Alex Jones Pulls a Loaded Pistol on Air?, 1576

Good evening, I’m still reporting on

Alex Jones Pulls a Loaded Pistol on Air, 1576

Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on gun safety.
Alex Jones opened one segment of his show, Infowars, yesterday with what looked like a loaded revolver on his desk. Then, to make a very graphic and unforgettable point about North Korea’s threatening statements about the U.S. in recent days, Jones does this:
At this point, you are staring right down the barrel of what looks to be a snub-nosed .38 revolver. Jones claimed that this pistol was unloaded, but it looks like it is loaded. See these little white dots? That looks like this is a loaded cartridge in the cylinder, ready to fire.
So, I’m not doing this story to make Alex look badly. I think he is doing very important work for this country and his logo which I would guess he started out with at least a decade ago - Info Wars – has now come to full fruition as we see that war ongoing as we battle the MSM for some sort of toehold for the attention of Americans. But key to gaining that toehold is credibility.
Does anyone think that this image will not be used by the MSM to pounce on Jones for years into the future?

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