Wait until you see this

>He now claims he wasn't there during the shooting and rode his bike 3 miles in 7 minutes to interview students
>completely contradicts the video he uploaded during the "shooting" where he's "locked in a closet"
Oh, it's Hogg's graduation 4 years ago.

satellite view of redondo shores high school.
end zone painting matches OP's image. going to check MSD next.
 they start pushing the political agenda and hoggwarts even calls out Cruz as the shooter before anyone even knows who it was.
check this shit out
You guys need to look at the mascots and school colors for the middle schools that fed into Redondo Union

If the school colors for the Eagles isn’t red and white, then Hogg has a big problem
 Confirmed high school graduation

confirming that the graduation gown and crap that Hogg wore is what they wear at the high school he graduated from in California.
There was an Asian kid on Twitter who opened his actual MSD yearbook and flipped through the pages. Did no one save that?

 >middle school graduation
>4 years ago whenever that screenshot was taken.
Does that mean Hogg is in his 4th highschool year now? How old do (((they))) claim him to be?
Top Row, right hand side, second from the right

 what if all of the fake video recordings of the active shooter bs was filmed at Flanagan?
could be a possibility

 Has anyone asked how a bunch of high school kids are able to find the funding to support these events.
Who is paying for it all. It's not liberal donations, They're penny pinches who'd rather take a picture of the homeless then throw a 5 at them. They clearly have a motive why is no one trying to unmask them
 welp looking at the maps them walking out did occur at Stoneman Douglas, that circluar area is missing from Charles w. Flanagan, my guess is that the footage is from a copter with voice, not sure what we're contending with again

 Taken from his mom’s fb. It’s him, anon

 Miles, not the same (of course) but why would it be. He has a Wikipedia page, he is an "activist" & a (((survivor))) - lol

 where i went, middle school consisted of 6-8th grade, though no doubt it differs for other schools.
the point though is no 8th grader, let alone a 6th grader, looks as old as these kids in graduation pics.
some of the kids have facial hair, which is unheard of in middle school. 
i get that some kids look old for their age, and some young, but when the vast majority look like seniors in high school, it's because it's a photo of seniors in high school.

 Yeah just got 9 kinds of weird.
what's the endgame to all of this though?
hogg and el goblina martyrs? 
instant 2nd amendment reform after?
What the hell. DURING shooting? So they are hiding in a closet from the would-be psycho killer and the girl is like "Yea sure let's talk about politics and stuff"?
hogg not being at the school during the shooting, he was at home and had to ride his tricycle to school 3 miles, barefoot, naked and afraid to interview
Yes, crisis actors...
And I think I've found their script.

make a pile of crumbs