Russian Lawyer Was Actually Working For Obama Clinton, 1710

 Russian Lawyer Was Actually Working For Obama Clinton, 1710
Synopsis: Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the coup.
Remember all the way back to yesterday when the name of Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya was on every TV news show and the front page of every major newspaper?
Well her name has suddenly disappeared off the top page of Google News today. How can that be? Veselnitskaya was the absolute darling of the impeach-Trump crowd yesterday because she supposedly proved a Trump/Russia connection. 
Well, the reason is that after a couple of days of digging, the truth is that the whole Veselnitskaya thing turned out to KGB operation to free up frozen funds of Putin’s closest friends and take down Trump right after he had just swept the final 5 primaries on June 7, 2016. Here are the results:
So guess when Veselnitskaya meets with Donald Trump Jr.? Two days later, on June 9th.
Veselnitskaya had been turned down for a visa to enter the U.S. lawfully, but was granted a extraordinarily rare process called immigration parole by guess who? Attorney General Loretta Lynch. 
And for what reason did she come? To lobby anyone who would listen to try to repeal the Magnitsky Act.