Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec have had a rough month. Both caught cheating on their wives and now they have been suspended from Medium.

Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec have had a rough month. Both caught cheating on their wives and now they have been suspended from Medium. Things are not looking good. @medium @cernovich @jackposobiec

His works tend to be around conservatism, nationalism and libertarianism.

He originally said he went from libertarian to Alt-Right but then he and many others including Paul Joseph Watson and Donald Trump disavowed the Alt-Right November 2016 after bisexual porn star Tila Tequila, one jewish man, and some other person did the Roman Salute at an Alt-Right event as a joke. And then Dec 2016, despite having a career of Red-Pilling people who are taking The Blue Pill (metaphor from The Matrix), he posted on Twitter that he received many of The Blue Pill in a big bag to take.
April 2017 in an interview with Stefan Molyneux, he said he likes the term "New Right". It would be best pronounced as one word, Nooright.


Mike describes his red-pilling about feminism from his first marriage in an October 2016 interview with Andrew Marantz.

He married his first wife in 2003 and they divorced in 2011. "My first marriage was ruined by feminist indoctrination." He said at first the "power arrangement" was "fifty-fifty." Then he learned, "What she actually wanted was for me to be more assertive, to be the man in the relationship. So I would be more assertive, and she'd be happier for a few days. Then she'd go, ‘No, I need to be in charge,’ and we'd butt heads."

His wife became a rich Silicon Valley lawyer and Mike got millions in a divorce. That same year in 2011, he met his second wife, Shauna. Obviously having lots of money helps get women's interest but doesn't mean a lasting marriage. Mike says he is a lot happier with Shauna than his first wife. Shauna's parents are Persian Muslims who came to the USA from Iran so Shauna would've been raised a lot less feminist. In 2016, his wife gave birth to his daughter. It's fortunate he didn't end up with children from his first wife since divorce is hard on children.

A year after the marriage, in 2012 he launched his blog Danger & Play. It wasn't until 2015 that he began publishing books and 2016 that he got involved in films.

It's nice that a man finally benefited from alimony laws. Compare Mike's first marriage to Alex Jones's first marriage. Alex's first wife divorced him and then she got millions and a mansion. Then Alex's ex-wife gets about $44,000 a month. That's a month! This is more money than I've ever made in a year! And I buy Alex Jones's products too. And Alex's ex-wife spends it all on lawyers to try to get even more money and the lawyers filed motions to force Alex to simply have to pay 100% of her legal fees whatever the ex's lawyers demand in addition to the $44,000 a month. The judge in Alex's divorce is a woman and family courts are corrupt enough without extra bias. So Mike's first divorce is basically taking a stand for men's rights.
Maga Mindset: Making You and America Great Again

After Gorilla Mindset, which soon became a best-seller, Mike published Maga Mindset: Making You and America Great Again in October 2016. Another famous alt-right personality, Vox Day, was the editor. Since these self-help books are really popular, somebody else came along and made their own Mindset book:

Rabbi Herschel Lieberman-Bergblattstein's book Rabbi Mindset

Mike Cernovich is conservative and it would be nice if this rabbi was too, but this rabbi is very on the left. How left I don't know. I think he's either Reform or Reconstructionist Judaism. His writings at https://medium.com/@RabbiLieberman are worth reading.

I haven't washed my hair in years, and it's luxurious. Shampoo is another hoax spread by media (due to advertiser pressure).
— Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) 3:23 PM - 26 Oct 2016

Lady boys ranked, by city:
1. Bangkok
2. Manila
5. Everywhere else.
— Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) September 1, 2015

UltimateMaleFeminist‏: did you cry when your wife left you?
9:40 PM - 8 Jan 2016

Mike Cernovich: No I sued her for alimony and get $50,000 a month lol.
9:42 PM - 8 Jan 2016

Once they've bad my "super serum", they don't want anything else. Girls become addicted to cum. @runsonmagic @YaYaAshley
— Mike Cernovich 8:45 PM - 6 Dec 2014

Semen is a man's life force. If she cheats. this means your life force is weak, needs rebuilt. When you have super serum, they never leave.
— Mike Cernovich 8:49 PM - 6 Dec 2014

Condoms destroy pair bonding. When you raw dog and share your "super serum," she wont want anything else.
— Mike Cernovich 8:47 PM - 6 Dec 2014

"Anal is the new virginity." Girls with 25+ partner are still saving anal for that special someone.@LoveFNDeluxe @thelastyateman
— Mike Cernovich Dec 6, 2016
On Stefan Molyneux and One Dollar

Stefan Molyneux is famous for ranting angrily that someone only donated one dollar to him. (Clip or full video.)

Mike often does interviews with Stefan Molyneux. So Mike was at this interview and at exactly 60 minutes in, he says just donating $1 to him is enough and helpful. Stefan kept up a poker face with a slight frown during this moment.
Mindset techniques

I've not read Cernovich's mindset books, although I did read Rabbi Herschel Lieberman-Bergblattstein's Rabbi Mindset book, and Rabbi Mindset was a really good book you all should check out.

