The Podesta Penchant For Pedophilic, Cannibalistic, And Satanic Art #pizzagate

To start, I would just like to note that this is one of the most horrible things we’ve ever had to report on.


For those of you who thought John Podesta was just some nerdy UFO-researching Clinton campaign chairman with a nasally emasculated voice, you might want to think again.

Not only do the Wikileaks emails show that he is being invited to satanic ritual dinners, but he and his fellow trolls have been talking in code about something that people feel is much more sinister and disgusting.

Before you continue reading this, we want to warn you that the information you are about to see cannot be unseen.

Now, if you didn’t realize it was a code, you would just think that Podesta and Co. are simply obsessed with pizza. They talk about it all the time.

(click image to view email)

But then it starts to get a little weird…

The guy raised $40,000 and the regret is that he didn’t get a pizza? A low rent food that costs like $12?

Or, how about this?

Why would someone have a “pizza-related map” on a handkerchief?

Well, as it turns out according to Anon reports and others, pizza doesn’t actually mean the food.

It is apparently a code word in pedophile rings for young girls. Handkerchiefs have long known to be code for sexual fetishes to the point that Wikileaks even has a whole entry about it.

Makes you wonder what a white w/ black handkerchief specifically means in code…

Again, if you didn’t know what you were looking at, you might read this and think that these extremely rich and influential people are just obsessed with pizza, a food typically aligned with a cheap, greasy dinner eaten by people who can’t afford healthier, more expensive food… or a favorite of kids the world over. We’re otherwise talking about people that can obviously afford to eat much better than pizza, right?

In fact, a lot of the seemingly innocent words that these people talk about in ways that make no sense on the surface in these emails are actually thought to mean something much more disgusting:

Curious if there was a “map” or two left on this “pizza” – sad we suspect! You can’t make this sick stuff up!#podestaemails28

— Rex Baumgartner (@BaumgartnerRex) November 4, 2016

Puts a whole new spin on how “cheese,” “pasta” and “pizza” are discussed say in this email here:

Still think it isn’t true? Then explain what this P.S. means:

Does that sentence even make any sense at all? Not outside of the context of a secret (and depraved) code, it doesn’t.

The code above also calls into serious question the weird language in a STRATFOR email about Obama’s private $65,000 party to fly in pizza/dogs from Chicago and that they “assume we are using the same channels”.

Uh oh. Obama speding $ 65 000 on “flying in pizza/dogs”.

What ???

That is not pizza folks. This sounds really disturbing. #PodestaEmails28

— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) November 4, 2016

Why would someone discuss pizza and hot dogs in terms of “using channels”? Are pizza and hot dogs such a big thing to order?

Hot dogs are mentioned a lot as well. Another email to Podesta subject line “man, I miss you” says “I’m dreaming of your hot dog stand in Hawaii”:

Again, a weird thing to say regardless but much more sinister when the code above is applied.


One particular pizza place has been host to so much sickening evidence that it cannot go ignored.

According to an Anon source that did a lot of digging, this guy James “Achilles” Alefantis, owner of the DC-based pizza parlor Comet Ping Pong who has been referred to as the “Achilles heel of the Clinton campaign,” has ties that go straight up the chain to Obama, Soros, and Hillary herself and it would appear according to this evidence there is something going on at his restaurant that is far beyond people eating dinner.

Alefantis is the romantic partner of former Hillary Super PAC Correct the Record director and founder of Soros-connected Media Matters David Brock. Hillary has held fundraisers at Alefantis’ place, and Alefantis has visited the White House on several occasions. He seems to be a pretty big deal for the mere owner of a pizza parlor.

How big of a deal? Alefantis is listed as the 49th post powerful person in Washington DC. Why?

You tell us. His pizza parlor is located less than five miles from the White House and on a block where the majority of the properties are owned by Clinton-connected groups:

It’s also right down the street from Besta Pizza, another suspect restaurant with a logo (seen above) straight out of the FBI handbook regarding known symbols used by pedophiles to refer to “boy love”.

As pointed out on IWB, although Comet Ping Pong describes itself as a “family place for parents and their kids,” Alefantis himself has made more than a few references online that appear to be joking about pedophilia. After this information was made public, Alefantis made many of his social media posts private, but many have been archived.

