Fake News 101: Look How Easy it is to Fall Prey to it!

This is how easy it can happen. Drop your guard...get careless and you will become a victim.

See if you can spot the "fake news" I dropped in the last video.

Here is the script for that video.

"A little history, Jimmy Carter picked Zbigniew Brzezinski, a former Soviet KGB agent to be his National Security Advisor. It later came out that Brzezinski advised Carter to arm the Mujahadeen to give the Soviets a excuse to invade Afganistan.

During the Soviet/Afghan war the Soviets trained terrorist to infiltrate the Mujahadeen, then after the war the Mujahadeen broke up and the KGB infiltrators stayed behind and formed Al Qaeda, a terrorist group bent on spreading Islam and ridding the world of American Imperialism in a class warfare struggle.

Now as you can see history is repeating itself. After Obama was re-elected the Russians know they can swallow up countries with impunity because they have a weak and miguided ideological extremist in the Whitehouse that will sit back and do nothing as they completely screw over a entire hemisphere of the planet."