Trump to Boost Anti-Missile Research, 1489

President Trump’s administration intends to re-open long-ignored research and development on defensive anti-missile systems considering both Iranian and North Korean development of ballistic missile systems.
A member of the President’s National Security Council told the Washington Free Beacon that the President is especially concerned about the threat from Electromagnetic Pulse attacks - or EMP – that could cripple the country’s infrastructure.
With an EMP attack, a nuclear weapon is exploded many miles above the earth and the electromagnetic pulse shock wave is so intense that it can fry any unprotected computer system in milliseconds.
These attacks don’t have to be accurate and so are relatively cheap to develop. 
According to a letter to President Trump from 26 Congresspersons that comprise the Missile Defense Caucus, new technologies have gone unfunded by the previous administration leaving vast gaps in this nation’s ability to defend itself from ballistic missiles.