The Unauthorized Biography of Pete Santilli

Corrections: lance corporal not lowest rank (3rd lowest) Gi Bill: approx $20k was taken in 1 year but not 100% in cash Thanks especially for the Marines who've pointed out the 2 minor inaccuracies. Other than that, the entire video is credible. If Susanne Posel and myself weren't credible journalists we wouldn't admit we occasionally make mistakes.

This is Vinny Eastwood and Susanne Posel's finest work, a truly uncompromising Expose' on the 30 year history of Talk Radio Host & Youtuber Pete Santilli.

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"I Will Support And Defend The Constitution And Laws Of The United States Against ALL Enemies, Foreign AND Domestic" 

Goodnight & God Bless America

Editing And Narration By Vinny Eastwood
Research By Susanne Posel

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