Goliath Pedo Government Loses A Major Nemesis

Former Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp passed away recently. Leaving behind a heroic legacy of efforts intended on exposing the child sex slave networks operating throughout the United States leading to the highest and most powerful offices in the United States.

The horror Decamp investigated continues unabated to this very day. Although local police task forces under the Trump administration have been making arrests regardless of the mainstream media’s silence on the issue.

Of course the very bureaucracy, namely Child Protective Services continues to be a portion of the problem rather than the solution. According to the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System there are roughly 415,000 children in foster care, at least 75% of these children are there simply due to poverty rather than abuse.

But it is horror like what happened to a young girl in Arizona that calls out for something to be done immediately to protect these children and a major overhaul of CPS to be undertaken, beginning with Arizona. A lawsuit filed in Arizona recounts how 2 year old victim was taken from her mother, who had not abused her by CPS and placed her into a pornographic pedophile ring that eventually lead to the victim nearly being burned to death. An innocent child. Right here in America.

And under Senator John McCain’s nose. Foster care in Arizona rose by 80% while the rest of the country declined by 22%. Whats more, the foster care system is a revolving door into in some cases the abused become the abusers and/or becoming yet another statistic of incarceration.