Former Colonel Claims Putin Is Planting 'Mole Nukes' to Hit US Coasts wi...

A former Russian colonel and defense ministry spokesman claims Putin is burying 'sleeper' nukes off the coast of America.
Viktor Baranetz said that in the event of a war, the bombs would be detonated and cause a tsunami that would wipe out much of the coastal US.
Baranetz admitted there is no way for Russia to outspend America on defense, so the military is forced to go to extreme lengths to make sure they come out on top.
In the end, If an event like this happened, it would be the same Dark Hand that's always behind these events,... Not Putin! 
That's not saying they can't pull something like this off, but all the recent false flags were done by the same Dark Hand. So expect that the next event will be done by the same... And blamed on someone like Russia or North Korea! Stay Tuned for More!