about South Africa?
Denial of white genocide is part of a strategy to hide what's eventually planned for all white countries. Thing is South Africa shows the multicultural utopia that leftists like to shill as the ultimate goal in their worldviews, problem is it's an absolute disaster, so now the main mission is doing as much damage control and making sure to paint it that farmers here are just old and racist, aren't getting murdered and some 4.5 million whites here do not deserve a voice and should have their property taken "cus they deserve it anyway cus Apartheid, stop looking ".

Funny strategy I've been noticing is them referencing that out of the hundreds of thousands murders we've had in this country since 1994 only a fraction have been whites, but that ignores the fact that those murders are not white on black crime while farm murders are near exclusively black on white racial attacks. Also in fucking August this year our homes and property are being forcibly taken by the government, so claiming we aren't persecuted *for being white* is absolutely retarded.

Lefties want to keep up the flow of brown people to white countries JUST long enough so they can irreversibly tip the power, but South Africa getting in the news now is absolutely messing with their master pan.


Good article linked above about this.

The Khoisan (capoids) today (the original inhabitants of Southern Africa who were nearly wiped out by the Bantu across the continent like the pygmies) mostly reside in the Northern Cape. They are an entirely hunter-gatherer based people and number a few thousand. When the Dutch arrived at the Cape they encountered small groups of them but friction between the two groups was minimal. This is in the Cape where there are no black/negroid (Bantu) land claims. Europeans encountered the first settled tribes of Bantu at the Great Fish river along the East Coast. The East Coast and the extreme North East of modern day “South Africa” were the only settled areas of the country at the time due to these areas having high rainfall and the correct climate for primitive Bantu farming methods. The interior “High Veld” region was largely empty.
Shaka Zulu’s conquests ended up causing a domino effect of famine and war called the Mfecane that ended up killing off 2 million Africans in the early 19th century. Eventually there was less than 50 000 fleeing around in small groups from marauding tribes in an area the size of France when the Boers trekked into the interior (fleeing British rule after the annexation of the Cape colony) to establish their Republics. Manifest destiny without bloody hands.

After the Anglo-Boer War and the forced annexation of the Boer Republics into the ‘Union of South Africa’, the ‘British’ (((mine owners))) [15 out of the 25 top industrialists were Jewish] took full control of the region and then proceeded to import African labour to work in the mines because they could be paid next to nothing. Many Boer farms were destroyed in the war and they were forced to also urbanize and move to the cities.
Throughout the 1900s hundreds of thousands of blacks moved to Johannesburg from tribal homeland reservations called “Bantustans” where whites were specifically not allowed to purchase land for the benefit of traditional Africans. These Bantustans received hundreds of billions of dollars in aid from the South African government and had some of the most fertile land and highest rainfall in the counrty, as well as mineral resources like platinum. Despite this they remained unsuccessful like most African countries and were never recognized by the UN.


Many blacks also often came from outside the country from places like Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique for work. All these groups met up in the cities and their descendants act like they're natives of the High Veld and other regions in the western part of the country when they are in fact immigrants. Apartheid was a means to initially separate the races in the multicultural cities and later move them back to their original homelands or “Bantustans” (Lesostho, Swaziland and Botswana are all Bantustans, though they were created and recognized by the British unlike the ones created by South Africa), unfortunately Hendrik Verwoerd was murdered before he could move onto the grand Apartheid stage and only the petty laws of separation in cities remained for the next 20 years.
The future of South Africa can be learnt from the history books. In the 1800s, Slaves in Haiti revolted, killed their white masters, raped the white families, and ended up where it is today.
In Belgian Congo, a country with an early colonial history far rougher than either South Africa or Rhodesia, but by the post-WWII period, even the Congolese were reaping the benefits of modern civilisation. House building, energy supply, rural development and health-care infrastructure were focal points of the infrastructural development, executed by Belgian engineers. An impressive education system was developed, and natives were allowed to own, buy, and sell land.
The end goal of this system was to slowly create a stable black middle class (much like the end goals of Rhodesia and South Africa before international meddling interrupted those plans).
Unlike South Africa and Rhodesia, resistance against colonialism was present from the start, mostly since the Congo, unlike the other two, was not a settlement, but an actual colony which relied on brutal exploitation of local workers, and even once the ten-year plan towards equal right as instituted by the Belgians, resistance both within the Congo and in Europe escalated.
In 1960, a civil war broke out between native African forces as the result of political violence between two factions (note the similarities to current day South Africa with tribalistic violence and political assassinations between black political parties, who might soon have to form a coalition to keep power in the next elections). The losing side, without the benefit of western support, began kidnapping white citizens, who before the civil war had held even less political power than the black population, to use as hostages. Before rescue could occur, and as revenge for the rescue, rebel forces executed thousands.
One could easily say that South Africa had no such history of violent oppression and much greater development of the population, especially in the two decades of mostly stable, peaceful black rule. But the truth is, that in accordance with O’Sullivan’s law, the left-wing parties become ever more extreme and the threshold for inciting violence and genocide as an excuse to seize power for communist parties drops ever lower.
Since the 1990s we’ve been playing detente. No one here wants to fight a civil war if it can be avoided, but giving the blacks one last chance to show they aren’t bloodthirsty was a massive mistake.