But I saw one video where he gives an example. (I lost the link but it was on YouTube and not his own channel so it's not like the link will last very long, anyway.) His example was during pregnancy, he said he learned in hypnosis class to not say "contractions" but use a euphemism, "pressure waves". Now according to reviews, this for example, his Mike's mindset books have a lot more in them than euphemisms. Euphemisms probably are part of the whole NLP reframing stuff the reviews mentioned. But a mindset techniques using euphemism is terrible! If you don't automatically know why, then read George Orwell's novel 1984 where euphemisms are known as Doublespeak and a language based largely on euphemisms and changing the meaning of words to bring a mindset is Newspeak.

Granted already-present languages have a bunch of problems. In most Indo-European and Afro-Asiatic languages, every fucking word has a gender! That's telling people what to think of each concept and it's just insane! And studies have shown people do think of the words differently based on its gender. Total mind control. And then some languages like Japanese have all this stuff about how powerful someone is to you and treating them differently for it. There's probably more languages than Japanese that do that but that language was the only one worth trying to learn.

As for euphemisms, Confucius had said, "The beginning of wisdom is calling something by its proper name." A more literal translation of what he said was, "If names be not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things."

Like there's referring to illegal aliens as "undocumented" even though they're documented enough to get many different types of welfare and enrolled in public schools. Calling something "undocumented" doesn't make it legal or ethical:
♦ A hit-and-run in a car is simply an undocumented telling the other driver your info. You claim you told them but it's undocumented.
♦ Tax evasion is simply an undocumented payment. You paid them but there's no documentation to prove it.
♦ An illegal business is an undocumented business.
♦ Rape is simply undocumented consent.
♦ Statutory rape is undocumented over 18.
♦ Murder is simply undocumented self-defense.
♦ Computer hacking is undocumented computer access.
♦ Shoplifting is an undocumented purchase.
♦ A narcotics dealer is an undocumented pharmacist.
♦ A looter is an undocumented shopper.
♦ A person bombing or burning a building is an undocumented demolition crew.

A euphemism is a lie to con people into accepting something negative by giving it a deceptive name. During the 2008 Financial Bailouts, a lot of these lumps of bad assets were sold based on having positive names. In the 2016 US Presidential elections, attempts for the US Republican Party to ignore the voters and let the corrupt establishment pick whoever they wanted was named, "Free the delegates." Former US President George W. Bush had a bunch of bills named in Doublespeak such as "Patriot Act" (unpatriotic and unconstitutional), "Clear Skies Act of 2003" (pro-pollution), "Healthy Forests Restoration Act of 2003" (anti-forest). Then Obama had one named "Freedom Act" (takes away freedoms and is unconstitutional). US Congress in Jul 2015, approved HR1599, named "Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015", which in reality banned GMO labelling to make food unsafe; people called it the DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Act. The US government calls printing money out of thin air, essentially counterfeiting, "quantitative easing" which is using a jargon gibberish to hide the meaning of the word. Political correctness is full of stuff where if someone has a deformity you call it by a lie to make it sound positive. Political correctness is always trying, in an Orwellian fashion, to redefine language, like this for example or this or this, or how it calls the least vibrantly-colored humans "vibrant" and "people of color"/"color" and even pointing this fact out is extremely politically dangerous. Oh and we're not allowed to mention that black people ever commit crimes and must call them "justice-involved youths".

Not a white supremacist

Dave Rubin at 3:28:00 in the video interview series, Stefan Molyneux's Five Hour Christmas Spectacular, said that because he had an interview with Mike and afterward, "now I get hate; people think I'm a white supremacist 'cause I sat down with him." This is despite Dave being a classical liberal from a jewish family in a homosexual marriage and Mike being in a mixed-race marriage with a mixed-raced child.

"White supremacist" is simply a racial slur against white people. I don't think anyone ever has called themselves that.

Much like his political views, he tries not be be labelled as any religion. He mentions in that interview with Marantz that he grew up poor and Christian.

From mid 2015 through mid 2016, Mike had Twitter postings up saying he was Jewish and wrote an article on how to end antisemitism.

Then at the end of 2016 he deleted his posts from Twitter. So did he change his religious beliefs again?

Nobody can be certain what his religions beliefs are. He also married a Muslim woman so his religion beliefs could be very open.

Alex Jones, founder of Infowars, did various contests where people get on TV and say certain things. In 2016 it was, "Bill Clinton is a rapist! Infowars dot com!" June 2017 it was "CNN is terrorism" and "CNN is ISIS". That same month Mike joined with Alex to do a "MSM (mainstream media) is fake news or terrorist media".

Their submissions email for the June 2017 contests ironically was: cnn@infowars.com

Mikes a Huge FAKE and a Spy
Mike Cernovich a phony?”
Posted on December 28, 2016 by disenchantedscholar

Signal boost.

Juice Bro strikes again. Lemme guess, he’s hustling some raspberry ketones?

ugh why no please stop god kill me now rdj tony stark

Maybe some detox tea? He has something in common with the Kardashians!
Don’t we all want that? Don’t. We. All.

From an interview linked below.

“Logic is pointless.” – Mike Cernovich

“What are Trump’s policies? I don’t particularly care,”

He isn’t pro-Trump, he’s cucking for senpai and ad traffic.

“I believe in strong borders”

unless it’s your wife getting a green card

“I’m an American nationalist, not a white nationalist.”


melting pot American, peachy

“Deep down, they want the cool kids to love them. I actually fucking detest those people.”

self-awareness of a lamp post

Cernovich realized that a meme could reach more people than a newspaper story, without having to cross an editor’s desk.