There have been references to his parlor having secret rooms (above) including creepy pictures of rooms like this one. Alefantis makes lots of references to sex and pizza on social media, and his “jokes” (below) involve pictures of couples having sex on pizza slices and things like taping a little girl down to a table with a man standing behind her, talking about how it’s a “hilar” (as in, hilarious) new seating area for the restaurant’s “youngest guests”.

The whole thing gives a whole new meaning to posting pictures of half naked men giving the thumbs up to a guy wearing a shirt that says “I love children” in French:

Or this picture of what appears to be underage teens participating in some sort of Eyes Wide Shut-esque ritual:

Here’s a really disturbing poster (especially in this context) for a band playing at “family-friendly” Comet Ping Pong.

In fact, it just gets more and more disturbing from there. Examples of this go on and on, links can be found here.

If that’s not enough, here is some creepy footage from an “event” held at the restaurant:

All of this puts a whole new meaning on a “joke” logo Alefantis sent to John’s brother Tony Podesta for Hillary’s “pizza party” which he actually referred to as “Pizza for the Party,” not “pizza party”…

In the email to Tony Podesta, considered by some to be the most powerful lobbyist in DC, Alefantis requested that the logo not be forwarded, subject line “ha”.

Look at what the arrow in the logo Alefantis doesn’t want forwarded is doing to the pizza.

So this is a place where they have occultic art/music performances, lots of high-powered people in high places, and yet, they also host kid sleepovers?

NOTE: A guy who posted an image of four young children and mentioning a “double sleepover kickoff at Comet Pizza” that appeared to have been taken in the restaurant has filed a copyright against our site and it was temporarily shut down. Although it is a screen capture of an Instagram post, not the original image itself, and it should fall under fair use, we have been forced to take the image down and delete it completely from our server to get our site restored. The claim came from a third party and went directly to our hosting company over the weekend, and within 72 hours our site was down… again, over a screen capture of an Instagram post.

We warned you this stuff can’t be unseen.

Here is Alefantis with Tony Podesta:

Sometimes they celebrate with flaccid penis cakes (note the hashtag):

Tony Podesta, by the way, is also the guy who displays art in his house that imitates the poses that pedophile serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer put his victims into (note, this picture of Tony Podesta’s “art”/house was posted on Instagram by Alefantis himself —

— in addition to paintings of what some say are little kids in their underwear being abused:

Art by biljana djurdjevic, a fav of tony podesta, bro of @johnpodesta as told here:

— Casey North (@northofdoom) November 5, 2016

On top of that, in a since-removed WAPO article, it detailed that:

“Folks attending a house tour in the Lake Barcroft neighborhood in Falls Church earlier this year got an eyeful when they walked into a bedroom at the [Tony] Podesta residence hung with multiple color pictures by Katy Grannan, a photographer known for documentary-style pictures of naked teenagers in their parents’ suburban homes.”

His brother John has interesting taste in art as well, with a picture of cannibalism hanging on the wall in his office.

What is this creepy ritual artwork in John Podesta’s office? #SpiritCooking

— laissez claire (@laissez_claire) November 4, 2016

Okay, that’s it. We’re done.

We cannot continue down this dark rabbit hole or we won’t be able to sleep at night. In fact, there are actually posts about people on social media crying after reading through some of these disgusting Wikileaks revelations.

I’m hearing some researchers going through #PodestaEmails28 are crying, upset. Multiple references to ‘pizza,’ ‘hot dogs.’ #SpiritCooking

— David Seaman (@d_seaman) November 4, 2016

No matter how disgusting this information is, the worst part is that it is just the tip of the iceberg as many in the alternative media have known for years now. It’s just that the proof has never been so abundant before.

So many things that were once thought conspiracy theory have been proven true by the Podesta Wikileaks revelations. Sure, we thought we knew, but we must admit that the world is a much darker place than it was before 2016.

Things like this are why the blue pill in the Matrix movies actually sounds good. Let’s hope they’re all just referring to pizza, the food, and nothing more.

Much is being made of a “buried, suddenly removed” 2004 Washington Post article about Podesta and photos of naked teenagers on his walls at home.

First of all, the article is about Tony Podesta, not John Podesta. John is Hillary’s campaign chairman. Tony is John’s brother. Tony is also a political mover and shaker in Washington.

