BREAKING: John Podesta’s Worst NIGHTMARE Just Became A Reality – Hillary...

Believe it or not, there’s been a development in the Russia story that we need to investigate.

Of course, it has nothing to do with President Trump. Instead, it’s about John Podesta. In a recent interview on FOX Business Network, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager may have admitted that he colluded with Russia (via Breitbart).

FOX Business asked Podesta about his involvement with Joule Unlimited. Take note media; this is what journalism sounds like.

We’ve talked about the Joule Unlimited scandal before. Podesta was brought onto the Russian energy company’s board while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

Months after his appointment, the company received 35 million dollars from the Russian government through an investment fund supported by the Kremlin. FOX Business simply asked Podesta why he failed to disclose this.

Ever the snake, Podesta outright denied that he had failed to disclose this. Much to Clinton’s alarm, I’m sure, the New Your Post has found that Podesta only disclosed two of three of his points of involvement with the firm (via NY Post).

Quick, someone page the liberal media! It sounds like someone found the Russian tie for which they’ve been searching! That’s not where Podesta’s troubles ended, either.

FOX business asked Podesta where his Joule Unlimited stock is. Podesta replied that he doesn’t have any Russian stock. Well, seeing as Joule is headquartered in Massachusetts, Podesta’s stock in the company is technically American.

That doesn’t mean the Kremlin’s involvement with this firm wasn’t a way to pay off Podesta, and therefore, Clinton. It’s clear that something was going on here that Podesta wished to hide. In his defense, Podesta made the pathetic excuse that he divested Joule stock before Obama brought him into the White House.

However, Wikileaks has revealed that Podesta merely handed over his stock to his adult children. Podesta also kept in contact with Joule. At one point, they asked him for permission to add a new board member.

It’s high time that we get to the bottom of this issue and find out if Podesta and Clinton are guilty of selling out Americans, again.

The author of Clinton Cash, Paul Schweizer, has tried to bring attention to Podesta’s revealing appearance on FOX Business, in the New York Post piece. We can only hope that a real Russia investigation begins soon.