That isn’t a meme. Those are photos taken by a sex tourist. It’s laughable he thinks that counts or they say this.

“Who cares about breast cancer and rape? Not me.”

But he dare complain about the refugees? They’re mostly sex tourists, like him.

“I use trolling tactics to build my brand.”

Trolls don’t care when you disagree. Trolls don’t have faces and names and interviews in the so-called Jew Yorker.

“Lowers your cortisol,” he explained. He poured himself a coffee,

spot what’s wrong with that sentence

That journalist usually returns the favor by embedding a Cernovich tweet in the story.

He’s part of the media.

The article up top? Worth it for this image alone.

No such thing as legitimate dissent to a narcissist.

He tries ‘game’ tactics on other men, like AMOGing, DHV, flipping the script, desperate to get other men to qualify to a guy living off his ex-wife’s alimony.

This needs to be taught in schools

I’d love to see an interview with his ex-wife in the MSM newspapers. I’d broker it myself. His life story looks like Warner in Legally Blonde. Sad!

comment spills the tea

Basically, Cernovich and his wife went to the same law school, where she succeeded and he was a low-ranked loser. She went out into the world and became a power player in IP law and Cernovich was basically her house husband. He lived off her money before the divorce, and he’s been living off that spousal support payout ever since. Funniest part is his recent worldwide trip began right when his ex got remarried to an objectively better man–by all appearances, Cernovich has basically short-circuited over the whole thing and is now live-tweeting his resulting midlife crisis. Sorry, Cernovich, but lifting weights and calling people cuck will never be able to repair your shattered masculinity.

There are many more funny details and this is all verifiable online, but I don’t want post the ex’s info. She has been trying to get the Cernovich stink off her for years. You’re definitely right, though: Mike Cernovich is a fraud, Mike Cernovich is a loser who would be penniless without his wife, and Mike Cernovich is a professional failure who wouldn’t know how to beat a parking ticket.

Yes, women are the cause of your problems. The problem is, they’re smarter than you.

Yeah. Speaking as the guy who blew him up on this issue on Twitter, the $50K a month stuff is just disinformation to keep his idiot followers confused. I’m also a lawyer and was able to ask around with some colleagues in CA and get the basic story on Mike’s windfall and complete lack of a real legal career. Apparently he’s something of a known joke/cautionary tale in tech legal circles out there.

Yes, he is. I checked.

This guy? A role model? Fire up the ovens.


“Meet Mike Cernovich, the meme mastermind of the alt-right. “

This year he’s been claiming to be a face of the Alt Right. This guy.
Yes, he represents us. /s
His steak-flavoured supplement degeneracy is really what we’re aiming for.
He hasn’t come up with a single meme and is utterly humourless if you look at his Twitter feed.

that's enough stop please karen will and grace

It’s lifestyle catfishing. The girls on Instagram are paid to take those pics and go to those hotels, these guys are selling their single materialism, a la SATC.

What I hate about Mike Cernovich and Victor Pride is that they act like they’ve founded Amazon or Google. Those two guys are just stupid dream sellers who live off the dreams and stupidity of their readers.Sometimes you read trough their stuff and think who the fuck do you thing you are? Bill Gates? Elon Musk? They are just a little farts in comparison to those guys.

Okay, I’m not too happy with Elon atm for personal reasons and Bill has always been on my Shit List (Gladwell’s Outliers actually applies to his timing and his privileged logs on the first card punch computers) but please don’t mention them in the same sentence as these dipshits with their male versions of mommy blogs. Elon especially is an amazing role model for men, an A+ Alpha Male type, in business if not his woeful handling of a personal life. He is one of the greatest minds on the planet. He self-taught rocket science FFS. Juice Bro isn’t fit to lick his boots or hold a candle, ‘mkay?

As for Juice Bro himself?

He’s as Alt Right as Milo Yiannopoulos is White and heterosexual.


Have you also noticed that all these white guys who proclaim to have amazing “game” and be “alpha” usually date mediocre foreign girls (mostly latin and asian) who are either insecure and using their whiteness as status or are being taken care of?

In context, these facts from the New Yorker article.

His second wife, Shauna, who is twenty-nine, and pregnant with their first child, was in the kitchen…

Anchor baby? Is that a shotgun being loaded or the cash register for his settlement after divorcing wife numero uno?

Mike said that, when they started dating, “I didn’t take it seriously. But she just refused to go away, and now—”

“I’m married and pregnant!” Shauna said, smiling.

“And my life is over,” Mike said, half-smiling.

Wait, wasn’t he saying Never Marry? This is the second time. And he’s put this pussy on a pedestal and made an honest woman of her? Why? Cos she was pregnant? Alpha fux, beta bucks….

He’s clearly been ‘victim’ to an Oops! Pregnancy. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer d-bag.

She might be the first confirmed case I’ve seen of a Jezebel Spirit.Ooh la la.

I bet she’ll divorce him once the babies are out and take the first sucker’s money. He’ll probably write a book about it.
She’s gaming him and he’s too dumb to know it. No sane woman would marry a PUA without having an exit strategy. This is so funny. Karma is a bitch.

Her parents are secular Persian Muslims who left Iran before it became a theocracy.