The WaPo article begins this way:

Married, With Art
Tony and Heather Podesta Are a Study in Power Collecting
By Jessica Dawson
Special to The Washington Post
Thursday, September 23, 2004; Page C01

“The collection started almost by accident. It was 1980, and Tony Podesta was bidding adieu to co-workers from Sen. Ted Kennedy’s just-failed bid for the presidential nomination. On their way out the door, staff members were handed whatever goodies remained — among them a tube of limited-edition prints donated to the campaign by the likes of Warhol and Rauschenberg.”

“A quarter-century later, those prints are history, but Podesta is counted among the nation’s most important contemporary art collectors. Inside the elite Chelsea galleries, he and his wife, Heather, are gossiped about, deferred to and ushered toward the choicest works. All the art stars know their names.”

Skipping down, we get to this:

“Political candidates eagerly tap [Tony] Podesta’s mojo, too: He spearheaded President Clinton’s successful 1996 Pennsylvania campaign, and Sen. John Kerry has hired him to work the same magic for him in the Keystone State this year [2004]. [Wife] Heather, 26 years his junior and several shades greener, carved a career aiding Reps. Robert Matsui and Earl Pomeroy; she joined Blank Rome’s law and government relations firm this spring.”

Tony has been very active politically, on behalf of Democrats.

The WaPo article eventually presents a shocker:

“’At political events [at Tony’s home], there’s an inevitable awkwardness’, former Clinton administration official Sally Katzen said at a Women’s Campaign Fund dinner at the Podestas’ home this summer. ‘The art is an ice-breaker. It puts people at ease’.”

“Not always. Folks attending a house tour in the Lake Barcroft neighborhood in Falls Church earlier this year got an eyeful when they walked into a bedroom at the Podesta residence hung with multiple color pictures by Katy Grannan, a photographer known for documentary-style pictures of naked teenagers in their parents’ suburban homes.”

“’They were horrified’, Heather recalls, a grin spreading across her face.”

—end of WaPo excerpt—

Tony Podesta: big-time art collector and patron of the arts; big-time mover and shaker in Washington; big-time campaign consultant for Democratic candidates; pictures of naked teenagers on his walls.

Does anyone stop to ask how permission was obtained to shoot those photos in the first place? And then to print them, sell them, show them publicly? The parents of the children gave their consent? The kids gave their consent? On what basis does anyone allow teenagers to make that kind of decision for themselves—or think that teenagers have the capacity to make such a decision? Technically, the whole operation may fall within the law (although I don’t see how), but on every other level it’s insane. And it’s child endangerment.

And a major political operative in Washington, Tony Podesta, sees no problem with it. He has the photos on his walls at home. He displays them for his Washington insider pals and donors. They may blush, but they look. And none of them raises a public objection. They keep their mouths shut, because this is Tony Podesta, and he’s a power player.

Because there's no job like being an agent for a country that kills Christians, gays, critics of the government, treats women like dirt, massacres thousands of foreigners, and funds terrorists. Good job, Tony!

The Podesta brothers - John and Tony - are creepy.

Most recently, John was the Clinton campaign's chairman, but he has worked with Bill and Obama too. Tony is considered one of Washington's most powerful lobbyists. (For more on their political background, see Abby Martin's recent Empire Files on teleSUR.)

Not knowing much about them - aside from the fact that Podesta is interested in UFOs - the first ping on my radar was the "spirit cooking" revelation from the leaked Podesta emails.The relevant email suggests that not only are Tony and John close enough to Crowleyite "magickian" and "artist" Marina Abramovic to be on a first-name basis with her, but also that they are familiar enough with her "spirit cooking" to know what that involves and presumably be fine with attending a session. The casual tone sounds as if the planned "dinner" was probably not their first. (See: Sickos: Wikileaks reveals Podesta bros participate in disturbing, occult-themed "spirit cooking" involving copious bodily fluids?)

Since the release of Podesta's emails, users on sites like 4chan, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube, among other blogs and forums, have been uncovering a ton of strange connections, creepy implications, and perhaps outlandish speculations about the brothers and their circle of friends. For example, see this compilation of info by "ausbitbank" on steemit. There's a ton of other stuff out there, so knock yourself out searching and combing through it all. There's a ton of speculations and unsourced assertions on the topic, but there are also some genuinely creepy people and connections involved. Here I'll present just the facts. Let's start with Tony.

