Heartbroken mother of murdered schoolgirl Paige Doherty told by cruel Facebook troll 'I've seen worse crimes'

The mother of a murdered schoolgirl has been cruelly trolled on Facebook by a woman who claimed she had 'seen worse crimes.'

Heartbroken Pamela Munro, the mum of Paige Doherty, was dragged into a spat with another Facebook user who had commented on a story about Paige's killer, John Leathem.

It erupted on the Daily Record 's Facebook page after it reported how the evil murderer was viciously beaten by serial rapist James Gellately as he ate his tea in jail.

The 32-year-old was attacked two days after he switched jails to HMP Dumfries amid claims fellow inmates were plotting to murder him at HMP Low Moss.
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(Photo: PA)

But Pamela was left furious when one Facebook user, referring to the story, wrote: "I've read about worse crimes, my opinion tho, other crimes have been worse."

The woman then added: "Rape and murder come quite close on crimes"

Replying to the troll, Pamela called her a "total clown" and added: "ur comments are vile n u should think before u open ur mouth (sic)"

(Photo: Facebook/Daily Record)

(Photo: Facebook/Daily Record)

(Photo: Facebook/Daily Record)

She added that police officers working 30 years in the force had 'never seen anything like it' and that 'grown men had been reduced to tears'.
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(Photo: Daily Record)

Facebook users waded in to support Pamela who eventually thanked the public for their support.

Leathem pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to 27 years in prison for brutally stabbing Paige on March 19 last year and dumping her body in bushes.

The schoolgirl was left with nearly 150 injuries, including 61 stab wounds, when the married father-of-two attacked her with a knife at his shop in Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire.

(Photo: Daily Record)

Leathem has launched an appeal against his jail term and senior judges at the Appeal Court in Edinburgh are due to make a decision on the case soon.

In December, Iain Duguid QC told the Appeal Court the punishment part of Leathem's sentence for murder was higher than other child murder cases and "represents a significant increase in the tariff" for such offences.

(Photo: PA)

He also said that the crime carried out by acid barrel murderer Alexander Pacteau was worse.

Pacteau was sentenced to 23 years for killing Irish student Karen Buckley in Glasgow in 2015. He also tried to dispose of Karen's body in a barrel of chemicals.

Paige's family are desperate for the judges to uphold Leathem's sentence .

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