Why didn’t you let Roosh marry her instead?

ace comment is ace (ree Cernovich and Roosh V)

Both guys have a backstory that involves sponging off of women. Both guys hide the fact that they’ve never been independent, in order to constantly over-hype the very premise that they are independent and not “wage slaves” but serious role models. Both guys prey on directionless 20-somethings in order to sell them garbage, and tell you that the information that you can find anywhere else is being “given away for free” out of the goodness of their hearts, when the entire purpose is to sell you on a bullshit lifestyle of slavishly accepting their values, casting friends to the side if they don’t share a single-minded obsession with being “financially independent” (aka sponging off of your ex-wife, girlfriends, parents, etc).

And both guys are very clingy to the white nationalist movement, though they’ve been touched by fire, because neither of them are “pure” white people according to many white nationalists. They’ve been dancing around building an audience of broken, hateful, and sometimes intelligent but wholly misguided individuals. If all you can say is “why do you hate their success” when clearly they’ve simply slowly accumulated a following by burning through money they didn’t earn, then you are willfully refusing to stare reality in the face.

You’re just jealous!

Nobody is jealous of failure.


Victor is legit re fitness advice, I’ve never had an issue with him but yeah, also living in the middle of nowhere banging Asian women… like it’s hard? An Indian guy couldn’t do it, it’s entirely because he’s white. They want semi-white babies. It’s a big status signal thing in Asia. Like a handbag. By all means, go ahead and watch as the wall of fake femininity bubbles down, as people like me tried to warn you it would. Have fun raising those kids. Asian women prove themselves in their culture by popping out babies (Eastern), not sexing their husbands (Western, Christian chastity). They divorce once the breeding period is over. Look at the interracial divorce stats. Who’s the cuck then?

Back to the interview, for a moment. Spot the connection.

“I’ve gained twenty pounds during this fucking election.”


“You guys want a snack?” Shauna asked.

Shauna, who has stopped working, continued, “I was still upset, though, and he eventually deleted some older posts.”

There is a backstory to revelations about Democratic Congressman John Conyers. BuzzFeed first reported that the Michigan lawmaker reached a settlement for dismissing an employee who said he sexually harassed her. BuzzFeed based that story on documents, and the documents came through Mike Cernovich, a far-right, pro-Donald Trump activist who is better known for promoting fake scandals than real ones. Andrew Marantz profiled Cernovich for The New Yorker. He's also working on a book about far-right figures and is on the line from Brooklyn. Good morning.

ANDREW MARANTZ: Good morning. How's it going?

INSKEEP: OK. Who is Mike Cernovich?

MARANTZ: Well, more than a year ago, I sort of noticed that a lot of stories were coming from this one guy's Twitter feed, this one guy's Periscope. And I reached out to Mike Cernovich and asked if I could come see how his operation worked. And, you know, it was a very small operation, which - part of what interested me about him was that he, basically as one guy, was able to act as a media company. He could start hashtags trending. He could get his followers mobilized. He could push stories that he wanted to see out into the world and get them on...

INSKEEP: Including made-up stories, right? He's associated in some way with Pizzagate, this conspiracy theory about child trafficking or whatever in Washington that was totally fake.

MARANTZ: He tweeted to the hashtag #pizzagate, yeah. He didn't name the pizza parlor, but he alleged that there could be something to the story about child trafficking. So yeah, there's been a very interesting mix of what he's been willing to push. Sometimes it's legitimate, sometimes it's not. And it raises all these questions of, you know, is he a journalist? Is he a monger of, you know, conspiracy theories? What is he - you know, how do you identify him within this universe? It's been a tricky thing.

INSKEEP: Well, what did he do in the Conyers story exactly?

MARANTZ: Oh, so these documents came to him. There was a tweet that he put out a few days ago offering to pay money for documents that were related to the revelations that the Congressional Office of Compliance has been paying out these secret settlements for many years for sexual harassment allegations. And I - nobody knows whether he did pay, but there was a - you know, documents came to him that appeared to be legitimate - as far as anybody knows so far - that were about many, many allegations about Representative Conyers. And he sent those over to BuzzFeed. And apparently, you know, BuzzFeed checked them out and, you know, decided that they were real and reported them out and ran with them. So...
Why BuzzFeed teamed with a far-right figure to break the John Conyers scandal
By Paul Farhi November 21, 2017 Email the author
Journalism can make for strange bedfellows. Case in point: BuzzFeed and Mike Cernovich.

Cernovich — a controversial far-right figure who has promoted blatantly false conspiracy theories, such as the discredited “Pizzagate” hoax — was the source of a big BuzzFeed scoop Monday night. The popular news and features website reported that legendary liberal Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) made repeated sexual advances toward female staffers and secretly reached a financial settlement with one accuser. The story was based largely on documents and affidavits supplied by Cernovich to BuzzFeed’s reporters.

The BuzzFeed-Cernovich connection is odd, to say the least — something like Michael Moore dropping damning info about President Trump to Fox News. Even that doesn’t quite capture the jagged journalistic history of Cernovich, whom “60 Minutes” described earlier this year in a story about fake news as “a magnet for readers with a taste for stories with no basis in fact.”

The agreement between Cernovich and BuzzFeed appears to have come with a hidden facet: Cernovich acquired the congressional documents after offering to pay $10,000 for them.


The offer was made in a series of now-deleted tweets last week. “I will pay $10,000 for the details of these settlements. Cash or Bitcoin or check or whatever you want,” he tweeted.