On July 16, 2015, Politico published a photo essay "inside Hillary's campaign headquarters" that featured an image of John's office. On the wall is a painting, on loan from his brother Tony, that features a suited man lying on a table, with two men standing over him. The visual suggestion - given the plates and cutlery held by the two - are that they are preparing to eat him.

John Podesta's office for the Hillary campaign.

On April 28, 2016, Time published a feature on John, in which the painting was described:
"On the wall in his office at Hillary Clinton's Brooklyn headquarters, campaign chairman John Podesta has an oil painting on loan from his lobbyist brother, who is an avid art collector. The image shows two men hunched over a dining room table, bearing knives and forks. On the table lays a man in a suit, who looks vaguely like Podesta. "It's better to be the guy with the fork," Podesta quips to his colleagues, if they ask about the image, "than the guy on the table."

I'll refrain from commenting on that last quip except to say it's no wonder this guy worked for Hillary... The Free Syrian Army would love his taste in art. But pull a bit further on that description of Tony as "an avid art collector" and you might regret it.

A Washington Post article on Tony's "art" collection is revealing. (It's no longer available on their site, but it is archived here.) According to its author, Jessica Dawson, Tony is considered as one of the USA's "most important contemporary art collectors". His wife Heather describes their first date like this, when she first encountered Tony's "hobby":
"Passing some of the quirkier selections, Heather recalls Tony remarking, "I don't know why it is, but I have artworks where the women have no heads." The next day, she sent him a note signed, "Woman with a head."

So sweet! Dawson writes that Tony and Heather "don't shy away from discomfort -- especially when they can inflict it, ever so gently, on others". As examples, she cites a suite of works in their collection that serve "as a cautionary tale of genetic engineering", including a boy "seemingly born from a sewing machine" and "a naked women immersed in blood-red liquid":
"Some people think it's a little weird," Tony says of his choices. "But that's their problem."

Steeped in liberal politics, Tony favors art with in-your-face nudity and social critique. [His brother John] admires his choices in art but recognizes that not everyone gets it. Says John, "I don't think Tony focus-groups his art."

Though pictures rotate on and off the walls of the couple's homes, a piece in the Woodley Park living room stays. Called "Soliloquy VII," ... an update of a late-15th-century painting of the dead Jesus. Taylor-Wood faithfully replicates the original's composition, here photographing, in vivid color and minute detail, a young man laid out on his back. Just one thing: Taylor-Wood omits the shroud, displaying his subject in all his nakedness.

Another piece, "The Arch of Hysteria" by Louise Bourgeois -- an eight-foot sculpture of a headless man's contorted body -- hangs from the ceiling of their stairwell and serves as what Heather calls "an ice-breaker" that "puts people at ease". I find that hard to believe. But I guess stuff like that is relative, considering another portion of Tony's collection: one bedroom in their house contains "multiple color pictures by Katy Grannan, a photographer known for documentary-style pictures of naked teenagers". Below is a picture of Tony and "The Arch", followed by a picture of the sculpture from a different angle.

© Joseph Allen
Tony with his Arch.

Whether intentional or not, the sculpture bears a resemblance to one of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer's victims. You can view the image here (warning - it is not gory, but still disturbing). The caption to the image reads: "Dahmer photographed his victims' bodies in various positions that he found sexually significant." I could find no indication that Bourgeois intentionally modelled the sculpture on the Dahmer photograph, and while the poses are not identical, the similarities are striking, including the arched position, the slender frame, the prominent ribs, and the lack of a head.

Laura Wainman wrote a piece on Tony's home, published for Washington Life on June 5, 2015. In it, Tony lists Louise Bourgeois and Marina Abramovic (of "spirit cooking" fame, see first paragraph above) as among his top five favorite "artists". But the first "artist" in Tony's collection mentioned in the article is Serbian painter Biljana Djurdjevic. Here's a selection of her work (more photos available here and on her website):

And this is where things get weird. (Understatement?) Wainman writes:
"John regularly opens his house to casual pizza parties co-hosted by his friend James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Ping Pong. Over 200 pies emerge from the outdoor pizza oven as guests wander through the house and garden while studying his art collection.

