Who Covered Up the Extortion 17 Ambush?, 1597

This Extortion 17 story is still developing. I’m not comfortable with some of the theories as to why it happened yet, however, it smells just like Benghazi to me – only worse – much worse.
Instead of 4 Americans dying, at least 22 Americans died, and this time there will be no escaping an investigation that nails someone, and that’s probably why Rep. Jason Chaffetz is promising to leave Washington in another 18 months – to go lay low in Utah until he hopes this storm blows over.
Ace reporter Sarah Carter of Circa News, and attorney Larry Klayman have finally blown this story wide open now. 
There is just no escaping the conclusions of the following vid produced by Carter featuring an interview with Air Force Captain Joni Marques, a highly-decorated pilot/targeter who was flying far above the battle and observed it all through her infrared targeting system on Aug. 6, 2011. 
Her story directly contradicts the official version which is a lie and someone has to pay the price for this lie.