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12 Jews honoured on African stamps as Apartheid fighters

Jews Pay Emotional Tribute to Nelson Mandela, 'Joseph' of South Africa


From Marxism to Neoliberalism: Ronnie Kasrils on How Mandela & ANC Shifted Economic Views

Rivonia Trial

Nelson Mandela sings about killing whites
For anyone wondering who those two white guys are. The guy on the far-left is Joe Slovo and the guy to the right of Mandela is Ronnie Kasrils. Both are Jewish communists from Lithuania (USSR).



>Highly detailed topographical map


>Main mountain ranges and how they divide the country


>Main natural regions of South Africa




>Main cities, towns and rivers


>Biomes of South Africa




>Malaria risk map



ANC-African National Congress: This is the current ruling government and they’re known as the famous “liberation” party. They maintain around 60% of the vote. They govern like you’d expect African socialists would but they are actually a stand-in for the SACP or South African Communist party which doesn’t run for elections and is instead in a close alliance with the ANC. They have gotten extremely corrupt. Their voting base is focused in townships and in rural areas. Recently in an attempt to retain power despite poor governance they have been blaming "white monopoly capital" as the reason for the countries problems. This is increasing racial tensions.

DA-Democratic Alliance: Currently the main opposition (but with only 20-25% of the vote). Before 1994 they were widely known as a liberal anti-apartheid party. Their platform used to be more market oriented but in order to gain votes they are now supporting socialist policies like affirmative action, essentially ANC-Lite. The party was founded by Jews. They govern generally better which is why most minorities like Coloureds, Indians and Whites tend to vote for them over other parties just so their vote counts. Their main voting bases are in the Western Cape and all across the country’s metro areas.

EFF-Economic Freedom Fighters:The third largest party and one that was only founded in 2013, led by the infamous former ANC youth-league member Julius Malema. While being a small party they have immense influence on current politics by forcing the ANC to become more populist to stop losing votes to them. They are an openly Marxist and black nationalist party. Malema was kicked out of the ANC for causing too much controversy but it is believed he still has several informants within the party. In parliament this party wears red overalls and other red “working class” clothes so that they stand out and often cause parliament disruptions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_8wLKy3-Sc  Their votes come from all across the country. They are the main party which instigated the motion for land seizures.

IFP-Inkatha Freedom Party: A right wing, traditionalist Zulu party. Famously contested and won the Natal province during the 1994 elections and had running battles with the ANC in townships during the 1980s in which thousands of people were killed. Concessions were made and KwaZulu-Natal (and thus all the other provinces) were granted double ballots for provincial and national legislatures, greater provincial powers, the inclusion of 'KwaZulu' in the official name of the province (formerly 'Natal') and recognition of specific ethnic and tribal groups within the province. Since 1994 they have lost a lot of power however due to a combination of the ANC courting Zulu voters and splits within the IFP itself. Their main voting base is within Northern Natal.

FF+-Freedom Front Plus: An Afrikaner interests party mainly focused on representing white South Africans and farmers. They have lost some support since 1994 but still maintain a sizable amount of white votes. They tend to just debate issues as they are in no position to use much political power, though they do make attempts to promote the idea of Afrikaner autonomy and the establishment of a Volkstaat but that has taken a backseat in recent years and their focus has turned to defending land rights. /ourguys/

Others things to note:
Traditionalist leaders hold much sway over their followers in tribal areas but most are on ANC paychecks and thus do not present much dissent if any at all, however some like the Zulu king has expressed concerns that land seizures will affect him, though the ANC reassures him that it will not. The Zulu king holds a lot more centralized power over Zulus than other traditionalist leaders over their own flock. When the Zulu King made a passing insult at migrants from other parts of Africa it caused xenophobic murders and riots across the country where migrant businesses of Zimbabweans, Somalians, Malawis ect were looted.
The AWB or Afrikaner Weerstands Beweging (Afrikaner Resistance Movement) was a paramilitary organization which caused a lot of stir in the 80s and 90s but they are mostly defunct now and obviously crawling with informants. Thinking they have any kind of power or influence is like saying the KKK in the US has power in the current year.
3.3 Million South Africans Pay 99% of all Income Tax (Guess who that predominantly is) and 30% of the country is on grants.