Cernovich declined Tuesday to say whether he actually paid anyone; he also said he didn’t know whether BuzzFeed knew about his offer.

BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith said Tuesday he was not aware of the offer. A BuzzFeed spokesman said the site “would never pay for information,” adding, “We also aren’t going to discuss or engage in hypotheticals that could in any way shed light on the identity of sources.”

Mainstream news organizations like BuzzFeed consider paying sources an ethically dubious practice because it can induce sources to say more than they know and because it creates incentives for sources to engage in potentially criminal behavior to obtain information. But there is no prohibition on a news organization accepting information that a third party, such as Cernovich, has paid for.

In an interview earlier Tuesday, Smith said his site “carefully vetted” all the documents Cernovich first offered last week, just as it would a tip by any other source.

“We were extremely careful,” he said, noting that BuzzFeed ensured that the documents Cernovich provided weren’t forged or altered. They weren’t, Smith said.

While news organizations need to be wary of any tipster’s motives, Smith said, they can’t ignore newsworthy information, no matter the source.

“I’m not comparing this to Watergate,” he said, but he noted that Mark Felt — the senior FBI official who became the anonymous source known as Deep Throat — “had some very complicated and notorious motives” in talking to The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward.

Smith declined to say from whom and how Cernovich, a lawyer who lives in Southern California, got the information he passed on to BuzzFeed.

Cernovich, in an interview Tuesday, said it was more important for the story to be taken seriously than for him to “get the glory” by reporting it himself. Aware that his reputation could raise questions about the story’s credibility, he said, he decided to pass the documents to BuzzFeed.

“I knew Conyers would deny it if I broke it,” he said. “Everyone would call me fake news. . . . My thinking was: ‘Let’s keep our eye on the prize and not make this about me. Let’s make this the Harvey Weinstein story about Congress.’ I knew if I gave it to BuzzFeed, it would be bulletproof.”

He also declined to say who his source was.

Cernovich’s role is spelled out to BuzzFeed readers about halfway through the lengthy story. News organizations typically don’t reveal their sources on sensitive stories, but BuzzFeed did so in an effort to be “transparent,” Smith said. Cernovich said the publication assured him that he would be credited.

The story says: “The documents were first provided to BuzzFeed News by Mike Cernovich, the men’s rights figure turned pro-Trump media activist who propagated a number of false conspiracy theories including the ‘Pizzagate’ conspiracy. Cernovich said he gave the documents to BuzzFeed News for vetting and further reporting, and because he said if he published them himself, Democrats and congressional leaders would ‘try to discredit the story by attacking the messenger.’ He provided them without conditions. BuzzFeed News independently confirmed the authenticity of the documents with four people directly involved with the case, including the accuser.”

Mike Cernovich speaks during outside the White House in June. (Carlos Barria/Reuters)
The “men’s rights” reference is to Cernovich’s advocacy of male “dominance” over women, as expressed through such essays as “Misogyny Gets You Laid” (since deleted) and tweets such as “date rape does not exist.” The New Yorker identified Cernovich as a champion of the “GamerGate” campaign, in which men, usually anonymously, viciously attacked women in the video-game industry. Cernovich has indicated that he has broken with the movement.

In addition to promoting the discredited Pizzagate story, Cernovich’s blog, Danger and Play, was active in spreading other false stories about Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign last year. One headline on his site read, “Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s disease, physician confirms.” As “60 Minutes” noted, the story was sourced to an anesthesiologist who had never met Clinton.

He also spread a baseless story about a government and media coverup of a second shooter in the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando in which 49 people were killed.

But Cernovich said his reporting and writing have evolved.

“During the campaign, I viewed myself as a political operative who viewed things as open warfare,” he said. “Someone asked me if I would have broken the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape [of Trump bragging about groping women] if I’d had it. Back then, I wouldn’t have. I definitely would now. Now I just want to call it straight.”

As Smith notes, Cernovich has in recent months broken several legitimate stories.

He was the first to report, for example, the news in July that White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus was about to be fired by Trump. He also was first to report in August on a memo written by erstwhile White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci outlining his press strategy.

Cernovich also first reported in April that former national security adviser Susan E. Rice had requested the “unmasking” of the identities of Americans, including some related to the Trump campaign and transition team, in classified intelligence reports. The revelation was celebrated by people in Trump’s orbit, including Donald Trump Jr., who suggested on Twitter that Cernovich should win a Pulitzer Prize for it.

But Cernovich has also been critical of administration officials, particularly national security adviser H.R. McMaster, whom Cernovich has called “a globalist warmonger” intent on regime change in Syria through an American military invasion.

As part of his journalistic transition, Cernovich said, he rejects a label frequently applied to him: alt-right, a description typically referring to a racist, misogynist worldview.

“I’m not alt-right,” he said Tuesday, offering “far right” or “conservative” as alternatives. “Those people are lunatics, and I’ve realized they’re lunatics.”
INSKEEP: Now, BuzzFeed says that they verified the documents a number of ways, including contacting the accuser who was at the heart of the case. But what does it mean that these apparently real documents came through this - I guess I don't want to say a fake source but a source known for fakery?

