#GeorgeSoros paid thugs get beaten down by the cops. Change we can belie...

The cops didn't mess around this time, i hope the brain dead Hillary supporters got paid well for all the pain. LOL. Go Trump !!! i only wish Soros was the one on the end of the cops anger. The protesters are only the symptom of the bigger problem, its Soros that needs to be placed under arrest for treason, and for paying thugs to attack Trump supporters.

Above all else G-D is love !!! but G-D is also a jealous G-D. He wont have any other G-D before him. Islam is from Satan, and we are under attack by the enemy. Christians show love and compassion for their fellow man, but we must never allow ourselves to be caught up in Satan's traps. Many people tend to believe that Christians should 
take the abuse and threats of others towards them, and not speak out. RUBBISH!!!!!!! I will fight and die to protect my family if i see them being attacked, i am not just going to stand there and watch my wife being raped or my children being beaten up, or whatever. Every person is on a certain level of faith. The weak in faith will go into captivity, others will fight and die for their faith, while others will run into the mountains and try and live by faith and pray that G-D brings them through to the end. I don't hate the Muslims, i hate their religion and their true intentions.
These people have no intentions of ever assimilating into the Christian way of life, their only goal is the will of Allah/Satan, and to spread their religion of hate and intolerance throughout the entire world. AND I HATE THAT.!!!
Sometimes we need to stand up and fight for the truth, and what is right. If i see a train coming i will tell you to get out of the way, its up to you, whether or not you want to get out of the way.