After the net sleuths caught hold of this name in connection to Podesta and trawled through his social media, he deleted many of his posts and set his accounts to private. Not before a lot of it was archived, though. Who is James Alefantis? Aside from being the owner of the pizza and music place in DC named above, he is something of a mover and shaker on the DC scene. GQ magazine listed him as one of the 50 most powerful people in Washington - number 49 to be precise. (Heather and Tony are #23.) GQ writes:
"Liberal twentysomethings in khakis drink beer and eat pizza at Alefantis-owned Comet Ping Pong. More established progressives wine and dine next door at Alefantis-owned Buck's Fishing Camping. Alefantis is also the board president of Transformer, the contemporary art gallery that shamed the Smithsonian for removing an installation offensive to right-wingers. When it comes to D.C. radical chic, Alefantis is unsurpassed. If you don't know him, you aren't wearing your scarf right."

Alefantis used to be the boyfriend of David Brock, the Republican turned Democrat who used to be the director of Correct the Record, Hillary Clinton's "media watchdog". (In 2012, Brock was involved in a lawsuit involving an ex boyfriend, William Grey, who reportedly blackmailed Brock for $850,000 over some "damaging information involving [Media Matters for America's] donors and the IRS". The legal battle began shortly after Grey and Brock started dating.)

On his Instagram, he had a photograph of Marina Abramovic holding a bundle of sticks, i.e. a fagot, with the hashtag "#faggot Marina and Faggot". Like his ex David Brock, he supported Hillary Clinton's campaign and posted the letter of thanks she wrote him on his Instagram. Barack Obama held phone banks at his pizza place in 2012 (James also posted a photo of Obama playing ping pong on his Instagram), and James visited the White House several times. George Soros was the biggest donor for David Brock's American Bridge 21st Century PAC in 2012 and 2014, which in turn made payments to Comet Ping Pong ($11,500 on March 21, 2014, for "Catering & Facility Rental").

It appears that Alefantis's mother, Susan, wrote a letter in support of Christopher Kloman, who was sentenced to 43 years in 2013 for multiple counts of child molestation.

Comet Ping Pong is billed as a "kid-friendly" restaurant. I wouldn't go that far, considering the promotional "artwork" associated with the restaurant, not to mention Alefantis's Instagram, where he has posted hardcore pornography in an art gallery (image is censored). Here's a photo taken at Comet Ping Pong of a painting of a man (with a penis graffitied on) playing ping pong with an alien, next to which are the words, "Shut up n' f*** Amen♂" (screenshot). This pic seems innocent enough - a young man holding an infant child, with a yellow beaded necklace around both their necks. But Alefantis's hashtag is "#chickenlovers". Apparently "chicken lover" is gay slang for "Paedophile one with a sexual attraction, and need for young boys, under the age of consent" ("chicken" is "any boy under the age of consent").

Alefantis also has posts of sexualized images featuring pizza in some way. Here are the least offensive ones:

Most of the worst images are posted by a very disturbed-looking individual called "joshuaryanv" (FB), including:
a painting of a nude couple giving each other oral sex on a giant piece of pizza
a pornographic image of two men giving oral sex to another man, who has a slice of pizza photoshopped over his penis and the caption "mmmmmm.... penisizza"
a female model wearing just a small t-shirt and holding a piece of pizza in front of her crotch
an image of a nude male lying down with honey drizzled on his stomach and a piece of pizza covering his genitals

Sasha Lord is the event promoter at CPP (she also teaches yoga and has worked for the Girl Scouts). Heavy Breathing is one of the bands that has played at CPP, and its vocalist is Amanda Kleinman (aka Majestic Ape). Kleinman's voice suggests she is transvestite or transgender.

In a video taken at CPP on Sasha's birthday in 2012, Kleinman "jokes" about euthanizing a baby ("After it was born, I had to put that s*** down") that Sasha Lord carried to term for her (go to 5:20 for relevant remarks).

During a pre-gig talk with the audience, Kleinman refers to Jared Fogle, former American spokesman for Subway restaurants (one of which sits above CPP), saying that he used to like to come down here. When several audience members add that he also likes young boys and children, Kleinman laughs and says: "Well, we all have preferences." Fogle was sentenced to 15 years in prison without parole for paying for sex with minors and receiving child pornography.