>We’re sitting at around 30% unemployment depending what model you use and our economic growth rate is abysmal for a “developing” country

>We have one of the most labour intensive mining sectors in the world

>We produce 80% of the world’s platinum and are the 7th largest producer of gold (there’s been a massive drop from the 1st rank we held not too long ago)

>Industry and mining map
>Agriculture map




>Majority race map

Urbanization in South Africa sits at around 68%.

Majority language map

>Detailed Population density map


Around 4.5 million, mostly urbanised, large presence in the professional and agricultural sectors economically, though the vast majority are middle class small business owners. For 1st languages 60% speak Afrikaans, 35% speak English, the other 5% speak other languages. 99,99% of whites understand English. Half of all whites reside in the North East around Johannesburg and Pretoria, nearly a quarter reside in the Western Cape and the rest are spread across the rest of the country.

Proportion of whites as a percentage of the population

White population density


Blacks number around 45 million, and are concentrated primarily around the Eastern portion of the country but can be found in just about every large town in townships in the country due to work migration.

Proportion of blacks as a percentage of the population

Blacks or Bantu can be divided into 2 main linguistic groups, several ethnic groups and dozens and dozens of chiefdoms. Blacks in South Africa are primarily Bantu, the dominant racial group all across Africa south of the Equator. The two groups are the Nguni and the Sotho-Tswane groups. This is mostly just a linguistic classification, blacks more formally divide themselves along ethnic and tribal lines, the following being the main groups ordered from largest to smallest:

>Pedi or Northern Sotho
>Basotho or Southern Sotho

“Coloured” is a broad term referring to anyone of mixed race, though 99% of the time it refers to the Cape Coloured population. The primary coloured population arose from bastard children between Dutch sailors, Malaysian slaves and Khoisan women during the mid-17th century and early 18th century. Many Coloureds in the Western Cape region have large amounts Khoisan, European and Malaysian ancestry. The further away you move from Cape Town the more pronounced the Khoisan ancestry becomes. The Coloureds within in Cape Town and surrounding areas have large amounts of Malaysian ancestry and a prominent minority of them are still Muslim. They speak mostly a local dialect or slang of Afrikaans but many also speak English primarily. The majority are Christian.

Proportion of coloureds as a percentage of the population

Coloured population density


Indians reside primarily in the city of Durban and along the Natal Coast. They are descendants of indentured labour brought over by the British during the 19th century. They still maintain the caste system and many still practice Hinduism. Indians are very very entrepreneurial here and in many aspects run the economy of Durban.

National HIV rate map by province


>Volksraad on the issue

>Malema’s reasoning

>Pieter Groenewald warns landowners

A motion passed in parliament to amend land rights, be they urban or rural, with 74% majority.

On August 30th this year the constitutional court will rule for the amendment of the constitution regarding property rights. Not only that the new president confirmed that by the end of the year they will start dealing with companies that aren't Black enough, deal with (white) hatespeech, which includes banning the old flag and national anthem.
As soon as they start the economy will drop exponentially until we have no industries or farms left and are massively in debt, since the government would never dare stop once they have started or their voters will drag them through the streets.

>Land ownership map


TAU executive committee, which represents South Africa's farmers, issued this statement.:

TAA's Executive Committee considers the decision of the National Assembly to amend the Constitution to allow expropriation without compensation, as a mere theft and the commencement of a process of nationalization of land and property.

The government is warned that they should expect many farmers to regard it as a declaration of war. No one stole ground. It has been bought and many mortgages are or are still being paid for the most expensive, and worked from sunrise to sunset to pay the ground and to make sure that there is food at each table. Nobody will give away goodness, regardless of the country's Constitution. Theft remains theft, even if it is authorized in a constitution.

People who are currently in the process of buying property already ask the question why transfer duty should still be paid to the state? They are now taxed, just to eventually lose everything.

Similarly, there is a growing feeling among farmers to keep up with the payment of land tax to third-level governments.

TLU SA is also going to face criminal charges against police leaders who claim that the land was stolen. In the past, TLU SA has already offered a R100 000 reward for anyone who can prove the land stolen. Nobody came to the fore, but the talk about it is still heard. Now it's time that those who claim it must prove too.

TLU SA, together with all the role-players who set South Africa's future first, will fight this policy, other than the political parties that try to implement it, clearly set their political survival.

News article about statement:

TAU homepage


In short

>Nigs in government flipped the table and are going to seize all property in the country, be they urban or rural. You will no longer be able to sell or use your property as collateral by August 30th.

>Investors will GTFO

>Famine will start as farms go out of business

>Water is running out in Cape Town

>Anti white rhetoric increasing

>Rate and sophistication of farm murders increasing

>Rand will collapse and so will the country.

