DHS Chief Says Obama Did It, 1536

General John Kelly, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security said on CNN yesterday that Donald Trump has “compelling evidence” that President Barack Obama ordered the wiretapping of Trump Tower while it was the headquarters of his 2016 election campaign.
“If the president of the United States said that, he’s got his reasons to say it. He’s got some convincing evidence that that took place.”
During the entire interview of General Kelly by Wolf Blitzer, CNN ran a chyron in the lower third of the screen that said:
“Breaking News – Source: FBI Chief “incredulous” over wiretap claim”
Nothing new there. 
At least CNN should have given Gen. Kelly the stage for a couple of minutes, without contradictory assertions framing the discussion.
According to the usually reliable “DC Whispers”, 
“Given his long history as a no-nonsense and highly decorated military man, and current position as the head of the single largest U.S. government agency, Kelly’s words carry considerable weight.”
But that’s not all. Yesterday morning, Steve Bannon tweeted out the following:

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Good morning, I’m still reporting on DHS Chief Says Obama Did It, 1536

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