MARANTZ: Yeah. I mean - you know, so Cernovich says that he could have done this on his own but that he decided to partner with BuzzFeed so that the story would be taken more seriously. And there seems to be some, you know, credibility to that. I mean, the day after the BuzzFeed story came out, I believe it was six lawmakers signed on to this bipartisan bill to reform the system. It's doubtful that they would have done that if it had been branded a Cernovich story.

So that's one way of reading this, that he cared about the issue and wanted it to move forward. There's another way of seeing it that he wanted, you know, the story to be vetted so that he could be sure it was legitimate. It's not clear exactly what his motivation was, but it is clear that, you know, BuzzFeed smelled a story and wanted to pursue it and was willing to, you know, partner with a guy that has a mixed reputation.

INSKEEP: You said you've talked with him, right?


INSKEEP: Do you feel you understand broadly what he wants out of life or out of his career, what he's doing?

MARANTZ: (Laughter) Well, I think it's a mix. I mean, I think a lot of what he wants is to be seen as legitimate and to do legitimate news. I mean, I think - you know, he's gotten, you know, scoops before this. He seems to have a lot of sources in Washington. He definitely wants to be influential. I mean, I think it's kind of a mix that a lot of people have who are in media.

It's just that we live in this world now where you can do media in any number of ways. You can do it online. You can - you know, you don't have to be sitting in a bureau somewhere in order to make an impact. You know, he can just do it from his laptop.

INSKEEP: Mr. Marantz, thanks very much. Pleasure talking with you.

MARANTZ: Thank you.

INSKEEP: Andrew Marantz is a New Yorker staff writer and author of a forthcoming book about what's often known as the alt-right.
Why Did Fox News Welcome Date Rape Apologist Mike Cernovich?
As Roger Ailes’s sexual harassment scandal continues to unfold, Fox News is being forced to answer why Mike Cernovich was invited to be a guest on ‘Red Eye.’
So some folks, especially conservative activists and pundits who are normally sympathetic to the Fox News brand, are expressing disbelief that male-centric blogger, Twitter troll and ardent Donald Trump fan Mike Cernovich was booked as a guest last week on the cable channel’s popular Red Eye show.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. He’s a nutcase,” said right-wing author and radio host Ben Shapiro. “Granting any legitimacy to a fringe kook like Mike Cernovich, and all of the attendant nastiness and problems, is close to insane by any cable network.”

“Are you serious?” asked Ben Howe, a writer and editor of the conservative blog RedState, when informed of Cernovich’s Fox News appearance. “He was a guest on fucking Red Eye? They’re giving this motherfucker legitimacy? Oh my god!”

A Fox News spokesperson said Red Eye’s producers didn’t know about their guest’s extensive Internet footprint and history of ugly online disputes (including with #NeverTrump pundits Shapiro and Howe). The spokesperson added that Cernovich isn't a paid contributor, and won’t be invited back.

Yet Red Eye host Tom Shillue slathered Cernovich with on-air praise when he appeared on the 3 a.m. August 4 episode to fervently defend Trump and trash Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who has reluctantly endorsed the Republican presidential nominee, as a politician who “doesn’t care about America. He wants open borders. He’s a globalist.”
Mike Cernovich is certainly an interesting character. I first heard of him about a year ago. I took a quick look at his blog, Danger and Play, and although I didn’t care for it, I also didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary about it either. Fast forward a year later, and this time around I noticed some SERIOUS flaws with this guy!

Although I am VERY skeptical of Cernovich, one thing I do applaud him for is his maturity. Mike is a VERY mature guy.


In fact, Mike’s maturity was on full display as he was preparing for a debate with retired NFL punter, Chris Kluwe. The debate was in regards to Gamer Gate.


If you watch the first 12 seconds, you’ll notice that Mike’s main concern was to send a link to the trolls, and prepare Kluwe for the inevitable trolling. This is OBVIOUSLY how a mature person would have approached this. DUH!

You’ll notice in this tweet that Mike claimed Kluwe wasn’t “big” enough for him, and appears to be suggesting that, in fact, he was the one who gave Kluwe the platform.


As of today (June 6, 2015), you’ll see that Kluwe has 189,00 followers compared to Mike’s 19,700 followers.


Ummm, Mike, not sure if you knew this or not, but 189,000 is actually a “bigger” number than 19,700. You know, just as 5 is a bigger number than 4, and 3 is a bigger number than 2. I could go on, but you get it. I think? Apparently an understanding of grade 2 mathematics is no longer a prerequisite to get into law school?

But hey, maybe we shouldn’t be so impressed with Cernovich’s law career to begin with?

In fact, in this article, Mike himself said,

“I have never mentioned much about my legal background as it was never relevant.”

If you take at 31 random facts about Mike Cernovich(which is loaded with unintentional humor), fact #18 seems to further verify this claim,

“My results expired while I fought a false rape case, so I took the California Bar Exam again. I may be the only attorney who can say he took the California Bar Exam twice – and passed both times.”

So could one assume that Cernovich never actually practiced as a lawyer after he passed the bar exam the first time?

I stumbled upon this online,

Cernovich’s lawyer page

Licensed since 2013? If this is the REAL Mike Cernovich, does that mean he passed the bar exam for the second time in 2013? Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Cernovich claim to have left his law career in its “prime?” Unless Cernovich practiced in another state, when the hell did he even have a law career?