Heavy Breathing's hypersexualized music video for "I No Luv" also has a reference to pedophilia (warning, the video and the song are equally bad).

According to the FBI, pedophiles use "various types of identification logos or symbols to recognize one another and distinguish their sexual preferences". They include some examples of these symbols in a 2007 document released by WikiLeaks (see image at right). Oddly, variations of the two symbols on the left of the image show up in the logos of two businesses on the same block as CPP. The first, Besta Pizza, is just two doors down from CPP. Besta's corporate name is "Uptown Pizza, Inc.", and Uptown's registered agent in its 2006 corporate information is listed as Andrew Kline.

This looks to be Andrew Kline of Veritas Law in Washington, DC, who practice business and property law. Kline used to be a Bill Clinton appointee, one of four attorneys in the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of the DOJ. The infographic below shows a map of the street with all these businesses. Notice the logo for Besta Pizza, and the second business across the street, Terasol:

After this stuff went viral on 4chan, Reddit, Twitter, etc., Besta changed their logo:

The people digging all this stuff up speculate that it suggests a massive pedophile ring involving many of the parties listed above. They also cite the numerous Podesta emails that make strange references to pizza or other foods, alleging these are codewords for pedophiliac activities (149 out of 58,660 emails contain the word pizza). Some examples:
"As John said, it doesn't get any better than this" (from Doug Band to John Podesta, Huma Abedin and others - includes "pizza.jpg" as an attachment, a photo of two Asian women and a young girl eating pizza)
"I think you should give notice when changing strategies which have been long in place. I immediately realized something was different by the shape of the box and I contemplated who would be sending me something in the square shaped box. Lo and behold, instead of pasta and wonderful sauces, it was a lovely, tempting assortment of cheeses, Yummy. I am awaiting the return of my children and grandchildren from their holiday travels so that we can demolish them. ... Ps. Do you think I'll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta?" (from Herbert Sandler to Mary and John Podesta)
From Kathryn Tate to "Susan & Herb":

"I just came from checking the Field house and I have a square cloth handkerchief (white w/ black) that was left on the kitchen island. Happy to send it via the mail if you let me know where I should send it."

From Susan to John:

"The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yours? They can send it if you want. I know you're busy, so feel free not to respond if it's not yours or you don't want it."
John to Tony, in response to Tony's offer to "bring a pizza home": "I'm going to pass. I have too much to do before heading to Michigan tomorrow. No need for pizza."
From a WSJ article sent to John, Huma and others: "During her 2008 bid, she teared up at a campaign event in New Hampshire when describing the rigors of campaign life: lack of sleep, an overreliance on pizza and limited ability to exercise."

According to the Reddit people, there's a whole coded system going on in these emails (e.g., hotdog = boy, pizza = girl, pasta = little boy, cheese = little girl). But as far as I can tell, these are not standard code words - I couldn't find any reference online to them prior to the stuff dealing with these emails. And even if they were code words, there's no way to tell whether they mean one thing or the other - that's the whole point of a code. Most of the references seem to be simply what they seem to be: talk about pizza parties such as Alefantis is known to have thrown at the Podesta house. There is a "handkerchief code" though, but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Except when it's not, of course, but I don't think these emails provide the smoking gun a lot of people are saying they do.

Admittedly, some of the references are odd. What is a "pizza-related map handkerchief"? (I've found images of map handkerchiefs online, so it's at least possible that someone produced handkerchiefs with a map to one of the popular pizza places - but I haven't found any of those online.) Either these guys really like pizza, or they are speaking in code some of the time. Alefantis asserts the former, telling the Washington City Paper, "pizza's always a big thing in politics", and writing off the rampant speculation as election fever: "The whole election has really just been insane. It has everyone on edge and just doing bizarre things." Mr. Vogelsong (the guy who posted most of the sexually explicit pizza images mentioned above) also denied the allegations on his Facebook page, writing: "No, Comet is not a front for a child prostitution ring."

Given the lack of hard proof here, they may be telling the truth. Most of the references in the emails are totally benign references to pizza (e.g., for volunteers and canvassers). At the very least, all that the evidence seems to demonstrate conclusively is that the people in this particular DC scene are rather disturbed. Or, I guess you could call them exemplars of "progressive values".

