#Pizzagate: Mass Meditation Event For Arrest Of Elite Washington Pedophile Ring Millions join forces as worldwide mass awakening of political pedophili

#Pizzagate: Mass Meditation Event For Arrest Of Elite Washington Pedophile Ring Millions join forces as worldwide mass awakening of political pedophilia worldwide are set to join forces in synchronized meditation for Pizzagate arrests As people all over the world begin to wake up to the reality of the involvement of Washington D.C. Elites in the Pizzagate pedophile ring scandal, a worldwide synchronized meditation event has been organized with the hope of bringing those involved to justice.The idea has gathered a huge amount of momentum and has already gone viral in the few hours since it was posted by a user on Reddit; I am organizing a synchronized mass meditation/prayer for the mass arrests of the DC pedophiles (see pizzagate). This will happen on Saturday February 25th 11:11am - 11:33am (22 minutes) EST (16:11 UTC). Visualize the criminals being arrested leading to fair and public trials. The intention should not be for revenge but for saving the children and the healing of humanity.The idea of the meditation is to empower those being harmed by pedophilia, rather than to wish for harm to come to the perpetrators, and to give strength to those that have the ability to shut down pedophile networks.A common mistake is to focus on suffering being brought to the people responsible, but this channels negative energy instead of positive and can have the reverse effect. The effect of mass meditations, or the Maharishi effect, is widely believed to have a huge impact on social trends.A research experiment led by renowned quantum physicist, John Hagelin, tested the effects of large group meditation on violent crime rates in Washington D.C.According to World Peace Group; The idea was to show how easy and simple it is to reduce crime and social stress by using meditation to intervene from the field of consciousness.The project took place between June 7th and July 30th, 1993. Based on previous experience, the researchers predicted in advance that the TM-Sidha group would reduce crime by over 20% in the city during the study period. The researchers confirmed that the group would achieve this effect without any verbal, social, political or physical interaction between the meditators and the local community. The positive impact would be made quietly and discreetly from the field of consciousness.Washington’s immediate history showed that during the first five months of the year prior to the research project, violent crime had been steadily increasing. This increase continued on into the first two weeks of the project when homicides actually continued to increase. But after this initial period and as the numbers of the meditating group grew, violent crime began a steep decline (to help standardize the statistical study, the researchers adopted the FBI's Uniform Crime Statistics definition of violent crime or HRA crime: homicides, rapes and aggravated assaults). From then on until the end of the two-month experiment, HRA crime stayed well below the time series prediction for that period of the year. © press According to a scientific study, mass meditation reduced violent crime in Washington D.C. by 23% The maximum impact was an unprecedented drop in HRA crime of 23.3%. This maximum effect occurred when the size of the group was at its largest in the final phase of the project. The statistical probability that this result could reflect chance variation in crime levels was less than 2 in 1 billion (p < .000000002). © press The FBI raided the offices of an adoption agency in Ohio and left carrying boxes of evidence. Immediately after Jeff Sessions was sworn in as the new Attorney General, President Trump signed a new executive order giving the FBI extended powers in the fight against human trafficking.Since the order was signed, a series of operations have taken place across the US, that have seen hundreds arrested in connection with pedophilia rings, as well as individuals responsible for selling children to elite pedophile networks.Federal agents have also just raided an adoption agency in Ohio that was said to be responsible for illegally bringing children into the US and selling them to pedophile rings.Although the Department of Justice has remained silent about its Pizzagate operations, their strategy seems to be aimed at dismantling the infrastructure of child trafficking networks and it gathers evidence that will hopefully lead to the top of the political spectrum.The lack of immediate high-level arrests has left many feeling disappointed, but a case as explosive as this will take time.As more people awaken to the truth regarding Elite pedophilia, the culprits are running out of ways to hide.If the people unite against the few, justice will come.

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