1562 - Is This Trey Gowdy's Obamagate Strategy

Last night, Tucker Carlson did an interview with Rep. Trey Gowdy. 
Gowdy seemed a bit nervous and spoke with careful, precise language, as though walking through a legal/political minefield, trying not to step into the center of the controversy of this year, whether the Deep State really has been sucking up everything digital across the nation.
According to Bill Binney, who was with NSA for 37 years, and, before his retirement, held the daunting title of Technical Director of the World for the Geo-Political, Military, Analysis and Reporting Group; the answer is yes – all phone calls, emails, and what you do on the internet are recorded by NSA – not even counting the other intelligence agencies.
However, Rep. Gowdy was a bit more reserved.
Notice how he said that:
“There is not an evidentiary basis for that.”
Now, Gowdy falls back to the existing “firebreak” the deep state is trying to desperately establish to hold this burgeoning scandal at a manageable level – namely that some evil doer may have “unmasked” the names of those inside the Trump team who were accidentally caught up in the sweep because they were communicating with the Russians, etc. 
Perhaps if they throw a couple of people to the wolves, that will be sufficient to divert the public and the MSM sufficiently so they will not look seriously at the much larger crime of who is responsible for surveilling all digital data from everyone, all the time.
[insert: “… where it gets a little more complicated]
What if there is no paper trail? I believe that Mr. Gowdy knows darned good and well that the Binney info is out there, but he either doesn’t believe Binney, or is just determined to believe that his beloved FBI can’t be completely out of control. Also consider the fact that Mr. Binney has never said that GCHQ is helping the intel community skirt around U.S. law. That’s because this information is probably still not considered to be in the public domain – it may still be highly classified.
There are also rumors out there that POTUS fired FBI Director James Comey a week ago, and that he is departing on April 1, and Gowdy might be his replacement. 

Although Gowdy would be a great choice, it’s all rumor and the April Fool’s date adds to my suspicions.
[insert; Tucker: “Why wouldn’t Director Comey…. it’s bizarre.”]
There aren’t many people in Washington that I trust, but Tucker Carlson is one of them, and his response is why I trust him.
[insert: “We interviewed someone on this show…. to signoff.”
This is why I still trust Gowdy. He is leaving the door open for the obvious – that starting by investigating who unmasked the names is just the first step in the process whereby the rule of law must carefully re-establish control over a very dangerous and potentially anarchic – or even seditious situation. Gowdy, the careful prosecutor may want to gradually open the whole thing up to an extensive and effective legal scrutiny that brings these guys back within the framework of a Constitutional Republic. 
If he went for the Bill Binney thesis in the beginning, it would be too big a bite. Sufficient support has to be built one step at a time. 
I hope that I’m right about Mr. Gowdy, and I pray that he is right about the best methodology.

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Is This Trey Gowdy's Obamagate Strategy, 1562

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