Bannon To Be Fired Over Leaking???, 1578

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This report is admittedly a rumor without attribution. I’m doing it for one reason; it’s a completely different take on an important topic of leakers in the White House and may flush out additional information. 
The source is a woman who has been a friend of my wife, Beth, for a significant time. She’s either living in the DC metro, or if not, very well tied into it.
Beth gives her high credibility because she has been right in the past, and right in a way that was not following the crowd. Let’s name her Jane Doe.
Jane has no reason to try to fake us out at this point. She asked us to simply copy and paste this info because she does not want it to be spread incorrectly. Of course, I’m not going to copy and paste, but I will properly use quotation marks when I quote her exactly.
Jane is obviously not happy to divulge this situation:
“Sigh. I want to break this to you before you get the hysteria in the news.

“Bannon is done. You are either with this President ...or you're not.
Not only did the hashtag [bad people] cause a problem but now significant leaking problems have come to light with Bannon.”

“Bannon made his own bed, you'll find out the details from the White House tomorrow, I imagine...and it’s disappointing but not really a surprise.” 
Well, today is her tomorrow, and nothing has happened so far, but this is a very critical weekend for the President. That nutty dictator in North Korea is pledging war with the U.S., despite China threatening to cut off its oil flow to them if they explode their planned next nuke test.
As a result, Trump is spending the weekend in the Florida White House, but much of the key White House staff has to work – just in case. Jane Doe continues.

“I will say this... you don't backstab the President, leak information outside of the WH and get away with it. It’s about trust, [about] hypocrisy.”
This makes sense to me, because some of the leaked information in the past had to come from within Trump’s inner circle. 
“And I can tell you all of the assumptions that will be made tomorrow are false. He's not getting fired for anything to do with Jared, nothing to do with globalists, NADA. But it’s over for him. And it’s all … his own doing.”
“And if Priebus is fired, it will NOT be Gary Cohn replacing him...”

“The President is fine, he's great. Squeaky clean. Don't worry about anything regarding him except that he was betrayed.”
“He has [stuff] locked down. This won't happen again. There might be a few more to go but all will be better.”
Perhaps this is the President’s way of softening the blow, by leaking out this story to a few reliable reporters. Don’t know. 

But I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.
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