Sex Scandal: Alex Jones's Anthony Gucciardi Threatens To Destroy Promine...

Investigative journalist Matt Short gives his first hand account of his experience during a night on the town after the JFK Assassination anniversary on Nov 22nd 2013. What is normally a private affair among men, Gucciardi stepped well outside of manly boundaries by taking a group of prominent Alternative Media journalists and producers to a local Dallas gay bar without their knowledge and consent. As Matt Short states, although the group was tolerant and had no problem with being at a gay bar with Gucciardi, when Gucciardi was observed by the group dancing with a transvestite, he again stepped outside the realm of proper decorum by threatening everyone not to disclose what they had seen. Short stated he went so far as to "threaten to destroy their careers. 

Not only were there multiple confirmed witnesses to this event, as well as the threats, Gucciardi obviously followed through on his threat by destroying the career of a prominent & reputable Alternative Media producer who was fired within 48 hours of the scandalous remarks.

Is Alex Jones infiltrated by a sexual deviant; an unethical "truther" who threatens others not to disclose the truth --- even though witnesses had no intentions of revealing the details of this escapade? Is Anthony Gucciardi directly responsible for the firings of and/or Alt Media employees, obviously sabotaging or compromising the integrity and stability of the worlds largest Alternative Media outlet?

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