The art is weird and disturbing and definitely speaks to the Podestas having deviant minds. The presence of Marina Abramovic says a lot about these people; "spirit cooking" is their idea of a good time. And the business logos are almost too coincidental. The type of 'events' hosted at Comet Ping Pong and the fact that convicted pedophile Jared Fogle frequented the venue, which is owned by James Alefantis, a Washington insider and close friend of Hillary Campaign manager John Podesta and his brother, is rather unnerving. Add in the Clintons' ties to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and their connection to Anthony Weiner, who allegedly sexted with an underage girl, and we're left with an impression of something very unsavory going on in the heart of American politics.

For sure, it's all very suggestive when viewed through the prism of pedophile rings, but a lot of it seems to just be pattern recognition run amok.
And that's not to say that I don't think that this stuff doesn't go on. It's possible. I'd even say probable. Just look into the Franklin scandal (see my article: Men Who Hate Women: The Franklin Scandal and the Truth About Our Leaders, and the follow-up to the Nick Bryant book reviewed there: Confessions of a D.C. Madam: The Politics of Sex, Lies, and Blackmail) and the DC Hastert and Foley pedophile scandal.

To finish up for now and give you more food for thought, here's George Soros's son at a spirit cooking event (check the background):

And a final speculative point. Note Soros' red shoes above. Here's a picture of attendees at one of Tony Podesta's birthday parties.

What's in a shoe color? Some say a sign, a marker, of something very dark.

While we’re all focused on #SPEZGATE (you know, the cannibal forum moderating, pro-pedo CEO of Reddit), Castro’s death, and Jill Stein’s attempt to steal the election for Hillary, since Jill is obviously in favor of WWIII fought over a Saudi pipeline through Syria (you bongo playing morons), let’s peel back the onion on exactly who Hillary voters so vehemently want in the White House.
What is art? Since the dawn of time, people have been creating, surrounding themselves with, and otherwise consuming art that they connect with. It’s an attraction thing. My nature loving friends have amazing pictures of breathtaking scenery adorning their walls. They take vacations and donate money to African wildlife sanctuaries. My auto enthusiast friends have oil paintings of F1 cars in their living room and won’t leave the couch when the Monico Grand Prix is on TV. My nephew has Kanye West posters on his walls and loves yeezy’s performance art. We’re all pulling for him.
You get the point, right?
Assuming we’re in agreement, I think it’s appropriate to explore the interests and proclivities of influential people to our reality, perhaps to better understand them. Trump likes gold everything. We know this. His lifestyle has surely kept the gold leaf industry from collapse. That Monster! One of Trump’s top advisors, Steve Bannon, has beautiful scenery in his dining room. Outrageous! John Podesta, the strategist behind Hillary’s entire everything, and his power broker lobbyist brother Tony, who would definitely have a major impact on your life in a Clinton Presidency, have pictures of cannibalistic rituals and abused children on their walls. That’s apparently cool with some of you. In an effort to uncuck those who might still be able to decouple their ego from their long held believies, and conclude “hmm, maybe we shouldn’t let weird satanists rule the world,” let’s explore some souls through some windows:
john-podestaBorn and raised in Chicago, John Podesta rose to power and became a master of the universe. As Bill Clinton’s chief of staff, top advisor to Obama, and Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta has become a powerful man with much influence, whose grip on world affairs would surely be at it’s peak in a Clinton White House. What makes John tick? Perhaps this painting of a cannibalistic human sacrifice in his office can provide some insight:
podesta-cannibal-art800Featured in Time Magazine’s April, 2016 article entitled, Meet the Man Behind Hillary Clinton’s Campaign, JP comments:  It’s better to be the guy with the fork,” Podesta quips to his colleagues, if they ask about the image, “than the guy on the table.” (source)
WARNING: Way more graphic from here on out – but remember that over 60 million Americans want these guys in the White House
niceshoesTony Podesta (left) is John Podesta’s brother. The two are extremely close, sharing many similarities. Tony, a lobbyist and regular in the Obama White House, has an interesting art collection, which has been featured in several exhibits and magazines. Let’s start in his living room, as featured in an article with an ironic opening from “Inside Homes” magazine:
Do you see that diamond lookin’ wall art right next to the window of Tony Podesta’s living room? Enhance!
Yeah, that’s a portrait of a disheveled little girl in a miniskirt by artist Biljana Djurdjevic. Here is some more of her work in Podesta’s home.
Note the general theme of “kids who I could molest and then kill.” In fact, here’s a whole collection of Djurdjevic’s art, which looks like it caters to people who get off on serious child abuse. One of Tony Podesta’s many windows to the soul is located right next a painting of a TIED UP LITTLE BOY IN A KILL ROOM. Another piece in Podesta’s house is directly above and features a bunch of kids laying down.
Next, let’s take a look a little wax statue entitled “Dismembered,” on loan from the Podesta collection and featured by the DC College of Arts & Sciences in 2011.
innerpiece inner2
Observe the “dismembered child” theme. If you are at a loss, shock is the appropriate emotion right now. With any luck it will simmer into outrage.
heather-tony-podesta-arch-of-hysteria-art-gettyThen we have the controversial “Arch of Hysteria” hanging in Tony Podesta’s staircase, as featured in the Washington Post article “Married, With Art.” Why the hysteria? Because it’s the position that noted cannibal serial killer Jeffrey Dahlmer left one of his victims in.
UPDATE 02/10/2017: Check out the art allegedly hung in another Podesta staircase:
Also noted in the “Married, With Art” story are the following quotes regarding parties at the Podesta residence:
“At political events, there’s an inevitable awkwardness,” former Clinton administration official Sally Katzen
Folks attending a house tour in the Lake Barcroft neighborhood in Falls Church earlier this year got an eyeful when they walked into a bedroom at the Podesta residence hung with multiple color pictures by Katy Grannan, a photographer known for documentary-style pictures of naked teenagers in their parents’ suburban homes. “They were horrified,” Heather recalls, a grin spreading across her face.
granIf you would like to see more of Katy Grannan’s work, simply type “Katy Grannan Poughkeepsie Journal” into BING (not google) and look at “images.” For bonus disgust, turn off safe search.