If Cernovich was “technically” unable to practice law until 2013 due to prior commitments(fighting a false rape case), how does he explain #20?

“I have had a seven figure payday”

If his law career truly was successful, surely someone as narcissistic as Cernovich would have said, “I won a 7 figure lawsuit” and not“I have had a seven figure payday.”

From my research, first year lawyers tend to earn between $70,000-$100,000 annually. Certainly nothing to sneeze about, but if he was busy fighting a false rape case, and was only “technically” licensed to practice law since 2013, how did he become so rich?”

#24 only made my suspicions of him grow,

“I have been a guest at Sheryl Sandberg’s house and ate Mark Zuckerberg and his flunkie (forget his name – Chris Cox?) were insecure around me.”

Umm, why is Cernovich having lunch with billionaires who are involved with Facebook? Are billionaires just randomly having lunch with “bloggers” these days? What’s his “in” with Sandberg and Zuckerberg?

You’ll notice by these tweets that Mike doesn’t appear to respect Sheryl too much. This certainly appears to be something a lot deeper than Mike holding a grudge over being served a burnt piece of casserole.



These 3 facts about Cernovich have me baffled. Something is NOT adding up about him!

I stumbled upon a podcast on his blog that could help us make some sense of things,

Danger and Play podcast (WARNING….podcast is EXTREMELY misogynistic)

Mike clearly HATES his ex. The question is, though, is he talking about an ex-girlfriend or….his ex-wife?

In this article, Cernovich says,

“When I got back into the game after a decade of marriage”

Clearly Cernovich is suggesting he’s been married before. Was it to a rich ex-wife, though?

If Cernovich happened to marry into riches and got divorced, he may very well have received a JUICY settlement, thus explaining his “7 figure payday.” If this were true, it could also explain his connection to eating with billionaires he apparently despises!

Perhaps someone needs to call out Mr. Cernovich on numbers 18, 20, and 24 of his 31 random facts!

He should have no problems clearing any of this up either.

Remember, folks, at the start of 31 random facts, Cenrovich said,

“This is all verifiable stuff”

Although I’m not impressed with Mike’s supposed “history,” I most certainly am impressed by his “testosterone raising poses.” In fact, the pic below, taken from Mike’s Instagram inspired me so much that I decided to copy it myself.


(Mike, just eyeballing it, by how much have I raised my testosterone levels?)

Speaking of “copying,”  Mike accused Tucker Max and Geoffrey Miller of “copying” Danger and Play with their site, The Mating Grounds. In this article, Mike blasts Miller for saying fat people lacked self discipline. In fact, here is the actual tweet by Miller,


Mike is right, it was inappropriate(apparently Miller has removed the tweet,though). Fat shaming doesn’t work. Roosh V made a fool of himself on the Dr. Oz show trying to prove the “efficiency” of fat shaming.

I recently came across these tweets by Cernovich,



Well, well, if it isn’t “pot calling kettle black” Cernovich. You’ll notice by the dates that Cernovich’s tweets actually came 4 months AFTER Miller’s. Miller posted his tweet on June 3 2013, and Cernovich posted his on October 15 20013. Was Cernovich “copying” Miller? It sure looks that way. Apparently as long as you don’t criticize fat lawyers working on their doctorates while getting their munch on to some fettuccine alfredo it’s all good?

By the way, Mike, The Mating Grounds is copying Danger and Play? I disagree. I think The Mating Grounds is a MUCH better site than Danger and Play!

I hadn’t even heard of Tucker Max until recently, but listened to some of the podcasts, and scoped around a bit on The Mating Grounds. I think the advice is very legit, and I recently added it to the recommendations. I really enjoyed this podcast. (Take note at the 6:15 mark. Tucker says exactly what I’ve been saying about manosphere losers since day one.)

I like Tucker’s concept of it being a win-win for both sexes. The man gets a good woman, and in return, the woman gets a good man. The advice on The Mating Grounds is nothing like the PUA trash that’s plastered online these days. You’ll notice in this tweet that Cernovich actually applauds a PUA dirtbag,


Roosh’s “hard work?” Mike, if I traveled to third-world countries, claimed to be a “game guru,” and struck out with the local women, would I get your nod of approval, too? If so, I’ll make sure to get mentored by the “fake palm read” specialist, Roosh V himself.

I recently read an article suggesting that Roosh may be fading away which is why he’s “re-branding.” If Roosh really is on his way out, I wonder if Cernovich will continue to stay loyal? I suppose we’d then see if they really are “broskis,” or if Cernovich was just using him as a platform to get the “gorilla” message out there?

By the way, what’s with this “gorilla” thingy Cernovich is always babbling on about? I’m not sure I fully understand what he’s getting at? Is he swinging from vine to vine in the jungle all day chasing after Tarzan?


Here’s an interesting article on gorillas. Perhaps Cernovich is suggesting he’s only “alpha” from the waist up?

I noticed that Mike was disqualified from the Shorty Awards this year. Thankfully, though, he didn’t care.



No, really…




I’m not even kidding…


Bro, it’s right here…


In fact, Mike actually cared so little about the Shorty Awards that he decided to, well, write an article about just how little he actually cared about the Shorty awards.

Closing thoughts

Although you may still be “deliberating,” I’ve reached my “verdict,” and consider Mike to not only be a phony, but also a MASSIVE douchebag who appeals to the most gullible of “dude-bros.”
truthseekereport (53) in politics •  2 months ago
One of the biggest scam artists online who somehow gained a huge following within the Alt Right.

