Austin Bomber is coming after Alex Jones #QAnon

Some one on 4Chan Claiming to be the bomber posted that he was going after alex jones. 
Blackwater? Deepstate? MS13? CIA????
I think all of this has all been a deep-state plan so much has happened this yr alone. If anyone can not see this has all been set up by the same people. i dont know what i can tell you then. 
Some thing is going on and it is NOT Random at all. it has all been planed out. even the hacker who got the info on Manning is Dead at age 37. 
Seth Rich. Vegas, Parkland, the Train, Fake News, Podesta, Pizzagate, Antifa, BLM, Soros, Evil Media, Evil Actors, LIES OF MSM FBI CIA DOJ All the pedos, all of the people connected to Hillary Clinton who are now dead. some one is behind all of it. and NOTHING IS BEING DONE why??? if i know this much surly they know more right? 

Hard to even know who to trust, even the Right has many shills and fakes with dis info campaigns ,
Ben Shapiro is one, Mike Cernovich is another. Not to be trusted. 
Some Crumbs Below i gathered