The Soros family MUST GO DOWN ASAP #Q #QAnon #Soros

You're dealing with a group of people that have somehow managed to become universally hated by everyone other than White liberals, who don't even care enough about them to get to know them.
They have been kicked out of countless countries for pretty much the same shit every time and still, as a people, have not managed to connect the dots between their bad behaviour and their bad reception.
Jews seem to suffer from some form of tourettes syndrome that makes it incapable for them to resist opening their big mouths and uttering obnoxious gibberish to everyone. 

> All they had to do was not be stupid and shill for a warmonger like Hillary.

Yep. Real simple. They have a country now. All they had to do was live there and fight the Arabs. The arabs, their semitic cousins, are totally contemptible people too. It should not have been hard to get the world on the Jews side in their stand against the Arabs yet somehow they managed to fucking do it. Even the SJW's support the Palestinians...

They have burned all their bridges at this point. The ONLY people that defend them are the White traitors, who really just want to virtue signal and don't really care about anything other than their own vanity.
As a people, the Jews are totally fucked and they only have themselves to blame.

Really strange people.

his son is a product of the times. From the pictures I've seen of him, he has drank from his own poisoned well. George Soros has that detached look about him like everything he does has a purpose. Alex on the other hand looks like a complete bugman and I'd be surprised if he even had kids or was able to manipulate the world with even a tiny percentage of his father's capability.
At my work, I've noticed that regulators from the European nations are going their separate ways and no longer inclined to work together under the EU umbrella. Something is definitely happening, and our (((news media))) is failing to reporting it, either out of clueless incompetence or malice.