Who Tipped Off the Terrorists that SEALS Were Coming?, 1491

I’ve been very concerned with the report of a security breach in President Trump’s first military mission that he approved. This most likely means there is a traitor in the midst of Trump’s core team.
The Jan. 29th raid sending in SEAL Team 6 to penetrate an al-Qaida compound in Yemen was done under the tightest need-to-know security procedures as far as the military goes; but someone tipped the targets of the raid off because even though it was a moon-less night, as soon as Seal Team 6 hit the ground, they were met with ferocious resistance.
As a result of the intense firefight, SEAL Team 6 member Ryan Owens was killed and two other SEALS were wounded. In addition, 23 civilians were killed and a $90 million Osprey, tilt-rotor aircraft was destroyed.
This was a very unusual outcome for a SEAL raid. Everything is done to keep the operation secret, especially among the military side of the operation.
As a result, when I first heard the news, there was one person who immediately fell under my suspicion, someone on the new White House staff who has no experience working in a secure environment, and no appreciation for the military, or how determined they can be to investigate the source of a security breach. My prime candidate would be Reinhold Richard Priebus.