Next, take a peek at a bed in childless Tony Podesta’s house, featured in the “Inside Homes” piece.
This is dark stuff…
…and it gets darker
marinabarEnough about Tony’s house, let’s look through other “windows to the soul” of those who govern us. You of course remember #SPIRITCOOKING satanist Marina Abramovic, who Tony Podesta has given money to, who was invited to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign launch, whose art Hillary Clinton placed in US embassies around the world, who Hillary wanted to invite to a lunch event, who donated the maximum $2700 to Hillary’s campaign, and who said in a Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) that her spirit cooking dinners in private homes are not art.
I think we can conclude that Hillary Clinton and the Podesta brothers are “into” Maria Abramovic. She’s apparently much more than just a great host. Here’s some more Abramovic “art” for you to chew on. Note Lady Gaga is in two of them:

Here’s a human sacrifice cake at one of Abramovic’s parties.
2011mocagalaartistlifemanifestodirectedz8k0cudvjowx img_0724-620x465
Here’s Abramovic and illuminati-loving Jay-Z embracing.
Nice Jay. On to the next one.
horns horns1 drummerred capture skull2
Bringing it back
There are people who chalk all of this up to nonsense, or “progressive art,” or employ whatever other mental gymnastics they need in order to feel safe in their groundhog day life. Why question the nature of the world when you’ve got such glorious leaders? Before you devolve into morlocksseriously take a look behind the curtain. Trump this, Trump that, Trump Putin, Trump’s kids ad nauseum. Shut your pie hole for a minute and let the room cool down! Your candidate, that you researched, her family, and her inner circle, have surrounded themselves with or otherwise been involved in satanic, cannibalistic, and pedophilic expressions of art for quite some time. Absorb that. It makes one wonder how deep the Jeff Epstein rabbit hole goes, and why Joe Biden keeps molesting little girls on camera. THESE ARE YOUR PEOPLE, LIBERALS. Fix it, defect, or you can consider yourself part of the problem. As Saul Alinsky, the radical domestic terrorist Hillary Clinton wrote her 92 page senior thesis about, said:
And just like that, Alinsky’s devotees ARE the establishment. Lucifer is alive and well, and has been lurking in the shadows of Washington DC for quite some time.

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