>Southern Africa which is dependent on us will also go up in flames.

World Implications:

>World platinum prices will skyrocket as 80% of it is produced in South Africa. (thank me later /biz/)

>Undoubtedly cause a brand new refugee crisis of some 250 million niggers if left alone

 >South Africa is the frontline and the catalyst

What's happening here is what is going to happen in the US and Europe if you stick with your current trajectories. This is the powder keg that ignites conversations around the west. Many people will see the white South African plight and in turn will spread that around on social media. Then when the masses catch wind they will realize the MSM is sweeping it under the rug. A lot of fellas from Australia, NZ, the US, UK, and Europe will be on their way to help us, the world will acknowledge our stand and that we're not going down without a fight. We are a necessary sacrifice.


And go where the migrants will just follow me because (((western leaders))) will let in more refugees? So my daughter can get raped in 20 years? That would be the most selfish thing of me to do. It’ll make me no better than a boomer. Besides that hardly a significant portion of 4.5 million white South Africans are going anywhere, bailing would mean abandoning them. I’m not a Syrian migrant or anyone’s political tool to “make their country whiter”. South Africa is my country and has always been. I’d rather die here taking as many niggers here with me then live with shame for the rest of my life and see my culture die. Do not underestimate the resourcefulness of the white man in Africa. We have been outnumbered 10 to 1 in literally every war we have ever fought. If a war breaks out in South Africa, I can assure you that no matter who wins in the end, it will be the greatest slaughter of niggers the world will ever see. Don’t worry I don’t have a death wish, I plan to win and keep Africa the front-line. I plan to protect my homeland rather than do what the kikes want and move out.

This might very well be the Afrikaner’s fiercest and final struggle and if Siener van Rensburg’s prophecies are true than I’ll glad put my life on the line. And I encourage all saffers to do the same.

Private property is a fundamental right in a democracy. Even before the Americans wrote their constitution, Locke argued that we enter a social contract with the government to ensure our right to life, liberty and property. If they do not comply with this agreement we have a right to revolt. Right now I respect the law of this land, but when the constitution allows government sanctioned imprisonment and theft of land that my family has lived on for hundreds of years then I am obligated to defend myself. That doesn’t necessarily mean that things go crazy on August 30th immediately but after that date absolutely anything can happen.

Many expat white South Africans and Rhodesians are planning to come back now because there's no bullshit and a real fight is starting. Might start small, an uppity farmer shooting at government officials trying to make him sign paperwork to hand over his farm to a black worker, maybe Cape Town's water troubles escalate and spread across the country, maybe the economy tanks form low confidence and a populist force storms the Union buildings in a coup and announces its time for whites to die. Who knows, something is going to happen.

Blacks don't own firearms besides random gangs in the shittiest parts of the intercities. Walk into any gunshop here, go into any firing range, go to any hunting club, it's 100% just whites. Mostly you'll be dealing with blacks with firebombs and machetes and it will be mostly disorganized lone gangs and marauders, they're not brave enough to self-sacrifice in a mass charge while whites have absolutely nothing to lose at such a stage. Middle aged white men are all gun owning veterans. The SANDF will disband, especially when the whites keeping the force relatively competent leave their posts. You also have coloureds and other non-blacks that have just as much to lose and they're also just as tired of the overt black nationalism.

It will be a bloodbath but we can win.

You have seen the escalating situation in South Africa and feel the call to help. You have military training, or maybe you don't. Though regardless you may want to go. The first thing to stress is that all the measures you plan are above board; legal and can be declared openly. There is nothing to hide in feeling motivated to protect civilians from being killed and tortured within reason. At the core, you would simply need stamina, conviction, armament and a ticket, but for it to be a successful endeavour a working knowledge of up-to-date military tactics and thinking is vital. Thinking and operating outside the box is imperative.

There is a civil war coming, which will present a whole new variety of challenges, but it isn't here yet. The UN will not step in reliably. Only reason there are still Tutsis in Rwanda is because a Tutsi army from Uganda ended the genocide. What people in SA need is humanitarian protection and evacuation. What people in South Africa need is protection against the likely genocide that is coming after August 30th. This is a legal and honourable pursuit.


Women and children will need to be evacuated when shtf to safe zones and will need facilities to use. You should be proactive and prepare in advance. You may not even need to come to South Africa as long as you REALLY know how to work with a computer. Otherwise manpower is what is needed and *any* actual skills you bring will be useful, not just milfagging. You need to be able to assist in a Syria/Rwanda style disaster and help with evacuation and construction of facilities, that means getting money, attention, and knowing what we’re doing from an engineering, agricultural, financial etc standpoint, not just guns and bullets.