His lies and the propaganda that he spreads is almost as toxic as his followers and like a cult leader, his supporters defend his every action regardless of whether those actions were moral or immoral.

He is one amongst many scam artists within the Alt Right who continue to spread disinformation and Anti Islam sentiments while either almost never mentioning Israel/MOSSAD role in causing the mayhem in the Middle East or directly supporting the Lunatic Zionist State which is currently working alongside Al Qaeda in Syria to topple the Assad regime.
However, since Cernovich, by his own admission, broke this story by swiping a reporter’s work product before it was ready for prime time, I still assert that this makes him a fraud, perhaps more-so, for his lack of ethics.

I will leave the material below as is and let you decide.

In the sticky, graffiti covered toilet stall that is the alt-right media sphere, a minor buzz surrounded Internet celebrity Mike Cernovich on Monday for allegedly breaking a story that today has legitimate news outlets interested.

The only problem is that the story broke three days before Cernovich discovered it.

On Sunday, April 2nd, Mike Cernovich (recently featured on a 60 Minutes segment concerning “fake news”)  wrote a blog post claiming to have uncovered proof that Obama intelligence adviser Susan Rice had “unmasked” the identities of Trump associates swept up in legal surveillance of Russian officials during the Trump transition.

When the same story was revealed a day later by Bloomberg reporter Eli Lake, the sketchy world of self-styled right wing journalism ran with Cernovich’s spin that the MSM were chasing the footprints of “Scoop” Cernovich. Sites like Gateway Pundit, Daily Caller and The American Spectator all gloated that their hated enemy–actual reporters–had been one-upped  by the man who had so recently made a mockery of the press by refusing to confirm for 60 Minutes that he is a shameless bullshit artist.

But Cernovich himself has offered no reason at all to believe that he performed any investigation of his own to uncover this story. Instead, his blog post seems to depend entirely on this article written for the website Circa by John Solomon and Sara Carter, which contains nearly every fact Cernovich alleged to have “broken” and which dropped on March 29, three days before Cernovich’s piece.

In fact, the only hint Cernovich gives that he used any resource more highly placed than Google to conduct his research comes at the end of his blog, when he states

This reporter has been informed that [NYT reporter] Maggie Haberman has had this story about Susan Rice for at least 48 hours, and has chosen to sit on it in an effort to protect the reputation of former President Barack Obama.

According to Alex Pfeiffer of the Daily Caller, the New York Times called Cernovich’s claim “100 percent false.” Cernovich has since claimed that he knows for a fact that Eli Lake also “sat” on the story. His proof? ZeroHedge quotes Cernovich as saying

I have spies in every media organization.  I got people in news rooms.  I got it from a source within the news room who said ‘Cernovich, they’re sitting on this story, they’re not going to run it, so you can run it’.

This is obvious crap, squeezed out by a minor self-made celebrity with no journalistic credentials and no history of ever breaking any legitimate news story. And while it is unknown if any of the real reporters who have run with this story depended on the piece written for Circa, none of the people singing Cernovich’s praises have thus far acknowledged Solomon or Carter with doing the work that Mike Cernovich is now taking credit for.

Mike Cernovich

For those unfamiliar with Mike Cernovich, or his body of work, he is a professional self-promoter, a fitness buff who first emerged from the “men’s rights” movement as a kind of agro Stuart Smalley (complete with lisp). Using his website, videos and Kindle products he encouraged pussies to level-up to cavemen. Then, as Trump began his rise, Cernovich segued into the same alt-right kookery that propelled the likes of Milo Yiannopoulos to heights of infamy (and, like Yiannopoulos, Cernovich is also a bit consumed with pedophilia, so stay tuned for an upcoming fall from grace).

After becoming one of Donald Trump’s biggest boosters on Twitter, Cernovich and friends celebrated the victory of their candidate with the Deploraball, one of the many DC festivities held to fĂȘte Tribune Trump on the day of his inauguration. First, however, Mike had to shed some dead weight, namely Timothy Treadstone, aka Baked Alaska, who helped Cernovich organize the event but then turned out to have taken the “red pill” of the alt-right movement’s anti-Jewish attitudes too seriously. Cernovich sent his fellow alt-righter packing in order that the ball would have a clean image. This did not prevent Nazi imagery from appearing on the official website, however, nor did it keep neo-Nazi Richard Spencer from attending. (See this video— Spencer is the man on the left in the tan coat).

Cernovich now divides his time between authoring “books”, conducting fraudulent journalism and, of course, spreading hoaxes. This last sidelight nearly ended in tragedy after the “Pizzagate” scandal (a manufactured story alleging that a DC pizza parlor was also HQ for a child prostitution ring led by Hillary Clinton campaigner John Podesta) inspired a crank to pick up a rifle and “self-investigate” the claims. A shot was fired at the family restaurant but no one was harmed. Cernovich heavily promoted the conspiracy and still has not repudiated it.

Since the Susan Rice story has taken off, Cernovich has begun spreading the manure again, claiming that he “exclusively reported” the story he plagiarized and demanding tribute from every news source that did not fall for his ersatz journalism.

Unfold your futon, Milo. Mike may be arriving early.